The Swarm Backwards

The Swarm has given wings to the Thorpe Park adding to its already fantastic and terrifying rides. It is Europe’s tallest winged rollercoaster ride that you can ride backwards also for greater fun, adventure and excitement. The other exotic rides in the park include the terrifying Stealth ride, the Nemesis Inferno and Saw the Ride. The Swarm which is officially labeled as THE SWARM is a steel wing coaster which was codenamed LC12 when it was being planned and constructed. It is Swiss roller coaster manufacturer Bolliger & Mabillard’s second wing coaster design for which construction started in May 2011 and its operations started on 15 March 2012. From this year, the last two rows of each train are facing backwards adding to the fun and fear element of the ride.

The Swarm starts at the station which is a partially destroyed church and rises up a 38.6-metre chain lift. After it reaches the top of the lift hill, the track tilts 180 degrees anticlockwise due to which the riders of the train are upside down before they plunge down the world’s first ‘inverted drop’. The train then dives under the wing of a slow burning wrecked plane and it inclines into a zero-g roll 30.6 metres above the ground before it passes through a billboard and then it enters an incline loop. Thereafter, it enters a turn around with a wrecked helicopter with slow-spinning rotor blades in the centre.

After this entry, it does a corkscrew through the inclined loop that creates a near-miss point. After it leaves the corkscrew, the train curves past a crashed fire engine that has water and fire effects and then it moves through a partly destroyed church tower. It then flies over the station and enters into a last inline twist before it stops and is guided back into the station. The Swarm ride features an on-ride video camera which was earlier tested in the ‘Saw: The Ride’ roller coaster. At some points of the ride, water and fire effects are effectively used. It is now possible to pass from your dreams into screams in just 60 seconds at Thorpe Park which is located near Chertsey, Surrey.

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