Things to do Near Grand Royale London Hyde Park

The Grand Royale London Hyde Park puts you in a great spot near Hyde Park. Which means you can tour the famous, and exciting shopping avenue of Oxford Street, Regents Street, and Piccadilly Circus –all on foot. Other than that, you can whisk yourself down to Regents Park, home to London Zoo, with ease. You can also explore a range of shisha cafes and dining venues along the banks of Edgware Road, and enjoy the benefit of unrivalled transport connections from Paddington station.

In essence, if you only have time for a weekend trip during your stay in London, then staying near Hyde Park, gives you the best bang for your buck. That’s because you’ll be close to some of the top tier attractions, as well as the great walking tours. It’s fair to say that if you’re visiting New York, for instance, you’ll want to visit Times Square. Hyde Park, part of the West End, also follows that same theme.

If you’re someone who’s fascinated by royalty, then you can also walk all the way up to Buckingham Palace as well as Kensington Palace. Not too far from these venues, you’ll also find the Shaftesbury Hotels such as the Shaftesbury Paddington Hotel. Buckingham Palace is majestic and provides tours in the summer and other experiences for visitors to London. So, those who are looking for a deep, vivacious insight into royalty would do well by taking a visit. It’s touted as one of the finest working stables in existence –responsible for all travel arrangements for members of the Royal family.

Whisking your way to High Street Kensington station on the Circle line will take you to the fabulously designed Kensington Palace. It previously used to be the official residence of Prince Charles and Princess Diana. At the moment, it is home to a series of royal family portraits and a royal dress collection. The Palace is much less frequented than Buckingham Palace, and it’s also less busy and so is worth visiting if you’re after a more peaceful tour.

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