Things to see and do in Hyde Park

Hyde Park is a fabulous destination to visit if you’re in and around the West End. Often, many travellers underestimate just how much nature there is to experience in the city. Filled with innumerable office buildings and tourist attractions, it’s hard to imagine that London has the largest amount of green space in the city. But Hyde Park, Regents Park, Richmond Park, St James Park (among others) puts London ahead of the rest of other capital cities when it comes to green space.

Not only is that but the city also filled with quaint, delightful gardens that include Kyoto Garden, and the Secret Garden. Kyoto Garden was given as a gift by Japan, respect and gratitude. While it may not necessarily out rightly completely represent Kyoto, it’s still a worthy garden worth exploring – due to its different vibe and design.

Hyde Park vs. Regents Park

Hyde Park is a lot larger than Regents Park and is situated more closely to Oxford Street. Naturally, it’s visited more often than its counterpart destination. Nevertheless, Regents Park is just as worthy of a visit and can be found close to Baker Street station. Visiting here will mean you’ll have the wonderful side benefit of being located close by to the Sherlock Holmes Museum and Madame Tussauds.

The Park Grand London Hyde Park, a hotel in Hyde Park, is probably worth staying at if you want to be closer to the major attractions in the city.  Some of the attractions inside Hyde Park include the Princess Diana Memorial, along with the Serpentine Lake. Stretching 40 acres, visitors can hop on one of the boats and enjoy a lovely experience through the lake.

Interestingly, the Serpentine Lake was once used as a venue for the swimming portion of the Triathlon and the Marathon swimming events at the 2012 Olympic Games.  Some of the views from the Serpentine are stunning. So if you’re looking for an expansive park with countless attractions, Hyde Park is your bet. But if you’re looking for somewhere a little more intimate, and less intimidating to explore due to its size, visit Regents Park.

Ideally, you should take the time on your holiday to visit both.

Nearby Attractions

Not too far from the east side of Hyde Park, visitors will find Kensington High Street, homes to the world-famous Harrods store. Interestingly, 15 million people visit Harrods every year, and it’s not too. You can also find Mayfair nearby, a place that’s ideal for shoppers looking for boutique stores and luxury items. In a way, Hyde Park is in the middle of all the action in the heart of London.

Besides that, the Victoria Albert Hall Museum, the world’s largest museum of decorative arts and design, is found nearby. It has a collection of more than 4 million items and is most definitely worth visiting if you’re looking for a fascinating insight into England’s culture.

Other than that, Buckingham Palace is just a 15minute walk away, and Knightsbridge along the way has a profusion of shops and restaurants. All in all, it’s clear that staying close to Hyde Park will make for an unrivalled, uncompromising, and complete holiday experience in the heart of London.

You’re bound to get a taste of everything you could ever want while residing in the area.

Be sure to take full advantage of the Hyde Park during your visit. If you’re visiting towards the end of the Winter, you’ll be glad to hear that the Winter Wonderland attraction opens up here. Called ‘London’s spectacular Christmas destination’, it features the Magical Ice Kingdom, the Ski Zillertal Ice Rink, the Giant Wheel, and a range of fantastic circus shows.

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