Two Wheels Good – Join London’s First-Ever Cycle in Rave

A four-day cycle expedition called ‘Dalston to the Dam: The Hipster’s Unexpected Journey’ is being organised by Northernwood Films to give an opportunity to cycle enthusiasts to take up a challenge. The on-route frivolity will be filmed and turned into a cool movie which the organisers feel will be noticed at tastemaker film fests in the same way as it happened last time. In anticipation of the event, London’s first cycle-in rave at The Colourworks that took place on April 28, a unique pre-party was organised on March 28 in association with SpinLDN. The expedition met at Dalston Junction and many East Londoners set off on the cycle journey to Amsterdam in preparation for making a comedy documentary.

This was the second such attempt by Northernwood Films in making a unique brand of filmmaking regarding lengthy cycling trips which promote and provide the content for their tongue-in-cheek creations. The first attempt took place last year and it saw the cyclists travel 783 miles from West Yorkshire to Cannes to raise funds for their debut film Orange Fever. In the second attempt they cycled from Dalston to the Queen’s Day Festival in the Netherlands. It was the largest celebration of the colour Orange where they planned to flog Orange Fever merchandise.

It might seem a bit odd but other films have been made for much odder reasons and in any case there is no need for any reason to ride to Amsterdam. The trip to Amsterdam was undertaken by a team of East Londoners who were motivated to spend four days cycling to sell some T-shirts and they also appeared in the next team.

The films about last year and this year’s trips are available. The first short film premiered in New York, played at festivals around the world and won awards. The Dalston to the Dam film is also ready. Before the second event, the team members had a rollicking time at the free Spin Social event on March 28. The Northernwood Films are cross-platform filmmakers united by a shared love of comedy, cycling and storytelling.

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