Plan in advance and experience the best holiday you can in London

Visitors to the city often find London incredibly overwhelming. With the hustle and bustle that pervades the streets, the eclectic mix of shops and galleries, and the thousands of attractions that scatter the city’s centre – being in this city really can make you feel a little small at times. Getting lost can happen, and with so much to see and do, decision fatigue can easily creep in. That’s why we invite guests to book a guided city walk along with their accommodation (among other experiences). Not only will guests then be able to better understand appreciate the city this way, but they’ll also potentially be able to build new connections with other sightseers.

Holiday in London

Whether guests are opting for one of the London breaks packages that the Shaftesbury Paddington Hotel provides, or any number of the hotel deals that can be found in the city – planning in advance is key to a successful stay in London. When you’re out and about, the last thing most of us want to do is compare different attractions. Having our itinerary on hand, already planned, and automated can free us from worry so that we can explore and discover the city in its full brilliance.

Its paradoxical but planning in retrospect helps you lead a more balanced, productive, and happy life. Naysayers typically suggest and continually reiterate the idea that it’s important to go with the flow. But in actual fact, planning, helps you experience the state of flow because you’re no longer entrapped by the dozens of possibilities that lie waiting for you because you’ve already decided what to do in advance. Naturally your mind feels unburdened and you feel ready to experience the surroundings with a sense of curiosity.

Some of the most successful people plan as much as they can, and continually auto-correct along the way. And it helps to bring that kind of mentality to a city like a London; where you can get swept up by the hype and experience the massive opportunity cost of not having planned ahead. Whether you’re looking to experience theatre, art, food – or any number of experiences – booking these things in advance helps ease your mind because you’ll know you’ll be making the most of your days before you even arrive. While it’s fair to have one or two days where you go off the cuff and don’t plan things out, we believe that the majority of your stay should be planned in full advance, for full effect. Prepare your adventure in London this season, and experience London in its full splendour.

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