What I Gained by Travelling Alone

Man is a social animal and as such it is not normal for a person to stay alone whether he is at home or whether he is travelling. We all crave for company, more so when we are visiting a different city so that we can share our experiences and the fun. However, I wanted to have a different experience and I wanted to understand my strengths and weaknesses in a better way than what I did till the time that I set out for a seven-day trip to London as I had heard a lot about its ‘streets being paved with gold’. I decided to take a break from my work, my family and my familiar surroundings in order to indulge in this soul-reckoning mission so that I could find the answers to all that I had been seeking. It was an adventure that I had to have.

From all the experiences of planning the trip, travelling to London, finding the hotel that I had booked, staying there and commuting to all the places that I had planned for sightseeing, I found that I had gained a lot but the most important quality that I discovered was that I could take responsibility as I had been able to take my life into my own hands and do what I wanted to do. I knew that I was responsible for all my actions and I was prepared for their consequences.

During the course of my trip when I started feeling that everything was progressing as I had planned, I started gaining a lot of self-confidence in my abilities to be able to plan and execute what I wanted and be able to do so successfully. I had cleared the hurdle of responsibility and was getting a sense of lightness and contentment. I was also getting to feel more independent and this newfound freedom made me feel that I did not need to depend on anyone for anything to make me happy. I was my own master having the right to decide what to eat, where to sleep, which train to catch and at what bus stop to depart.

Moreover, travelling alone also gave me the opportunity to discover my likes and my dislikes as I was free to jump on my likes and discard my dislikes. And by sifting through my likes and dislikes, I arrived at my emotions which are a combination of mind and body sending messages to me and it is only by listening to these messages that we can accomplish what we want to do.

With all these accomplishments, I could also fathom out various patterns and my reactions, do a lot of past analysation, foray into the future and indulge in many wishful dreams. Apart from these accomplishments, I also learnt about how to care for myself and how to love.

I had been able to peep into the mystery of myself that I was seeking to know.

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