The Desire to Travel is the Only Motivation to Save!

We all have something that we fancy. For some, it may be food, books, music or dance, and, for some, it may be travel. Of all, most of them claim travelling to be at the top, among all other interests. Maybe, it is true. One who travels, is able to explore different cultures, and live different lives. Travelling, not only takes you to a different world, but also gives you a lot of exposure to the outside world. Kids, teens, adults and senior citizens, everyone loves travelling. Each one of us, have dreamt in our life, to visit our dream destination and experience bliss. After all, human existence is characterised by never-ending desires.

Desires are natural. So, how far do we work on making our desires come true? This need not mean that, desires need to be as big as, becoming the CEO of a company, or building a house. Every small wish is a desire. You may desire for anything like a scooter, luxurious car, or even your wish to read a book could be treated as a desire. Desires are unlimited and unbiased. And, there are a few, who desire to travel – to leave behind their routine, and experience an entirely new world. What we crave for, is what we call a desire. There are only certain things in life, that are close to us, our heart, that we would want. For some, travel is beyond just desires.

Those who desire to travel, how can they accomplish their desires? Imagine, you have been wishing to travel to a certain place, for a long time, but you realise that you do not have enough funds for it. Now, how you are going to work towards achieving it is what will prove the intensity of your desire. The more you crave to visit that particular place, the more you will want to save money, so as to have some splendid time at your favourite destination. If you really want to break the ice this time, and go to your holiday spot, then you really need to save money. Saving money, does not necessarily mean putting yourself into hardships, but it just implies, cutting out on all eating out, weekend shopping and other unnecessary expenses. This might sound difficult in the beginning, but you must always understand that even tiny drops could, one day, make an ocean.

If you are able to give up on all your addictions that charge a particular amount of money, then it means that you are strong enough to give up on everything, only to accomplish your desire. Because, at the end of the day, when you are able to reach your dream destination, and spend some good time, with all the money that you have been saving, by sacrificing on many things, there would be nothing else, that could be as joyous as this feeling. The desire to travel, is certainly the only motivation to save money for it.

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