Spend New Year’s Eve in London

Are you looking for somewhere exciting and different to see in 2014? If so, why not consider celebrating in style in the capital city of London. London always has a lot going on when it comes to New Year’s Eve from amazing night club parties right through to the spectacular fireworks event over the River Thames.

Whether you are looking for somewhere to dance the night away or simply want to choose a world renowned restaurant to see the New Year in peace and quiet, you will find something in London.

You might think that you have left it too late and that all the decent hotels will be booked up. In fact, there are a lot of London last minute hotels which offer deals on their remaining rooms. After all, no hotel wants to have empty rooms on such a big night so many drop their prices to attract people in. You may even be able to get a good deal on your travel too, if you spend some time shopping around for the best deal.

If you do decide to spend New Year’s Eve in London, then make sure you check out the New Year’s Day Parade. Last year’s involved around 10,000 performers each representing one of London’s many boroughs as well as international representations. It’s a fantastic way to kick off the start of 2014! It starts in Piccadilly at 12pm midday and finishes at 3.15pm in Parliament Square.

Perhaps parades aren’t really your thing. If that’s the case then you might prefer instead to hit the shops and grab some January bargains. London definitely has the variety and volume to offer you some great shopping opportunities.

You might even just prefer to take in some of the many sights that London has to offer. There is such a wide variety that there really is something to suit everyone. Just make sure you check that they will be open on January 1st before arriving.

However you decide to see the New Year in, we hope you have a fantastic and enjoyable time.

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Staying in London – doesn’t always mean a hotel!

If you are planning a trip to London in the near future, you might have spent hours already considering all the different hotels you could stay in, working out which one is nearest to public transport, or in an area you have a particular interest in etc.

However, there is an alternative solution, which perhaps many people don’t consider when it comes to London accommodation. Hotels can be great, but if you have a young family then being restricted to one room can be difficult. Equally, if you are staying in London for more than a few days you might just want a bit more space to settle yourself in.

If that is the case then why not consider reserving a London apartment? Apartments are available for both short term and long term let; everything from one night to a couple of weeks. It doesn’t matter whether you are planning a romantic weekend break, a family holiday or coming to London on a business trip, an apartment could offer you that little something extra.

There are many apartments available in the centre of London making them ideal for public transport access as well as fast access to the major tourist attractions within the city. You will find the majority to be good value for money, well furnished and equipped to make your life simple and easy. Apartments are also great for anyone looking to travel to London on a budget as eating out can be one of the most expensive elements of your visit. Having the ability to prepare your own food can dramatically reduce the costs of your trip.

If you spend some time looking at the different apartments available you should be able to find a number which are reasonably priced; even more so if you plan to travel with a group of friends or family as renting a two or three bedroom apartment can work out a lot cheaper than several individual hotel rooms.

If you are considering a trip to London then make sure you investigate the possibility of staying in a London apartment, it could be the ideal choice.

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Holiday in Premier London hotels!

If you plan on visiting London to spend holidays with family or friends or whether you have a business visit coming up, then it is only understood that you learn about some crucial and interesting facts about this beautiful city and how these will affect your economy and budget. Also, you would obviously want to know how you can save money on the trip and make it truly exclusive and memorable at the same time.

There is no secret about the fact that London has an amazing and overwhelming history which leaves travelers in awe of this ancient city. Besides its rich history, London is also home to some mesmerizing and stunning tourist attractions apart from some high-end business ventures that amuse and excite tourists as well as locals. At the same time, it cannot be ignored London is quite an expensive city to visit and live and this makes it all the more important know how one should manage their travel and other expenses, when they are planning to visit this English city. If your budget planning is haphazard, then you are likely to suffer a big blow in terms of escalating budget. Premier London hotels offer great accommodation and also are easy on your pocket.

Any Premier London like The Shaftesbury offers impressive accommodation along with modish amenities and facilities like complimentary broadband connectivity among several others. The rooms are well-furnished and the staffs are quite courteous and never give you a chance to complain.

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Live in Posh London Piccadilly Hotels While Visiting London

Just like the other major cities of the world, there is plenty to see and do in London, whether leisure or business, you can never go wrong with London. Some of the most loved tourist destination includes Buckingham Palace, Ripley’s Believe it or Not, Big Ben, the London Eye, The Guinness World Records Museum, Madame Tussauds, House of Parliament and many more. Millions of tourist visit London on a daily basis and the most sought after locations like that of London Piccadilly hotels are the first to get filled up. Piccadilly is a great location with opulent markets, sophisticated atmosphere and amazing places of interest.

