The Onerous Task of Travelling with Kids

Kids are the delicate darlings, in every family. They are the ones that require most of the attention, for their needs and demands keep changing every minute. In addition, kids have to be taken care of, every moment. It takes a lot of time, for kids to adapt to a new environment, especially while travelling. As young blooms, they do not get used to new places or a surrounding, immediately. Some kids get super excited, at the very idea of travelling, but then, there are a few, who begin to frown. The likes and dislikes of every kid, varies largely.

In certain families, travelling, with a newborn baby, is totally out of question. The habits of a baby could definitely affect the activities of the parents. In certain cases, travel is made to be abandoned, until the child grows old enough to adjust to a new environment. Hence, it is important to plan simple trips that would suit the body conditions of the kid, as well as not affect the fun in the trip.

A simple trip would be that, which is family oriented, consisting of fun games for kids, as well as amusing for the elders. In addition, it is necessary to ensure that your trip does not contain several places to visit on a continuous basis, so that the child does not feel it difficult, to travel along. Planning trips with complications, such as mountaineering, adventures is certainly a bad idea, especially when you have young kids.

It is very important to carry baby care needs and plastic bags, especially, as it is very common for children to fall sick, while travelling. It would be advisable to take the baby for a check up, to find out if he/she has any allergies, before travelling. Beware of the climate of your holiday spot, and pack your baby’s clothes, accordingly.

Where you are going to stay, is what matters the most. You must plan your place of accommodation, in accordance to the baby’s needs. If you are staying at a hotel, make sure that there is a childcare service to take care of your child, when you are unavailable. Hotels, these days, have nannies who would take care of the babies, when their parents need to go out. The food habits of the children must be given the maximum priority. Even the slightest change in food, can affect their intake of food. You can take the advice of your travel agent, and book hotels, accordingly. Specifying your needs about the food and services, at the time of booking, would avoid further troubles, at the last moment. Though kids are complicated, as in the case of their needs, but travelling without them is like missing the liveliness in the trip.

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How to Manage the Credit Card Loss while Travelling

Safety has become, not only a concern, but a big question mark, too. Nothing is assured safety, these days, from a pen to a gun, everything is at stake. However, all that matters to you is the extent of safety of tour valuables. You probably are travelling by bus or train, immersed in deep thoughts or a song by your favourite artist, and, Alas! You find your credit card to be missing. More than stressing upon what is to be done next, people will only tend to blame you for being careless, or might suggest precautionary measures to avoid such accidents, thereafter.

Of course, losing your card unexpectedly, would make your heart skip a beat, but being left speechless is not the right action to be done. Once you become aware of the loss of your credit card, immediately, take your mobile phone, and ring up the card issuer, no matter where you are, and acknowledge them of the loss, and ask them to block your card. To do this, you might have to remember a few details, such as your card number, pass code, etc. In addition, it would be advisable to follow-up with a letter, stating the incident of loss of card, with every necessary detail, requesting them to block or cancel your card.

Once you have reported to the issuing company, wait until the month end, or request them for a bill statement, in order to review the transactions that have taken place, to find out if transactions have taken place, without your knowledge.
The next instant step to be taken is to file a complaint in any of the local police stations, in case, along with your card, your wallet or other valuables are being stolen, too. Sometimes, this may not help you in retrieving your card back, but it will, in most cases, make you get to know as to whose hands it has gone to, and if they have attempted any fraudulent practices, using your card.

Get in touch with TransUnion or Equifax, to report the theft. Letting them know about it would enable you to increase protection for your credit card profile, by placing a fraud alert. This would ensure the security and safety of your further transactions, in the future. Especially when you are abroad, or outside on a holiday, you need to rush to the respective embassy, and report to them, so that they can assist you, on the event of any such mis-happening. They would connect you to someone you know, who would be able to send you some cash, for emergency purpose.

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Transportation – The Key to a Good Travel Experience

Travelling cannot be possible without a good mode of transportation. In addition, a place without proper transportation can never be a travel destination. A combination of both is what gives you a pleasant memory. With more and more people, resorting to travelling as a means to relax, the various options for travelling around the world has also significantly improved. Within your own country, you can move from one place to another with trains or by road or by flight. However, when it comes to travelling abroad, you are left with no choice but by travelling in a flight.

