The top 9 places one can visit on the Disabled Access Day 2016

London takes care of everyone including the disabled people. There are many good places and events just for them and they can make them feel really good.

The Disabled Access Day is held in London every year and just like every year it is back on this Saturday for the second year. There is a nationwide event that gives motivation for the disabled people to visit somewhere they generally do not go.  It is not just all about the disabled people but it is also for people with visual and hearing impairments and learning difficulties. The event just does not motivate the disabled people but it also gives venues an opportunity to get the feedback about the options they have. There are many London venues that take party. Here we have mentioned a few of them for you. For more details you can check the Disabled Access Day website.

Disabled Access DayImperial war museum– In this museum you can take the British Sign Language tours, the entry here is free and you can also take part in the talk shows that run for the whole day. There are some shows those are just for disabled people. You can check the details of such shows online. There are special seats for those who cannot walk.

St Paul’s Cathedral– This place has different activities and different tours that run throughout the day. There are also some audio-described tours that you need to book in advance. There is also a touch tour that will help the visitors with visual impairments. This touch tour can really help them to understand and enjoy better. From the touch they can feel everything. This can really be a great experience for them.

Borough Market– Here you can see a British sign language described cooking demo by the well-known chef Tony Rodd at Borough Market.  The most interesting part here is the blindfolded taste session. In this you need to do the tasting with closed eyes without having a sight of the food and that can really be an interesting experience. There are also many good hotels near the borough market and Shaftesbury London is one of them. The hotel offers best amenities to the visitors. The hotel is also very well-known for the world class services here. One can get the best services at the best possible rates. The hotel is one of the most popular hotels in the world. Many people like to come here for its top class services. As the hotel is located in the centre of the city it can be easy to move around the city. The hotel also provides wheelchair facilities for the disable people so that they can move around the hotel with ease.

Kensington Palace– They has a special session for blight and partially sighted people. There are also audio described tours that one can take at the Kensington Palace. These tours do not need any advance booking. These tours can be really good for those who can hear better but cannot see. People can listen to the audio and have a good time.

Hampstead Theatre– London is very well-known for theatres and there are many theatres in the city.  The auditorium at the Hampstead Theatre is open for disabled visitors all the day and they can have a free entry there. Every detail is checked in order to meet their particular needs. There are special seats for them. You can see the events calendar online and then plan accordingly.

The Albany– at the Deptford arts centre there is a recruitment surgery in which disabled people can get all the help to get a job. They can get help with the vacancies, application and form filling as well. There are also free massages they can go for. They can get all the help regarding a new job. They will be explained about the job needs and if they fit inn the needs then they will get all the help regarding the job application, interview and other things.

Phoenix Cinema– Each and every Finchley’s Phoenix Cinema have a British Sign Language tour for the building, and a subtitled screening of Hail. There are some special shows for the people with sensory disabilities and autism. They can really feel good after they take part in these shows. You can book the shows in advance online.

Hampton Court Palace – Those who are visiting the Henry VIII’s old pad can get a chance to give their reviews on the reaching of the new magical garden before it gets open for the general public. Here you can have some peaceful time. You can really have a good time here when no one is there in the garden.

Museum of the Mind– the Bethlem Museum of the Mind in Beckenham is open throughout the year but today it is open for public and it welcomes their valuable feedback. They also welcome advice of people on how to make it as reachable as possible.

The first Disabled Access Day was held in the month of January 2015. This effect report details the purpose it had and how ahead it went to progress. For the year 2016 the Disabled Access Day 2016 was held on Saturday 12 March. It was a grand function which was attended by many disabled people in the country. If you want to attend more events you can get the detailed information online. If you want to attend this event for disabled people then you need to have a good accommodation. There are many Best London Hotels where you can have a good stay.

So this was all about the day and events for the disabled people. Just like the normal people even disablepeople have a right to have a normal life. There are special places and events held just for them. You can see the details online. Just see the detail s and decide accordingly. Help them feel better, live better.

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