Top 5 Family Attractions in the USA

1) Georgia Aquarium – Atlanta takes center stage on this list of top family attractions with the world’s largest aquarium. Georgia Aquarium flaunts more than 120,000 animals in 8 million gallons of water, including dolphins, whales, sharks and piranhas. So good luck finding Nemo here!

2) Houston Space Center – “Houston, we have a problem… our Space Center is full of children”. Yes, that’s right, super-secretive NASA allows tours of their facilities. Your little ones can watch real astronauts training and try their hands at landing a space shuttle themselves.

3) Monkey Jungle, Florida – The Monkey King may “want to be like you” according to The Jungle Book, but which kid doesn’t want to swing from the trees like a monkey? With a wild monkey swimming pool and a chance to feed the animals, Monkey Jungle lets anyone be Mowgli for a day.

4) Intrepid Sea, Air and Space Museum – New York’s 900ft aircraft carrier is a unique museum; a window into the reality of the most powerful navy in the world. The Exploreum lets children experience how sea, air and space interact when out on the ocean through 18 interactive exhibitions.

5) Yosemite – Nothing gets the family together as irrevocably as a camping trip. Head to Yosemite, California’s huge arena of crashing waterfalls and bizarre rock formations to burn off some adrenalin. Balance hiking with adventure sports such as white-water rafting and climbing and you’ll soon have the kids begging to get out of the mall and go to the park.

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