Take a Walk of a Lifetime – Olympic Walks

It is always a good time to visiting London, but if you are visiting London at this time of the year, you’ll get to enjoy more than just the regular London vacations, thanks to the biggest sporting event of the world, the Olympics, taking place in London this year. There are many famous places and attractions in London that you would want to visit but with the London Olympics in the city, the list of ‘places to visit’ might just get longer. If you want to visit all the venues and learn about the history behind the games, you’ll just have to go for a walk.

Olympic walk is the best way to visit the Olympic venues as you’ll be guided by people specially designated to take you to a tour of these places. All you have to do is book a time of your tour according to your suitability. You’ll be guided by Blue Badge tourist guides who will take you to designated games venues. Through their guidance they’ll create a live image of the 2012 Olympic Games and you’ll know much more about the legends of the games and you’ll get to visit the stadiums. For taking a tour you’ll have to make an online booking at the official site.

You can choose from different kinds of tours depending upon what time is suitable to you. You can take the morning Daily Olympic Walk which ends at 1300 hrs which leaves you with plenty of time to proceed with your other scheduled programmes. If the morning timing doesn’t suit you well, you can take the Afternoon Walk which commences by 1400 hrs.

You can reach the venue by the very efficient and convenient public transport system. The nearest underground station is the Bromley-by-bow (Hammersmith and City Lines) or you can just come walking with your friends and family. During your tour the experts will walk you through an urban park that’ll be the largest one in Europe in past 150 years. You’ll learn about the innovative designs, regeneration and history of the venues. You cannot afford to miss this incredible tour which will leave you with memories that you’ll cherish for the rest of your life as it indeed is once in a lifetime opportunity.


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