With its major location, sited in the most posh area of London, it is no surprise; the London Piccadilly hotels offer amazingly great accommodations at the best of the prices. You can come across many exciting deals and packages that the hotels offer. The Shaftesbury Group is amongst the best London Piccadilly hotels providing the best residing facility to the visitors with top notch amenities. You will be thrilled and mesmerized with the grand services, amazing concierge and modern amenities of the hotel. Enjoy complimentary services of the hotel such as free broadband access, Wi-Fi, LDC TV with channels and more.

You can even book the London Piccadilly hotels from the comfort of your home to have a peaceful experience without any chaotic booking at the spot. Book the type of accommodation you need, check out the deals, packages and offers provided to the guests and make your booking peacefully.

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Plan a Romantic Break in London

If you are planning a romantic break for a loved one, either as a Christmas gift or perhaps once the festive season is over and done with, to brighten up the dull winter months, what could be better than whisking them away to the capital city? London is the perfect location for a romantic trip, with so many different things to see and experience. Here are our top tips to think about when planning a romantic getaway for a loved one:

The Hotel
This is a very key part of any romantic trip. Think about booking into a premier London hotel with a deluxe room or suite so you can really spoil your partner. If you can afford it, look for a hotel in a popular area, perhaps overlooking a famous landmark in the city.

The Food
Plan and book a meal out for your first night. There are a vast number of restaurants in the city but it’s usually a good idea to book one close to the hotel you will be staying in. Ask the hotel when making your reservation whether there is a particular restaurant nearby that they would recommend.

Take in the Sights
Plan some adventures for the following day, you could take a romantic stroll through one of London’s many attractive parks or maybe visit one of the well known tourist attractions. Perhaps you could arrange a champagne flight on the London Eye. Having a rough plan in your head of places to visit will make things run smoother and stop any aimless wandering which may occur.

Go Shopping
If you really want to indulge your loved one, you could take them on a shopping trip to one of London’s many popular shopping districts. Perhaps buy a memento from a well known store such as Harrods or Selfridges which will give your partner something to remember the perfectly planned trip by.

The best tip we can offer however is to plan in advance. Doing this will ensure that your trip goes down without a hitch and that you can spend the time focussing on your loved one, not worrying about something which has gone awry.

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Avail London Last Minute Hotels at the Shaftesbury Group

The hustling bustling city of the London city offers you with a number of hotel deals. As judicious travellers from the all across the world visit London, and there is extreme rush to book hotels, specifically during the peak seasons. London Last Minute hotels, offered by the Shaftesbury Group of Hotels offers you with a plethora of choices. As a tourist to the London city, travellers love the last minute London hotel deals.

Shaftesbury Group promotes the widest collection of hotels offering astounding deals, discounts and packages, sited in the heart of the London cit. The hotel offers top class Shaftesbury accommodations, suites and rooms for all segments of people. Every room includes a regal touch to our stay and offers well-decked furnishings with beautiful interiors. The accommodations offer all types of basic amenities which tourists need in their day to day life as a traveller. The regal ambience of the room stands in tune with its class. The hotel provides fine quality business, leisure, concierge and dining facilities.

The Shaftesbury group is a hotel that is best for all class of people. People with all types of budget can get an accommodation here. You can even opt for online reservation by visiting the official website of the hotel and avail London last minute deals. While checking out the last minute London deals, you can also take advantage of the seasonal discounts offered by the hotel from time to time. You will be thrilled to experience the luxuries of the hotel by residing in the heart of the city.

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Enjoy London on a Budget

When people think about trips to London, they usually associate it with the need to have lots of money to pay for hotel rooms and tube tickets and so on. However, it is actually possible to visit London and not need to take out a second mortgage on your home! We have gathered together some top tips on how to enjoy London on a budget.

There are a large number of tourist attractions in London which are completely free to visit. These include the Natural History Museum, Tate Modern, all of the large parks such as Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens and the Royal Air Force Museum. Additionally you can see the outside of some of the major landmarks for free too such as Big Ben, Tower Bridge and many more. If there are particular attractions you want to visit and you know they cost, look out for money off deals and vouchers available from a number of large websites and buy in advance.

