Ideal Accommodation In Central London

Should you be visiting London sometime soon, you’ll no doubt be seeking elegant and comfortable accommodation. Any of these four hotels may be just what you’re looking for… London Premier Notting Hill (5-7 Prince’s Square, London W2 4NP) Spread over three Victorian townhouses in the affluent and esteemed area of … Continue reading

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Expect the Best First Impression from Your Hotel


It might be argued good customer service is a dying art. With the rise of the Internet and self-service, people are buying less in actual physical locations and interacting less with retail staff. In fact, a recent post at the Harvard Business Review Blog Network even reckons that now a … Continue reading

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Cool London with the Hottest New Attractions


Many are familiar with the major attractions that London has to offer –Royal palaces, cathedrals, Houses of Parliament and tourist traps like Madame Tussauds, but for those who fancy something different or maybe a tad alternative, what are the coolest things to see and do in the capital right now? … Continue reading

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Last Minute Hotel Booking

Last Minute hotel booking

It’s something that regular travellers are used to – it’s the evening and you’ve arrived at your destination late, you’re weary, irritable, in need of food or just want to sleep, but worst of all, you need to find somewhere to stay. It can happen to holidaymakers too; most likely … Continue reading

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How to Make Booking A Hotel Room Easy

Easy Stay in Hotel

While it’s highly likely you’ve booked a hotel room and stayed in one in the past, are you confident you know the best way of doing it? Do you feel like a dab-hand at rooting out online hotel deals and maximising the search engines on offer? If not, you may … Continue reading

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Break up Blues with a Holiday

Solo Travel

How to mend a broken heart? The answer’s different for everyone, of course – but you could try travel. Why not? Straight after a break-up, why shouldn’t you indulge yourself with a change of scenery and something entirely different? Why shouldn’t you get your passport and suitcase out? Here are … Continue reading

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Pre-Flight Food: Where to Eat at London’s Airports

  If you’ve travelled by plane before, you’re sure to have experienced it: you’ve rushed to the airport, checked in with just minutes remaining and, now waiting around for your flight for what feels like half a day (or night), you’ve suddenly become very hungry – after all, in your … Continue reading

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How Did London’s Sport Venues Get Their Names

It’s a sign of the variety and vibrancy of London that it’s home to some truly astonishing history and some truly astonishing sporting locations; surely these two entities are worlds apart, though? Well, for those who believe never the twain shall meet, get ready to be as stunned as you … Continue reading

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Going Underground – The Only Way to See Movies This Autumn

A bona fide hit with critics and motion picture-loving punters alike, Rooftop Cinema Club has become a hugely popular past-time pick in London’s summer months, so much so the ‘club’ has decided a chilly nip in the autumn air’s no reason to curtail its cinematic delights. So, instead of presenting … Continue reading

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The Things That Make Londoners Happy – And Where to Find Them

Let’s be honest, happiness is something we all crave; something we’re all seeking in life. Indeed, one might argue it’s one of the reasons we take holidays and visit foreign climes (especially exciting, enormously varied cities like London); to stimulate us, break us out of the norm and most importantly … Continue reading

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