Places to spot celebrities in London

London is described as the epicenter of music, arts and the theater and is also home to the largest concentration of celebrities, with the exception of Los Angeles. What makes London unique is that unlike LA the city does not have certain areas exclusively devoted to celebrities. While the more trendy restaurants and bars that have celebrity clientele are rather pricey for the average Londoner to want to visit, the good thing is that most celebrity spots are accessible to others too.

If you gave planned a holiday in London and want to go celebrity spotting there are quite a few spots in the city. Firstly you need to stay at a hotel that is conveniently located close to the city center like the London Premier Kensington, which makes accessing some of the celebrity hotspots a breeze.

Another good option is the Grand Royale London Hyde Park Hotel that is also within convenient access to celebrity haunts in the centre of London. Staying at any of these locations increases the likelihood of spotting more than a few famous faces especially, if you visit some of the places mentioned below:

The Swan:

Located adjacent to Shakespeare’s Globe theater is the swanky and pricey The Swan, which is on the South Bank. This restaurant bar is swarming with tourists and visitors to the area and is the favorite spot of London’s jet-set to grab a bite in the afternoons. However, if you want espy a celebrity or two at the place, the ideal time to drop in is in the evening after a show at the theatre. It is popular with artists and cast members from the shows, who frequently drop for a drink or two. And if you really want to strike it lucky then select a theatre show that has a big name in its cast, of the likes of Benedict Cumberbatch or Dame Judi Dench.

The theatre is known to host productions featuring some of the biggest names in the British film and theatre industry and their friends are generally famous and influential as well. So enjoy a show at the Globe, after which trot off to The Swan, order a drink and keep your eyes peeled open to see who waltzes in! There is a private area that maybe reserved but the good news is that it is cordoned off only by a rope. It gives guests a good opportunity to catch sight of some famous names popping in to the place. Some of the famous people who are known to patronise the place include Jude Law, Derren Brown, Dame Judi Dench, Stephen Fry and Mark Rylance among others. Most of them are seasoned theatre artists and considering the informal ambience of the place, the likelihood of chatting up with one of them is really good!

The Ivy:

Located in Covent Garden the restaurant is one of the prime celebrity spotting venues in London.  It features some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry as patrons and is well known as a meeting spot for celebrity meeting with agents and other influential people. The downside is that it is one of the more pricey places to grab a meal, primarily for the fact that most of those who visit the place pop-in to see the big names. It can safely be described as being one of the venues that has the maximum number of celebrities on its guest list. Although, it certainly is expensive it still is a shade more affordable than other trendy places in London.

Of course you could decide to opt for a pre or post-theatre menu, which is generally more economical or even decide to only have a starter or just the main course.  The drinks are also rather steeply priced but then if you have the dough and decided to splurge it should not pose a problem. After all it improves the bets considerably of bumping into a well known name at the place!

Joe Allen’s:

Joe Allen’s is also situated in Covent Garden, and is an American franchise that is trendy but with a relaxed and laidback atmosphere. Judging by its plain exterior it could be difficult to spot, with just a gold plaque on the wall and an awning above. Although once you step in the place is swanky to the core with tastefully decorated interiors, wonderful live music and a top notch menu. Surprisingly for its fine culinary offerings it is rather reasonably priced and offers value for money.

The best thing about the place is its atmosphere, which is warm and friendly with amiable staff that makes it a great place to spend the evening at. That matched with the excellent food for an affordable price makes it a terrific place to have a meal at. While the food is themed and contemporary (do not expect any innovations of the MasterChef style) it offers the best of classic authentic American cuisine there is. And what makes it all the more exciting is the large number of celebrities that patronise the place. As with the Swan the ideal time to do some celebrity spotting is in the evening i.e. after the theatre shows are over. Being close to the West End most of the crew and cast of the shows frequent the place for a dinner meal with their equally famous friends.

A number of famous celebrities regularly drop in to the place including Stephen Fry among a host of other well known entertainment industry names. And what makes the place unique is that there is separate area reserved for the big names. All guests dine together within the main dining area. A meal here will guarantee you a fabulous meal apart from catching a glimpse of some famous face on any given night!

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