Would just a Wedding Ring ensure Safety for Women who Travel Alone?

Times have changed and safety has become a big question. There were times when women were never let alone anywhere, whereas, now, they tend to travel alone, more frequently, than with a male companion. Today, most of the women work. This requires them to travel from place to place. Though women have become all brave entirely, their safety has never been ensured since the olden days. While sexual abuse as it is called in most of the European countries, it is known as rape, in a few other continents. The names might differ, but one thing has just remained the same- women being harassed.

At schools, colleges, workplaces, or even at the markets, women are at the risk of being harassed by lustful men. Sexual abuse is more evident, especially when women are found to be travelling alone. That is when, men tend to attempt to take advantage over the loneliness of a woman. So, here comes the question- do solo woman travelers have to pretend to be married, in order to ensure their safety?

It is assumed that, women who are married, are prone to less danger than those women who are single. This statement can be looked at, from two different perspectives. From one point, wearing a wedding ring, or showing that you are married, might keep you away from danger. When someone tries to get close to you, you could probably pretend that your husband would be coming to pick you up, or you are receiving a call from him. This may give a hint to men, that you cannot be harmed. On the other hand, wearing a wedding ring, though it may even be a fake one, might induce some men to indulge in theft, and they may end up stealing the ring. Yes, that is how the society has changed!

Humans are unique, they are different. No two men behave alike. Sometimes, it may so happen that, men, irrespective of whether women are married or not, might harm women. To certain men the marital status of a woman does not matter at all. They would only seek to quench their thirst. In such cases, abuses are inevitable, and a wedding ring or indicating the marital status would be of no favor at all.

It would be advisable, for women, to learn self-defence or carry peppermint sprays, while travelling, in order to protect themselves. Also, as part of a protective measure, never wear minimal clothes; always try to cover your body as much as you can, especially when you are travelling alone. Also, never travel in any cab or bus or train that is entirely surrounded by only men. This would prevent yourself from being put in a hypothetical situation. Protecting yourself is always in your hands.

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