What do the Top 3 Luxury African Safari Have to Offer

Some people are fond of city life being content with their work and having fun by partying or going to discos. However, there are many others who are a bit more adventurous and wish to get out of the humdrum of their everyday lives. For them, the idea of fun is just getting close to nature and as such they take a package beach holiday to relax on the beach. However, there are yet others for whom this is not good enough and they like to really experience something completely different such as going on an African safari where they can indulge in safari game drives across the open plain, see animals that they had only seen on TV and experience the feel of Africa through the smell, the views and adventurous sensations. There are others who would not settle for anything else but a luxury African safari where they can experience utter luxury even in the interiors of Africa although their primary objective would be the game drives. An essential requirement for tracking the elusive animals is however a good guide. The luxury lodges on these safaris provide lots of cushy amenities and unusual experiences. The best places are the private reserves.

The very best luxury African safari driving routes include Namibia where the roads are excellent, the roads are extremely scenic and the signposts are easy to read. At the luxury safari or desert camp in Namibia most people use the services of the expert guides and do some of their own drives and explorations using the camp as a base.

The other top luxury African safari route is the Winelands and the Garden Route in Cape Town in South Africa that offers a wonderful driving route with vineyards, exceptional restaurants and whale watching. Driving in this area is quite safe and absolutely stunning although it is not as wild as the driving in Namibia. In order to see some truly wild parts of the country, it is best to take the Kwa Zulu Natal driving itinerary.

The third top luxury African safari driving route is in Northern Tanzania where you can drive a wonderful route through tea plantations, before driving up the Great Rift Valley and into the Ngorongoro Crater, and then heading onwards to the world famous Serengeti National Park. Kenya also offers similar safari drives but Kenyan drivers can be dangerous and hazardous to anyone nearby.

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