Going Underground – The Only Way to See Movies This Autumn

A bona fide hit with critics and motion picture-loving punters alike, Rooftop Cinema Club has become a hugely popular past-time pick in London’s summer months, so much so the ‘club’ has decided a chilly nip in the autumn air’s no reason to curtail its cinematic delights. So, instead of presenting … Continue reading

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The Things That Make Londoners Happy – And Where to Find Them

Let’s be honest, happiness is something we all crave; something we’re all seeking in life. Indeed, one might argue it’s one of the reasons we take holidays and visit foreign climes (especially exciting, enormously varied cities like London); to stimulate us, break us out of the norm and most importantly … Continue reading

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How to Always Beat the Crush on the Tube

London Tube Station

You’re visiting London and relishing your chance to travel on the Tube – it can be a fun and charming mode of transport at the best of times, right? However, despite your best efforts you find yourself on a busy platform and the train that finally pulls in and stops … Continue reading

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A visit to Royal London – your four-day guide

London is famed, in particular, for a handful of things that other major global cities look on at with genuine envy, not least its reputation as one of the world’s primary financial centres and its role as a global leader in popular culture (music, fashion, film and wider media). However, … Continue reading

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Great London gigs to check out this October

There are few more exciting experiences that London, one of Western Europe’s most eclectic and dynamic cities, is renowned for than experiencing live music. Down through the decades, the UK capital has given the world an extraordinarily diverse roll-call of pop and rock talent – from The Rolling Stones to … Continue reading

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7 day London itinerary

London is one of the most vibrant and popular cities in the world which lets you create a happening travel experience that you would love to cherish for a lifetime. If you have never been to the English capital before and would like to make all your memories count then … Continue reading

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Oktoberfest London: Try different beers

Explore the culture of beer festivals in London which is celebrated in several places around the town. Oktoberfest London is one of the many festivals that lets every individual to try some amazing beers which are made of various ingredients. It feels great to enjoy the unique taste of the … Continue reading

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Explore 5 nights Olympic Tour to London City

London is one of the finest tourist destinations which entices the attention of several visitors coming over from different parts across the globe. Millions of people dream about visiting London and it always feels quite great to explore the various sightseeing attractions that you have seen only in travel blogs … Continue reading

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A fantastic four-day plan for visiting London

For many people keen to explore the world, London is near the top of their must-see list. Why? Few other major metropolises can offer the historyand cultural vibrancy that the UK capital features. However, so diverse a destination teeming with choice for the traveller is London that a visit can … Continue reading

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Cumberbatch and Kidman in the West End – catch them before they’re gone

A hugely popular – not to mention very lucrative – trend in West End theatre over the last few years has been Hollywood stars swapping the glitter and glamour of Tinseltown for the footlights and grease-paint of the London stage. You name it, they’ve trodden the boards in the UK … Continue reading

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