Places to Visit at the Whitechapel Destination in London

You have nine of the most wondrous places you can discover in the area of Whitechapel. Originally the place of Whitechapel is not known to have the most impressive history. It has the darkest past and the place has been terrorised by the attacks of the Jack the Riper and there has also been the infliction of the Elephant Man. The place has no more the murky past and the area is changing fast on pace with the other parts in London. Lots of people visit the land to get the proper Whitechapel taste. Due to its historicity and heritage Whitechapel has become the heart of the London City. Most people are known to take interest in this land so unique and universal.

The place holds the preferable Jewish population. Whitechapel is known to have the perfect working class heritage. The area is much influenced by the commonwealth residents. This is the London melting pot and it holds the exciting London culture and influence. You get the best of food and design and all people here are extremely friendly and amiable. The quality of food at the place is the best and you would also like the spot for the kind of art and architecture. Within the short walking distance you can visit the shinny skyscrapers standing on the bank of the Tower Bridge.

Tayyabs at Whitechapel

Here you have some of the hot spots to visit in Whitechapel. You would love the delicious food at the Tayyabs. The place was founded more than 40 years before but the smell of the era still exists. The place is known for producing the exciting range of Punjabi cuisines. This calls for the food enthusiasts from afar. The price of the food is quite reasonable and this is the perfect destination for the tourists during the weekends. The signature of the place is the Dal Ghost and this is prepared with the fresh lentils and the dish includes ingredients like lamb, masala, garlic and chilli.

Jack the Ripper for You

You can visit the destination of Jack the Ripper. This helps you go back with the count in time and experience and there is the special tour named as the Jack Ripper Tour. This tour happens in the evenings on the street of Whitechapel. Here you get to see the Victorian Police Force and you can well become a member of the same and become a part of the infamous serial killer episodes and cases. You can book for the trip online and even pay for the visit in advance.

The Charm of the East London Mosque

There is s even The Piccadilly London West End specialty and you know this as the East London Mosque. The architecture comes with an integral charm and it is the foremost attraction of the destination of Whitechapel. With this you come to notice and admire the beauty of the place and you can even go online to know more about the mosque and Whitechapel.

The Whitechapel Iconic Gallery

At Whitechapel you even get to see the London Iconic Gallery. The gallery was reopened in the year 2009 and you would love to hear more about the Whitechapel Gallery. The gallery is not large in size and you have some of the contemporary presentations to exhibit with the right collection of artefacts and the rest. As part of the Gallery you have the work of Picasso and the work dated back in the year 1938. The gallery has the right name and reputation and it is the proven historical specimen to make you feel the essence of the Whitechapel area.

The Old Truman Brewery

At Whitechapel you have the Old Truman Brewery. The brewery is located on the Brick Lane and there has been a transformation with all the electrifying mixture of the vintage stores and it is also one of the micro breweries. This is also the lane of the delicious wine merchants and in the way you can stay deliciously merry. Here you get the chance to walk through the various stalls and outlets to drink, eat and be in the best of mood.

Big Ben and the Liberty Bell

Here at Whitechapel you have the combo of the Liberty Bell and the Big Ben. The place has more than 500 years of history. This is the Whitechapel Bell Foundry and the Foundry is known for crafting the Big Ben. At the place you even have the Liberty Bell and this is the perfect symbol of United State independence. This is the perfect way you can commemorate the excellence of the destination.

The Bonda in the Brick Lane

You can know much about the Bonda in the Brick Lane. This is the lane famous for the collection of the Indian, Pakistani Sri Lankan and the Bengali foods. These are tastes to make you feel the best. These are cuisines of quality and you can easily select some tasty Bonda and these are served at the restaurants of the Brick Lane. The Bonda is the spicy potato food filled with the tasty snacks. This is the favourite food for the vendors and you get to have a taste of the food when you visit the lane in the evenings.

The Fresh Drink at the Mayor

You can even visit the Mayor of the Scaredy Cat Town. This is the trendy Breakfast Club Café. You get the best of staffs to meet at the Mayor. To enter the bar you have to open the fridge door and this is the coolest bar you can be to feel the ambiance and the freshness of the drinks at the place.

The Special Spitalfields City Farm

One can even be at the Spitalfields City Farm. This is close to the destination of The Piccadilly London West End. London is a global city and there is the farm smack bang at the city centre. It is an enjoyment in life to visit the Spitalfields City Firm. The place is minutes walk from the destination of the Whitechapel Tube Station. You can be at the firm to spend a lazy day. You can be guided by a local to enjoy the serenity of the destination.


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