If you plan your trip carefully, you should be able to book a hotel in a suitable area without breaking the bank. There are a number of websites which offer London hotels, such as a hotel near Paddington, at discount prices; it is just a case of researching beforehand. It is well worth comparing the difference in price if you choose a hotel which is slightly further away from the city with the added cost of a tube ticket in.

If you plan to be in the city for a number of days, consider buying a prepaid Oyster card this will allow you to travel on the underground. Doing this will offer you considerable savings when you compare it with the cost of buying a ticket every day you are visiting. If money is really tight, you could also consider simply walking. Many tourist attractions are well signposted and if you get stuck there are usually plenty of locals around willing to point you in the right direction.

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London hotel discounts- Make your stay even more exciting!

If you have visited London in the past, you must be surely aware that living or vacationing in London is quite an expensive affair. The hotels here are expensive and you need to be quite flexible with your budget if you look forward to a memorable vacation in London. However, this has changed in the recent few years as many budget hotels have come up in London city, offering cheap and good accommodation to travelers flocking this city from all parts of the world.

London hotels today also offer great discounts during different times of the year to attract tourists towards their hotels and serviced apartments. For any London hotels discount, you can always check online for the different deals offered by hotels before you book any particular one. Unlike other cities, the discounted and cheap hotels in London offer excellent accommodation with modish amenities so there is never a reason to complain. When you are looking for London hotels discount, you first need to decide what kind of accommodation you are looking for. You could choose between apartments, bed and breakfasts, hostels, cheap hotels, hostels or five star hotels.

The kind of accommodation that you are choosing would also depend on how much you are ready to spend and what kind of ambiance and environment you look forward to during your stay at a particular hotel. Cheap hotels in London offer decent facilities even for those who travel on a stringent budget so that they can spend on other expenses like visiting tourist attractions or eating out. The Shaftesbury offers wonderful accommodation at pocket-friendly prices.

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Cost-effective and Amazing London Budget Hotels from Shaftesbury Group

Being one of the most expensive cities of the world, London surely requires a fortune to visit. However, with the amazing number of tourist destination and official hubs, it continues to rule of the hearts of the travellers. People love to spend their holidays in London and thousands of them get great business opportunities here. While visiting London, travellers expect to spend a fair sum of money on lodging, transportation, food and entertainment. However, if you choose from the London budget hotels, you can get the best priced hotel in London.

Finding a cheap and budget hotel in London is easy. One needs to decide the location where he wants to make his stay. For a tourist who has visited London from amusement point of view, Hyde Park is a perfect venue. For others, Piccadilly serves as a perfect location. The Shaftesbury Group hotels stands amongst the top London budget hotels providing the travellers with all the necessary amenities required in their day to day travelling life. The hotel offers remarkable warm and friendly ambience that provides the guests with a mesmerizing experience which stays with them all through their lives.

Not only the hotels have become the most sought after hotels due to their location, but it is also the popular deals and discounts that make the tourist enjoy an affordable stay. The high season discounts, popular packages released by the hotel make Shaftesbury a popular choice amongst travellers from all across the world.

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Winter Breaks in London

London is a great city to visit if you are looking to beat the winter blues and book a winter break. January and February in particular can be slow months, once the excitement of Christmas and New Year is out of the way and a winter break can be the perfect remedy to break the monotony up.

There are always lots to see and do in London, and the colder season is no exception. You will find some fantastic festive attractions throughout the capital from amazing ice skating rinks in places such as at the Tower of London and Alexandra’s Palace to tucked away corner cafes where you can indulge in a delicious warming hot chocolate; you will find many things and more to entertain you on your winter break.

Even if the weather turns bad, there are still plenty of places you can visit. Take in the sights at one of London’s famous museums such as the Natural History Museum or visit one of the many art galleries. For families there are attractions such as the Sea Life London Aquarium and the Science Museum. If you get there in time you could even visit the Reindeers at the ZSL London Zoo. Once they’ve finished helping Santa deliver his presents, of course.

If you do choose to book a winter break in London, there are plenty of cheap hotels in London. Why not pick a hotel located close to some of the main transport routes to make getting out and around easy and simple? Picking a hotel near Paddington for example will mean you are well placed to navigate around London quickly and easily, with minimum time spent wandering around in the cold winter air.

Of course, choosing to see London by foot could mean you make some great discoveries, which you might otherwise have missed London is a bustling and buzzing city, and there are many hidden gems which are often missed out of the guide books. You might just stumble across one on your way around and what could be more romantic than that? Just make sure you invest in a decent map!

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