Plan a Romantic Break in London

If you are planning a romantic break for a loved one, either as a Christmas gift or perhaps once the festive season is over and done with, to brighten up the dull winter months, what could be better than whisking them away to the capital city? London is the perfect location for a romantic trip, with so many different things to see and experience. Here are our top tips to think about when planning a romantic getaway for a loved one:

The Hotel
This is a very key part of any romantic trip. Think about booking into a premier London hotel with a deluxe room or suite so you can really spoil your partner. If you can afford it, look for a hotel in a popular area, perhaps overlooking a famous landmark in the city.

The Food
Plan and book a meal out for your first night. There are a vast number of restaurants in the city but it’s usually a good idea to book one close to the hotel you will be staying in. Ask the hotel when making your reservation whether there is a particular restaurant nearby that they would recommend.

Take in the Sights
Plan some adventures for the following day, you could take a romantic stroll through one of London’s many attractive parks or maybe visit one of the well known tourist attractions. Perhaps you could arrange a champagne flight on the London Eye. Having a rough plan in your head of places to visit will make things run smoother and stop any aimless wandering which may occur.

Go Shopping
If you really want to indulge your loved one, you could take them on a shopping trip to one of London’s many popular shopping districts. Perhaps buy a memento from a well known store such as Harrods or Selfridges which will give your partner something to remember the perfectly planned trip by.

The best tip we can offer however is to plan in advance. Doing this will ensure that your trip goes down without a hitch and that you can spend the time focussing on your loved one, not worrying about something which has gone awry.

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