Once you reach your destination, you might have no idea on what kind of transportation is available. To make your travel a perfect one, the first thing to keep in mind is planning. Plan well before in hand on what places to visit and how you are going to get to them. Do a lot of background research on the destination and find out which is the safest and the most economical way to explore. You can leave all this to the travel agent if you are not willing to risk yourself. A travel agent will have your trip planned thoroughly and will ensure that you have an enjoyable vacation with nothing to worry about. However, this might cost a bit more. Hence, choosing your own options to travel makes sure that you spend money more sensibly.

The use of high-end transportations might not be actually worth the money. After all, you are just going to explore the destination and the culture around. Opt for the public transport available in your destination as it ensures to give you a real slice of the destination that you have chosen. You will be glad to find yourself blending with the crowds of your travel destination and feel like a part of the place. That is all that really matters while travelling. This is the sole reason that many individuals are taking up travelling so that they can feel like belonging to another place. The feeling, though quite unexplainable by words, is easy to achieve. Public transports are reliable and cheap. Moreover, you would not want to waste more money on transportation. Most of the travel expenditure goes to transportation charges that are made on the trip. This will not only leave you feeling guilty but also reduces your choice of spending money on anything that you want from that place. If you do not wish to travel in the public transports, you can hire a car for yourself throughout your trip.

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The Desire to Travel is the Only Motivation to Save!

We all have something that we fancy. For some, it may be food, books, music or dance, and, for some, it may be travel. Of all, most of them claim travelling to be at the top, among all other interests. Maybe, it is true. One who travels, is able to explore different cultures, and live different lives. Travelling, not only takes you to a different world, but also gives you a lot of exposure to the outside world. Kids, teens, adults and senior citizens, everyone loves travelling. Each one of us, have dreamt in our life, to visit our dream destination and experience bliss. After all, human existence is characterised by never-ending desires.

Desires are natural. So, how far do we work on making our desires come true? This need not mean that, desires need to be as big as, becoming the CEO of a company, or building a house. Every small wish is a desire. You may desire for anything like a scooter, luxurious car, or even your wish to read a book could be treated as a desire. Desires are unlimited and unbiased. And, there are a few, who desire to travel – to leave behind their routine, and experience an entirely new world. What we crave for, is what we call a desire. There are only certain things in life, that are close to us, our heart, that we would want. For some, travel is beyond just desires.

Those who desire to travel, how can they accomplish their desires? Imagine, you have been wishing to travel to a certain place, for a long time, but you realise that you do not have enough funds for it. Now, how you are going to work towards achieving it is what will prove the intensity of your desire. The more you crave to visit that particular place, the more you will want to save money, so as to have some splendid time at your favourite destination. If you really want to break the ice this time, and go to your holiday spot, then you really need to save money. Saving money, does not necessarily mean putting yourself into hardships, but it just implies, cutting out on all eating out, weekend shopping and other unnecessary expenses. This might sound difficult in the beginning, but you must always understand that even tiny drops could, one day, make an ocean.

If you are able to give up on all your addictions that charge a particular amount of money, then it means that you are strong enough to give up on everything, only to accomplish your desire. Because, at the end of the day, when you are able to reach your dream destination, and spend some good time, with all the money that you have been saving, by sacrificing on many things, there would be nothing else, that could be as joyous as this feeling. The desire to travel, is certainly the only motivation to save money for it.

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Have Wings, Will Fly

A windy evening, it is. The wind blowing with full force, and the trees dancing gracefully, and seated on a bus or car, you are struggling to hold back your hair that is flying because of the wind. You try to look out of the window, with some fresh air, hitting your face. You close your eyes and breathe some air in. What a wonderful feeling it is to travel, to witness the different forms of the beauty of nature. Travelling, more than an activity, is a beautiful feeling. By travelling, you would get to see many new things and learn a lot from them.

Everyone loves travelling. Most people would certainly prefer travelling to staying over at one place. Travelling can be done in several ways. A 7-year-old child, walking from its school, that is two streets away, to its house, is travelling, and a businessman flying from one country to another, is also travelling. Everyone travels, but the mode of transport used, may certainly differ from person to person.

