What Makes London London?

It is hard to define exactly what London’s speciality is due to the fact that the city is inundated with reasons why people flock there. If you’re a tourist, you visit London for its incredible historical sights, its West End theatres and golden shopping opportunities whereas if you live in the city, you live in London for its nightlife, its culture and amazingly diverse career options.

Tower of london

Tower of london

London has always been a popular place to live and work ever since it was founded as Londinium by the Romans. Since then, it has gone from strength to strength especially after the crowning of William the Conqueror in 1066, who was the brains the Tower of London. The Tower could be seen as a focal point in London as it is one of the oldest sites in London, aside from Westminster Abbey that was built in 960AD which is over a century before William the Conqueror was crowned. It was originally built as a fortress to ward off invaders but, as time went on, the reigning monarchs added their own mark on the Tower and so, with every century, it had a different role to play such as a menagerie, the Royal Mint, a royal abode, a vault for the Crown Jewels and, perhaps most famously, a prison. It can be found a stroll away from the Shaftesbury Hyde Park International and is known all around the world, harbouring millions of visitors every year, however, it is just one of the many historical locations around the city with Westminster Abbey, St Paul’s Cathedral and the museums all attracting tourists and locals alike. History is most definitely one of the city’s specialities.

Shopping is easily one of the main attractions to the city and there are very few streets that are shop free. Oxford Street and Regent Street are situated a 20 minute walk away from the Park Grand Paddington Court London and are the main shopping streets and, together, encompass some of the most famous shops in the world including Selfridges and Hamleys. They are constantly hustling and bustling and, in the festive season, are beautifully lit with thousands of lights and decorations. London also have a fine selection of department stores such as Harrods in Knightsbridge and Liberty of London where the rich and famous are known congregate and shop. There really is something for everyone when shopping in the city, just make sure that you have your most comfortable pair of shoes on and enough strength to laden your arms with all of your wares. There is so much retail diversity in the city that you are guaranteed to find a special gem.

London itself doesn’t have just one speciality, it is a combination of many which is the reason why people flock to live, work and explore. Its diversity is what makes this capital city one of the most loved and visited places on earth.

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