Royal Academy of Arts

Founded through a personal act of King George III on 10 December 1768 with the objective of promoting the arts of design in Britain through education and exhibition, the Royal Academy of Arts is an art institution that is based in Burlington House which was Lord Burlington’s spectacular London Palace on Piccadilly in London. It is an independent, privately funded institution which has a set of galleries and houses a premier art school of the country. A brilliantly curated programme of exhibitions is organised in the Royal Academy regularly and since these exhibitions are constantly changing, there is always something new to enjoy. The shows are presented in some of the most magnificent galleries of Europe.

The exhibitions are varied in nature ranging from recent fashion and photography retrospectives to much broader collections of 18th century art, and thoroughly researched explorations of historical cultures. The Summer Exhibitions of the Royal Academy of Arts is a wonderful blend of artists ranging from the established ones to those who are just starting out along with media and styles. The choicest collections celebrating the life and works of recently deceased artists are also exhibited at the Academy.

The Royal Academy of Arts is being run by eminent artists and architects whose objective is to promote the creation, enjoyment and appreciation of the visual arts through exhibitions, education and debate. The main purpose of setting up the academy was to elevate the professional status of the artist by incorporating an effective system of training and expert judgement in the arts and to organise exhibitions relating to the contemporary works of art that have reached a proper standard of excellence. The basic concept was aimed at fostering and building a national school of art and to encourage public appreciation and interest in the recognised fields of excellence in arts.

The first exhibition of contemporary art was held on 25 April 1769 and ran till 27 May 1769 at the Royal Academy. It was open to all artists and it showcased 136 works of art and since then this exhibition is held every year. It is now known as the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition.

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