Behind the scene:
There are various purposes, as to why people choose to travel. While some people go from place to place, in order to obtain knowledge or education, such as those who go on field trips, etc, there are the industry people who travel, to get their work done. However, most commonly, since the earlier times, travelling has always meant, going for holidays. It is believed that, people tend to travel the most, only when they are on holiday trips, willing to go on adventures and sight-seeing, from place to place. Several people, who travel are those who go for a pilgrimage tour, or those attempting to improve their health. In addition, then, there are always those people, who are in love with nature, and hence, choose to travel, to admire its beauty.

Travelling, apart from being purposeful, is bliss, to a few. It provides relaxation to one’s mind, taking away all the stress and worries. Those who love exploration and adventure have always been on expeditions, with wheels literally attached to their feet. Travelling, as mentioned before, occurs in many modes. Some choose to travel by a bicycle, some by car or bus or train, and the rest by air. Even by walking, one is said to be travelling. Any movement, from one place to another, could be termed as travelling.

Why travel?
There may be several reasons, as to why you would want to travel, but there are some benefits, offered, too. While travelling to a different place, you may get to know meet new people, learn about the diverse culture that exists, and understand and interact with different minds. Travelling, gives you a different perspective of life, and for some, a new beginning.

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Experience Europe in the Best Way Possible

Having decided to go round the globe, this season, you may tend to get confused as to where to start. If spending holidays in Europe is your choice, then you have taken the right decision. The European continent is where you can witness diverse cultures, languages and food, and several exciting and romantic places to visit. Travelling around the world is fun, especially Europe, when you have planned your vacation properly. Booking an air ticket to a foreign country, could be a big, tedious task. In addition, your tour around the continent might demand supervision or some extra help. Here, you have two choices- you could either be independent in booking tickets and accommodation, or take the help of a travel agent for the same. If you desire to have the best vacation and if it is your first time in Europe, then it is very necessary that you need to keep certain things in mind while travelling in Europe.

Budgets may sometimes, be a boon or a bane. Hence, before even deciding the place, you first need to decide on how much you are going to invest on your holiday trip funds. This is very important. Now, having decided to visit Europe, first, do sufficient research on the cost of living of the place, and then decide on the investment you are going to make, for food, accommodation, travel, and most importantly, your airfare.

Going to a place for the first time, without having any prior knowledge about it, could sometimes make the trip boring. In addition, you may want to visit places that are extremely far away from one another. However, that may make you lose much time in travelling. Hence, get a guidebook or browse the internet and conduct a research of the places, and plan an itinerary, to avoid time clashes.

Though English is the most commonly known language, one thing to be remembered is that, phrases are commonly liked here, that is, a ‘hello’ and ‘thank you’ are some of the most respected words. Yet, it would be better if you could learn the main European language or at least some words related to travel to help your stay turn into an enjoyable one.

Once you have had your flight journey to Europe successful, the next question is, how are you going to travel in Europe? Undoubtedly, foreign countries, especially European countries are well known for their exquisite railway services that would flee across the continent. You may also take a rail pass, which is quite expensive, considering the duration of your stay. You could also go for buses, or a walk tour may be perfect, too, for there are several places, whose architecture is admirable. It would be advisable to walk to such places, in case you want to examine or take pictures and enjoy its beauty, taking your own time.

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Travelling on your Own – Without support and With Fun

Travelling on your own can be an option when you are a confident traveller and when your family will not support your travels and expenses. This may sound absurd but when you have an uncontrollable desire to travel, you might not be supported by your family to quench your thirst.

The main reason that a family does not allow travelling alone, is the safety issues. Sometimes lack of time for the family might be a reason to postpone your plans or completely object to them. However, this is not going to change your passion for travelling, isn’t it? Here is what you can do. You could save part of your earnings or allowances for the travel expenditure. Choose a destination that is pocket friendly. Exotic travel destinations require more money and hence you should plan way ahead and start saving respectively. Have a nice discussion with a travel agent and find out how much money will be required for your travel. Right from the cost of your tickets to the cost of food and stay, make sure you have it all planned. Many travel agencies offer group tours where many individuals like you would be travelling together. This way, you need not have the fear of travelling alone.

