Putting the Essence of a City Down on a Page

The point of Traveler magazine is to bring the experience of visiting places across the globe back to people who, to date, may not have been lucky enough to actually see those places. The magazine exists as both a guide and a temptation. The portraits painted of the places and people to be found in cities across the globe will be bound to tempt people into wanting to experience these cities first hand, whilst the information proffered will make organising and arranging such an experience much simpler than it would otherwise be.

Whilst words and pictures can never truly replicate the hustle and bustle of life in a foreign city, they can help to create a vivid impression, and the best travel writing will be that which successfully communicates the impact which the author felt upon experiencing a place for the first time. Telling the reader what a city looks like may seem like an obvious thing to do, but, even with the aid of the finest quality photography, actually conveying the appearance of places as varied as the Souqs of the United Arab Emirates, the stylish boulevards of Paris or the dazzling neon attractions of Las Vegas is something which requires skill, empathy and an eye for the telling detail.

You’ll find all of these qualities on the pages of traveller magazine, as well as an appreciation of the fact that the ‘personality’ of a city is about much more than simply the way it looks. The sounds and even the smells of a place are the things which will stay in your memory as much as any other aspect, as well, of course, as the people who live there – their attitudes, the way they dress and the kind of welcome they provide to strangers. All of these will be captured in the pages of the magazine, thanks to an unrivalled network of people who are residents of the cities in question, and who therefore know then inside out and can present a picture of the intimate, personal and unique aspects which might often be missed by the casual visitor.

On top of the task of pinning the nature of a place down on the page comes the equally important job of providing the basic information needed to make the most of a trip. A lot of this boils down to simple practicalities. How will you get to the city? Once there, how will you travel around? Is a hire car a necessity or will the public transport on offer be sufficient to get around? Which hotels offer the best value and which are within easy travelling distance of the must-see tourist attractions? And then there are the little secrets which only someone steeped in the location will be able to pass on. Details such as the restaurants which the locals favour for their authentic cuisine, the shops which offer the bargain prices and the bars which provide entertainment, local colour and a chance to make new friends until late into the night.

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