Why London is Worth Falling in Love With

You may have read about London, seen it in films, or even heard others’ experience, visiting the city. But, have you personally visited the city? Looked at its beauty, and fallen for it? If you have not been to London yet, then make sure, you spend your time there, this holiday season. You may have wondered why people mostly tend to sing songs, in praise of London. But until you experience it, it is very difficult to understand why.

There are many more reasons why London is the best.

English is Widely Spoken
English is the most commonly spoken language. To survive in London, it is enough if you are able to communicate well in English. Also, people in London, are found to be very formal. Their frequent use of the phrases, such as, ‘please’ and ‘thank you’, etc, have only been depicting the way they show respect towards others. With English spoken everywhere, you would certainly not get the feeling of being alienated in some Greek land.

Good Climate
The climate of the city is cold most of the time, and the coldest during winter. For those, who want to experience winter at its best, visiting London is a must. Going on a walking tour, during snow, would make you experience the best moments in your life. The snowfall, rains are some of the best moments that you would love to enjoy, with your loved ones. The winters though cold, are certain to tempt any person to go out for a lovely tour around the city. And, for summer, it is the best time to go sight-seeing. For those who want to take their love for an enchanting honeymoon trip, London is certainly the best place!

Enchanting food
Breakfast in London, is completely the English way, comprising of pork, baked beans, porched eggs, and lots of meat. Fish and chips are the most loved snack here! The people of London are probably diet-conscious, because they take in many salads, which even include meat. There are several restaurants, offering a wide variety of food. You could have some mouth-watering experience, dining in London hotels. In London, it is literally mandatory dinners be accompanied with beer or wine.

Lovely travel experience
One of the best features of London is their tube trains. Almost over 200 years old, this is the first rail service started in the world. These trains are available everywhere, making travel a cakewalk. Not to forget, the Red Bus services, which are not only reasonable in rates, but are also fast enough, to help you reach your destination in a few minutes.

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