If you are used to travelling alone then this might not be a problem. It is wise to find out tourist spots and attractions that are in the destination before you depart. The most important aspect to keep in mind is planning. Make a reliable and smart plan and adhere to it. Since you are travelling alone, you might not have much help around you in your travel. Hence sticking to your plan is as important as choosing the right destination. Certain travel agencies offer monthly payment of money to a particular period of time after which you could choose a destination to visit for the money that you had paid every month. In addition, travelling within your own country is a lot economical compared to travelling abroad. You never know how many tourists might visit your own country each year. Hence, you can always look up to the various destinations within your own country and choose one of them. You will be surprised on how many locations you can find.

Convince your family that you will be fine while you are travelling. The best way to ensure that is to talk to them. You just have to get away and have some fun. The rest will fall into place when you return home safely. Get your stuff together and make your plan to trot around the world.

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Europe’s Surprise Island Packages that Leave you Wanting More!

It is summertime, and already, you have began sweating and growing anxious over the weather. You want to take a break, and go for a holiday, to spend some time with your loved one. And, on the other hand, you want to surprise your beloved, with the best trip. Many people tend to lookout for some really beautiful and calm place, with a minimum crowd. For those in search of such places, here is Europe, presenting to you, its six wonder islands, not which many of them aware of. These islands are characterised by loneliness, and is the perfect holiday spot, to surprise your loved ones.

Island Ibiza:
Popularly known as the Island of Pine Trees, this island comprises mainly of forest areas, with thick woods broken by almonds and figs. This is suitable, especially for those who wish to go hiking or cycling, along the mountain regions. The best seafood is provided here, and the Ibiza town is home to most of the island’s clubs. Over 4 million tourists visit Ibiza, every year.

Island Mallorca:
Surrounded by twisting lanes, palaces and Gothic churches, the island comprise of various sights blissful beauty. There are several hotels, for you to rest in, and also there are village-like areas, with its own pebble beach. With citrus orchards that are sweet smelling, one who goes there is sure to have the best time of his life.

Island Lanzarote:
A large holiday camp, with huge volcanic terrain, this island is the perfect place for adventure, with its Hawaiian-like national parks. The resorts for tourists are mostly low key, which would enable an escape. One of the biggest surprise held by Lanzarote is a thriving viniculture, with lava soil, that is deep and black, enriched by the seismic history of the island. The island, is popular for its wine region, especially ‘malvasia’.

Island Rhodes:
Known for its extensively large area, Island Rhodes is also popularly known as a place for the football freaks out there. Having a relatively large area, this island will give you the feel that you are the only one, and a lot of privacy, too, with its beautiful resorts. With the best of the beaches around, protected by the ruins of a castle and prison, built in the 15th century. The island is exposed to some winds that are whipped away directly from the sea, giving some mild breeze.

Island Cyprus:
Left to float in the midst of the European Mediterranean, the island is made towards Turkey, Lebanon and Syria. Formed with kaleidoscopic blend, it seems to have got influenced culturally by Western Europe, though the geographical proximity to Asia and Africa give it an exotic feel. Cyprus consists of remote beaches, with several villages and lime-rock bay and local tea shops, to give a homely feel.

Island Crete:
Being the birth of the geek god Zeus, Crete is certainly a mythological land. Sporting a natural look, the island consists of various mountains and hillsides, which would certainly impress you at the very first sight. One of the architectural treasures of the island is a Rethymno town, that consists of a mind blowing appeal and a combination of Venetian as well as Ottoman houses. Culture is never given up, here. They are always known for their music and dances, which creates a national pride in them.

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7 Good Reasons to Spend Your Money Travelling

Experiences not Possessions
When you look back on your life it won’t be the things you bought which you’ll remember with most fondness. Time after time, people reminiscing from old age tell others that the possessions they gathered around them ended up meaning very little and that it was the people they cared for and the experiences they shared which glow most vividly in the memory. Travelling with friends and family is one of the best ways of enjoying these kind of experiences and the memories which, for once, money actually can buy.

