The Best Places to Find Hotels in and Around Paddington

The Paddington area of London is dominated by Paddington train station. Handling over 30 million passengers a year, there is a lot of people transiting through. Because of express links to Heathrow Airport, Paddington is a favourite accommodation distract for those using Heathrow, offering a fast reliable transfer to London’s major airport.

Paddington Station is a major transport hub with 4 Underground lines radiating out in all directions. You can get to most sights in London within 20minutes using the London Underground network.

london hotelThe Paddington area itself is in the North West of London. Room rates are quite competitive, at least compared to the hotel options less than a mile away around Oxford Street. The area has a good mix of accommodation catering to all budgets, again something  you won’t find closer to the city centre.

The area immediately around Paddington Station is not somewhere a visitor is going to dwell. Paddington offers convenience for the trains and a good choice of places to be fed and watered as well as accommodation. It is a place to use as a base when in London, just returning in the evening after a day of exploring what the capital has to offer.

Very quickly, the hustle and bustle of Paddington Station is left behind and there are beautiful garden squares and avenues and magnificent period houses and mews. It’s easy to feel that you are in a village rather than in one of the world’s busiest capital cities.

Paddington Hotels

With regards to hotel accommodation, Paddington has a very large collection. The South of Paddington is defined by Hyde Park, there isn’t much to the North. This means most of the hotels in Paddington are located in the Southern area of the district.

In the immediate vicinity of Paddington Station are several 4* hotels including the Indigo, Hilton and the Mercure Paddington and Shaftesbury Premier hotel London Paddington. However, most accommodation hotels here are independent budget hotels.

Norfolk Square is 50 yards South of Paddington Station. This  garden square is surrounded by cheap B&B style hotel accommodation.

South of Norfolk Square is Sussex Gardens. This is tree-lined avenue with terraced hotel buildings. There are cheap to 4* hotels here, but from the outside it is hard to judge which is which as they all look the same.

Opposite Hyde Park, about 10 minutes south of the Station, is Lancaster Gate. This is a more relaxed district and is home to larger hotels, mainly owned by 3* and 4* popular hotel chains, such as the London Shaftesbury Hotels. Lancaster Gate also has its own Underground station that is less frantic than Paddington Underground station providing easy access to other areas of London.

If you head West from Paddington Station, there are hotels all the way to the Bayswater district, although they are more spread out than those in Norfolk Square, Sussex Gardens, Lancaster Gate and those in the immediate vicinity of Paddington Station.


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