What to do in London in the Winter

With such a plethora of attractions, how does London compare between the summer and the winter? For one, various ice rinks open during the winter season. Also, attractions like Winter Wonderland open up, enticing tourists and citizens alike with a range of cute little activities and attractions. Festivity spreads in the air, and Oxford Street becomes adorned with Christmas lights.

During this period, it could be argued that indoor attractions (like art galleries and museums) become even more inviting. Meanwhile, parks and gardens become scarce with the number of visitors becoming fewer and fewer as the months get colder.

Nothing says winter romance more than a little getaway trip to London. With the Shaftesbury Hyde Park International guests can find an abundant amount of room options, perfect for the solo traveller or a family.

What’s great about winter in London is that temperatures rarely dip below zero degrees. Naturally, booking one of the London last minute hotels won’t be as much of a worry. One of the most secret things to experience is to visit a country in the winter and be so cold that you can’t enjoy the city for everything that it offers.

Luckily, London isn’t one of those places. So much time as you wear enough layers, you’ll be okay. In fact, you might even enjoy the winter chill. And with the winter sales, you should be able to get yourself more than your fair share of great deals at this high street stores.

In the summer, the city becomes more populated, and with higher prices for hotels and flights, it might be a better option for you to visit in the winter. Especially because of the Christmas atmosphere in the city during this period of the year.

Unless the summer heat is that important to you, then you should visit London during the winter season. This also makes sense because London isn’t necessarily a beach holiday destination per say (something that people usually look for during the summer). So go ahead and make your winter Christmas special this season in London.

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