For young children, travelling can be one of the most educational experiences of a lifetime. Actually being submerged in a different culture, with new foods, customs and a different language will teach them more about the world than weeks spent reading books. Meeting people from all walks of life and corners of the globe, what’s more, will almost inevitably see them growing to be a more open minded and accepting adult.

Family bonding
The pressures of life can mean that modern families get to spend precious little quality time together. With both parents working to bring in sufficient money, and children weighed down with homework and other stresses, it can be difficult for the two generations to connect in a relaxed and enjoyable manner.

Travelling together

Travelling together offers the perfect chance

Travelling together offers the perfect chance to do just this, and even the less than perfect experiences will provide moments of bonding that you’ll look back on fondly.

The world is a vast and varied place and it can be all too easy to get stuck in our own little corner, through little more than force of habit. Travelling is a way of making sure that you get to experience some of what’s on offer out there, whether that means delicious food, stunning scenery or simply a whole other approach to life. Make the right choices, and you’ll experience thigns which you bring back to stay with you for the rest of your life.

Chase the sun?
For many people, depending on which part of the world they come from, a trip away is the chance to feel the sun on them for what may feel like the only one or two weeks of the year. Waking up to warmth and blue skies and knowing that they’ll both be around all day can lift the spirits in a way which few things can really compete with.

A break from the routine
For many people, life sadly consists of doing the same things over and over again; making the same journey to the same office to sit at the same desk and do the same job. Travel offers a chance to break from this routine, something which recharges the batteries and makes you feel able to get on with the rest of your life.


A break from the routine

Who knows, the experience of travelling may be so exciting that it shakes you from your routine on a permanent basis.

Make new friends and connections
It’s always nice to connect with new people, and travelling ensures that you come into the orbit of strangers who’s paths would otherwise simply never have crossed yours.

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A Concise Guide to Sochi

The Winter Games were recently held in Sochi, a city on the Black Sea coast in Russia. Whilst the Russians have long enjoyed this playground of the rich and famous, the stunning images from the games are bound to have sparked interest across the rest of the world. For those thinking of exploring Sochi and perhaps even trying a few snow board jumps for themselves, here are a few tips:

Sochi consists of two distinctly different areas – the mountains, which are crisp, cold and frequently coated in snow, and the coast, where temperatures can get as high as 40 degrees. It’s vital, therefore, to make sure that you pack enough clothes to deal with these contrasting climates, and clothes of the right type. Both sections of Sochi can be troubled with rain, so make sure you pack your waterproofs and enough sturdy footwear to deal with any ensuing mud. Outfits which can be built up or stripped down in layers as the conditions demand are far and away the best bet.

sochi winter olympics

sochi winter olympics

The different parts of Sochi can be quite widely spread out, with the skiing facilities up in the mountains around Krasnaya Polyana being quite some distance from downtown Sochi itself. Take the time to familiarise yourself with the local public transport and plan your journeys in advance. Above all else, choose an initial destination closer to the part of Sochi which most piques your interest, or perhaps plan a ‘split-destination’ break, spending half of your time staying near the beach, and the other half in a cabin in the mountains.

At first glance, the Cyrillic alphabet can seem pretty daunting, but it is still well worth the time spent getting to know it a little better, especially since it actually has a few things in common with the Western alphabet. It’s not a question of becoming fluent in the language, or even being able to read it very well. The locals will be delighted that you’re even making the effort and this, rather then simply assuming they’ll speak English, will help to ensure you receive a warm and hospitable welcome. The following are a few simple phrases which might be useful:

Preevyet, which means hello
Spaseeba, which means thank you
Prasteete, which means excuse me
Da sveedaneeya which is Russian for goodbye

Staying in Touch
It’s vital that you should be able to make phone calls when staying in Sochi, if only for practicalities such as booking tables in restaurants, hiring taxis and finding out about tourist attractions. By far the easiest way to ensure that you can do so is to take an unlocked mobile phone with you on your journey and put a Russian SIM card in it when you arrive in Sochi. These are very cheap and easy to get hold of, being purchased from kiosks with the MegaFon sign.

Sochi 2014

Sochi 2014

Another good tip is to try and make friends with someone who can speak a little Russian and make sure you have their mobile number. That way, if you’re ever at a loss for words, you can call your new found friend and have them do some translating for you.

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