The Famous and the Fabulous Covent Garden in London

Covent Garden in London is an extremely famous destination. You would prefer to be in this part of the city with the hoard of allurements and specialties. This is the attractive city area for the visitors and even the Londoners would prefer to be here on and off. You can be here with your collection of friends and you can even sit here to enjoy the glasses of Prosecco. It is true pleasure to be at the Covent Garden. You can go online to know best about the current event to be held at the place. There is the famous apple store here and you can decide to buy fresh fruits here in the best of price.Covent Garden in London

It is great to be at the market of the Covent Garden and you can even cross the streets at complete ease. The casual stroll has made the area so popular and the sought after destination. This is the most iconic zone of London and you would love to enjoy the standard of the street art scene in presentation. You can shop independently at the place and you can even admire the performances of the local street artists. You can even sit at one of the busting restaurants and have a lifetime enjoyment. You have some of the best places here to sit and enjoy the taste of classy Prosecco

When you plan for a perfect London trip you cannot miss the chance to decide for a move at the Covent Garden. It is one of the must visit destination which is sure to entertain you with all pleasures and specialties. The place gives you the opportunity to relieve your youth. Here you get the lot of the indie shops and you can even sit and like the performances of the talented street performers. Here you have the high street chains and you can even visit the upmarket and there are the specialist retailers and they can help you buy the best things in the world.

To get the best access of the Covent Garden you can opt for an accommodation at the Shaftesbury Premier London Paddington Hotel. At the place you have the Moomin Store and here you can visit the independent cake stores where you get to eat the delicious and the velvety cakes of the best taste. There is even the Tea House on Neal Street. You can sit at the stall to enjoy the taste of the quality black tea and there are more teas of all colours.

You would love to have a taste of the white tea and the green tea. In fact, you have teas of all colours and tastes and you even have the option to buy the Nepalese Tea. These tea shops are known to sell the quality stuffs and they also donate a portion of the money for charitable reasons. In case you are a tea freak you cannot miss the chance to be at the place at the right time. It is a lifetime opportunity to be here and feel the best.

You have the Royal Opera House at the Covent Garden. This makes you grab a show at any time of the day. This is just the avant-garde venue where you can sit and enjoy some real action. This is also the home to the Royal Ballet. You can even be at the Royal Opera and there is much to enjoy at the ROH Orchestra. At the venue you get a chance to see the perfect presentation of the creative art form. You can book for the guided tours at the place and the magic of the setting is just great. You can easily buy a ticket for the evening and feel the essence of the box office magic.

For the spectators to know about the London transport history and to know more about the history of the oldest underground transport you can visit the London Transport Museum. There is even the iconic red London bus and you get to know much about the underground steam train in London. You can be at the museum once you visit the Covent Garden Market. The place tells you about the historical development in the genre of London transportation. This way you can know how things developed down the years and you even know regarding the latest developments in the genre of London transportation.

Once you seek for the London Accommodation in time near the Covent Garden area you are made to enjoy some of the best French cuisines. Here, you can be at the place called Clos Maggiore. The perfectly prepared food at the place will make you feel the essence of the restaurant at the best. The spot offers you the best collection in wines and ales and when you sip from the glass you once more feel the necessity to be at Covent Garden. The restaurant looks great with the arrangement of the twinkling lights and the falling drapes and you have all the lovely eatables within the atrium. Good food and good view – you would really love this combo at the place.

At Covent Garden you have the chance to drink like the Londoner. Covent Garden houses the Cellar Door where you find the collection of the home inspired cocktails. The bespoke cocktails will help you enjoy the taste of the drink at the best. The awesome Bloody Mary in the afternoon time will help you relax with perfection. This is just the right option for the afternoon tipple. The Bloody Mary is prepared with the scrumptious tomato juice and the usage of the Worcestershire sauce will make the drink son perfectly delectable. To spice up the drink you can add to the same the amount of vodka and the pinch of pepper and salt. The drink got its name from Mary Queen Of Scots and she is known to be beheaded by her sister Queen Elizabeth.

Covent Garden is more than a specialty. It is just like a haven for the London goers. The place holds the never ending charm and the scintillating details will hold you tight at the place.


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