Royal landmarks to visit when staying at a Hyde Park hotel

When you plan a visit to London there are numerous places to sightsee and explore and it becomes all the more imperative to find a suitable location to stay.

When it comes to hotels the places to look out for are in Hyde Park London, which has some of the finest hotels at a most affordable cost. Staying at any of these hotels offers easy access to most parts of the city and its manifold tourist attractions and events. So if you are planning a trip to London the place to stay at are hotels in Hyde Park London, which would offer you unparalleled comforts at a reasonable price and offer convenient access to other parts of London.
Once you have settled into one of the hotels in the Hyde Park area, three of the most prominent attractions are:

When it comes to parks and gardens, there are none finer than Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens, both of which are easily accessible if you stay at a Hyde Park hotel. Besides these two are Green Park, Regent’s Park, Richmond Park, St. James’s Park and Kew Gardens but they do not match the former two landmarks in popularity, which are just a stone’s throw away from any Hyde Park hotel. Both Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park are out of the most popular tourist destinations in terms of sheer volume of tourists that visit them and are perfect places to visit to escape the hustle and bustle of the city.

Then there is Buckingham Palace that offers a most unique spectacle in the form of Changing of the Guards. The palace is home to the reigning monarch and currently is occupied by Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth.
With its magnificent architecture and historical background, it is probably one of the biggest tourist draws in the whole of London. If you visit this historic landmark you could also drop in at the Royal Mews which houses probably the finest stable and collection of racehorses in the whole of the UK.

Staying at a Hyde Park hotel offers you easy access to Kensington Palace, where the Late Princess of Wales, Lady Diana spent a considerable amount of time. It is now home to other members of the Royal Family and its State Rooms are accessible to the general public. If you have your young ones with you they will be absolutely delighted to play in The Princess Diana Memorial Playground which is popular with kids.

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