Seasonal Sensations of London

London is a place that you can visit any season. There is so much to explore, witness and experience in London that seasonal hazards cannot spoil your trip completely. Every season in London is beautiful in its own way, but for the best atmosphere you should visit the city in Spring and Winter. Spring is fascinating here as blooming buds in the parks and garden offer a magical show of colors while Winter is most enjoyable as it is the festive season. If a London trip is in your cards then go there for a winter trip. London will surely present you the best Christmas gift of your life. Be there during the next Christmas and witness the most exciting, fascinating and colorful festival of the Britishers.

Christmas in London

Christmas is the grandest festival in London. It is a time when the entire city gets illuminated with colorful lights. Christmas charoles at Churches, parks and different squares set the tune and celebrations by people add to the ambience. Christmas is the best time to visit London as one can get a glimpse of different religious and cultural traditions of the English people at this time. There are numerous events and things associated with Christmas in London which attract tourists to the city from different corners of the globe. The Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree is among the most famous Christmas spectacles in London. Every Christmas, thousands of visitors throng at the Trafalgar Square  to witness the designing of the Christmas Tree, which has been a part of London’s Christmas tradition for several decades.

Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree

The Trafalgar Square Christmas Tree is an annual gift that is sent to London by the city of Oslo as a sign of gratitude for the support that the British Army gave to Norway during the Second World War. Since the year 1947 the Christmas Tree which is actually a Spruce is donated by Oslo and it is displayed at the Trafalgar Square throughout the Christmas. Another very interesting tradition is linked to this event. The tree is cut every November in the presence of the British ambassador to Norway, the Mayor of Oslo and the Lord Mayor of Westminster. The tree is kept on display till the 11th night of Christmas and is taken for recycling just before the 12th night. The tree is decorated in Norwegian style and is illuminated with white lights. Charole singing programs are held in front of the tree throughout the season as a bid to raise fund for charitable houses.

Situated in the Park Lane, close to the Trafalgar Square, the Montcalm London Hotel offers a great scope of witnessing this spectacle to the guests. You can reach Trafalgar Square by walking for a few minutes from the hotel and take part in this unique traditional Christmas event in London.

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