Why You Should visit Portobello Market

Portobello is a fabulous market in inner city London that you absolutely must visit. Countless attractions are already going to be on your mind before you visit, but for many, it’s unlikely that they have a market on that list.

After all, why visit a market when you can explore the famous Tower Bridge, or enjoy a fabulous River Thames Cruise? The answer to that question lies in the fact that market provides visitors with an antiquated view of London, giving them the cultural understanding they need to understand what this city’s community is built on.

Not only that, but it’s also a place worth visiting because of the countless range of items worth purchasing at the market. Due to the rise of young, affluent professionals coming to the area, more cutting edge fashion can be surprisingly found the market stalls.

Situated in Notting Hill, Portobello attracts a whole host of people who want a bargain and want items that won’t be found in typical high street stores.  Saturday is a popular time to visit the market and the main selling day. Although it can get exceptionally busy on this day, so it would be best for visitors to go early in the morning. Saturday is also the best day to visit the market as other days may not have such a wide choice of products.

History of Portobello Market

The area of Portobello Market was originally a farm named after Puerto Bello because Admiral Edward Vernon captured the Spanish-owned town in 1739. It was a simple lane that didn’t have much development where shops and markets sprang up sporadically.

However, more and more development was planned for the area to attract wealthy inhabitants of neighbouring Paddington to shop in the area as Portobello did not match the affluence of its surrounding areas. However, due to gentrification, the area became less working class and more affluent.  The market reflected this new idea, and so Portobello is the shopping and tourist district that it is today.

Why Markets are still popular in London

While we can all appreciate the wonders of supermarkets (Tesco, Sainsbury’s, and Waitrose – are three of the most famous markets in the city), and their absolute convenience, we also recognise that they can’t offer us what traditional markets offer. Whether it’s discounted fare, the lovely hustle and bustle of the crowds or else; they add a spirit of community to a town.

Comparing the different markets in the city

From the Old Spitalfields Market, Brixton Market, Camden Market and Borough Market these are just some of the popular markets that attract thousands on a weekly basis.  From vintage jewellery to multicultural cuisines, there is a whole host of reasons as to why people visit market stalls

If you’re considering visiting more than just one market, then we also recommend the Camden market, Portobello market, and New Covent Garden Market. All these markets are the perfect venue from which to explore the neighbouring areas. For a nearby accommodation, consider the London Premier Notting Hill London, which is among the Shaftesbury Hotels.

Meaning, if you plan to go to Covent Garden Market for instance, then you can conveniently explore the adjacent West End district. If you visit Camden market, then you can seamlessly enjoy one of the many events in the nearby area. If you go to Portobello market, then you can easily explore Notting Hill – one of the most famous areas in the city.

Nearby Portobello Film Festival

If you want to discover the niche aspects of filmmaking and storytelling, head over to the Portobello Film Festival this year. Because it’s celebrating a milestone, there will be fascinating films and activities to do this year. Only the best, highest quality movies will be shown. So, if you want to experience something new in film, after watching the same style of movies for countless years, then it’s time to take a visit to the festival.

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