The Top American Attractions for You to Adore

The Americans love to spend a part of their time in Great Britain. They have the ancestral preference for the place and the government has given the complete freedom to spend time with all liberty and the best of thoughts. There is a relation between the Britishers and the London people. In case you want to feel like home in Great Britain you can look for the best American attractions and these are theme based attractions and specialties in United Kingdom. Here you have some of the places being discussed which is sure to help you feel like home at the best.

You can start with the Imperial War Museum which is based in Duxford and this is known as the American Air Museum. This is one of the upbeat attractions for you to visit. This is the museum to narrate in details the history of Great Britain. At the museum you get to see the massive collection of the airplanes and this helped in deciding the construction of the hanger museum and this is the version of the perfect American Air Museum and you can see the best collection of the historical airplanes at the place.

You can even have an access of the Park Grand London Lancaster Gate to take a look at the Cambridge American Cemetery and Memorial. This is the hollowed burial ground where lies the body of 4000 Americans who died at the time of the Second World war fighting in Europe. The Cemetery has the total covered area of 30.5 acres and the land was contributed by the efforts of University of Cambridge. This is based perfectly on a slope and the western and the southern parts of the same are at best framed by the woodland. At the Cemetery you find the remains of the 3812 dead military people. The names of these people are recorded in the missing tablets.

You can even visit the Benjamin Franklin’s House and it is important for you to know that Benjamin has spent a huge part of his life in London. He acted as the representative of the American colonies and this makes him so special and known. He was also the ambassador at the time of post independence. He has the surviving house in this part of the world. Recently the home is best restored and it is turned into a museum. Once you visit the museum you can know better about Benjamin and this way you can collect all details about his personal life.

There is also the famous Churchill and the Roosevelt Bench. This is a smaller attraction but the popularity of the same is sound and immense. The place tells you more about the relationship between Churchill and Roosevelt. The fun statue of both the men will tell you in details about their immortal relationship. You can see the statue at the London Mayfair which serves as the meeting ground of both the Old and the New Bond Street. This is the worth picture to be taken by an artist and you would surely love the charm of the destination.

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