West End- Where the Heart Beat of London can be Heard

Amazing charm of London

London is a packed house, in terms of attractions. If you go out for exploring the UK  capital city, you will hardly find an area where there is nothing to see or visit. By London many people understand historical structures, heritage buildings, the Westminster Abbey, the Big Ben and the Ferris Wheel. Nothing wrong in it as all these things stand as big landmarks and the pride of the Britishers. But what makes a vacation in London most exciting and fascinating for people is its magical charm. Blend of the age old things and new creations, traditions and contemporary styles and the majestic attitude of the city together create a unique charm that mesmerizes the visitors.

London’s West End

Central London or the West End is the best place to experience and enjoy the charm and hence it is the most crowded area in the city. Surrounded by a number of major attractions, the West End of London is truly the heart of the city and once you step in the area, the metropolitan atmosphere will make you feel the beating of the heart. No matter what your point of interest is, you will find things of your choice at London’s West End. This is the area where you will find Piccadilly Circus, the world famous plaza that stands as a specimen of the wealth of the city. The illuminated signboards at the Piccadilly Circus create such an electrifying atmosphere at the evening that your eyes get a good treat. It is Central London where you will find major places of interests like the Hyde Park and Marble Arch, two names that drag tourists from distant corners of the world.  Some of the streets and Squares such as Oxford Street and Leicester Square that symbolize the heritage of this great European city also go through the West End of London. London is acclaimed across the world for its rich culture glimpses of which are offered by the theaters in the form of dramas and orchestras. Central London houses majority of the famous theaters in the city and draw huge crowd on a regular basis. People who are fascinated with shopping, enjoy their time best at this part of London as the Piccadilly Circus makes way to a number of malls and shopping areas.

The ideal place to stay in London

Gifted with all diverse attractions for people having different kinds of fascinations, West End or Central London is the perfect place to stay for the vacationers. Hence the area boasts of several deluxe hotels. Situated in the Park Lane, The Shaftesbury London is a magnificent property to stay and enjoy comfort and majestic luxury. The deluxe hotel is at a stone throw distance from Hyde Park and Marble Arch and also offers easy access to several other prime spots.

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