Visit the London Zoo

This time, on your London visit, you should have some rollicking fun. Be it a family holiday or a lone visit, you must visit some of London’s best tourist attractions. The London Zoo naturally happens to be one of these. Owned and operated by the Zoological Society of London, the zoo is a wonderful place to spend a whole day at. Regardless of your age, you are sure to have a memorable time of your life in the zoo.

Opened in 1828, the ZSL London Zoo is the first scientific zoo in the world and comprises numerous breathtaking exhibits. More then 12,000 animals of 700 different species are taken care of in this zoo. Among the most popular exhibits in the zoo is ‘Into Africa’ where you can see Africa’s few most unusual animals, such as African hunting dogs, Zebras and Giraffes. A raised platform allows you to enjoy a great close view of the giraffes.

‘Meet the Monkeys’ exhibit is especially fun-filled and exciting. You must also not miss visiting ‘The butterfly Paradise’ exhibit where you can enjoy the experience of these bright and colourful creatures flying around you.

Visitors must also make their visit to the London Zoo a learning experience by getting to know about the habitat of the various animals from their caretakers. Do not miss visiting the various historical listed buildings including Mapping Terraces and the popular Clock Tower located in the zoo. Refreshment options are widely available in the zoo. The ZSL London Zoo also welcomes babies. So, go ahead!

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