Know more about Brewed Cocktails

The world is going abuzz with the terms “cocktail brewing”. Mixologists are coming up with several types of brewing to offer one-better-than the other taste of cocktails. Several ingredients of the best quality are used in this process.

What is brewing? It is the process by which beer is made. A brewery is the building where beer is produced dedicatedly by a brewing company. When it is brewed home domestic use in home, it is called home brewing.

Beer is made when a starch is turned into a sugary substance called wort. The starch usually comes from malted barley. The actual beer is made from the fermentation of the wort as affected by yeast.

When starch is made into a sugary type of substance known as wort, beer is made. Affected by the yeast, the wort is fermented and then the actual beer is made. A process called mashing produces wort. Here the starch is mixed with hot water in a device known as a mash tun. The process of mashing requires around one- two hours. It is during this time that the starch gets converted to sugar. The sweet part of the wort is then drained off of the grains, and the grains themselves are washed in a process called sparging.

The next step which is followed is called wort separation. In this step, the spent grain is separated from the wort and sparge water. This can be separated through lautering, where the grain bed is used for the filter. There are several breweries which prefer to use filter frames, in order to get a more finely ground grist.

A device known as kettle or copper is used to keep the sweet wort that has been collected from the process. To evaporate away the water, the wort is boiled for around an hour. This leaves behind the sugars and other wort component materials. By this process, hygiene is also maintained by killing bacteria.

While boiling, hops can be added to the beer to draw out bitterness, aroma, and flavor. These hops can be added at any point during the boiling process, and can actually be added multiple times, depending on the recipe. The earlier that the hops are put into the boil, the more bitterness they will exude, but they will also become less distinct in taste.
The hopped wart is now ready to be made into beer. Before that however some brewers do like to put the substance through a small vac filled with hops, in order to add more hops flavor to the beverage, as well as to filter it.

Yeast is added to cause the wort to ferment, turning it into beer. The fermentation process can take anywhere from one week to years to complete depending on the process. As the beverage ferments, the yeast, as well as all stray particles in the beverage fall to the bottom, leaving the alcohol clear of impurities. In some cases the beer is taken through a second fermentation process when it requires a longer fermentation, or greater clarity.

The final product is packaged in either casks or barrels, or individual bottles or cans, and made ready for delivery through various distribution channels.

How about knowing about some brewing cocktail now?
Brewing Distil’s own spirits with spices, herbs and dehydrated fruits is an amazing way of preparing something heavenly. It is a process which adds incredible flavour but is a tedious one. It can take as long as four hours, which is very few mixologists do it.

Distil – Brewed Cocktail
The brewing begins with the spirits and other additives have to be brewed together in a copper distiller. After this, they become the base for the gently flavoured cocktails, each of which is presented with The Shaftesbury presentations.
The Shaftesbury mixologist says that the process is extremely complex and involved and he brew all the ingredients himself to assure that the quality is maintained. The integrity of the brand is important when you are pouring Absolut 100, Havana Club Selección de Maestros, Plymouth Gin, Olmeca Tequila and Chivas 18.

Some of the popular brewed cocktails are:
Cold-infused Pu-erh 2006 vintage aged tea shaken with Absolut 100 brewed with vanilla tea, defused dehydrated lemon and wild honey, placed in a tea press with crushed dry ice, making the alcohol sparkle, the drink colder, and pulling the liquid up to the top chamber; shaken and served in a frosted martini glass garnished with dehydrated lemon peel.

Genie in a Bottle
What do you do with a genie in a bottle? You rub it! First we brew Havana Club Selección rum with cinnamon and cloves, then shake it three times counter-clockwise with spice liqueur and house-made apple pie syrup, add a touch of Cohiba cigar smoke, rub the cork out, and Presto! It is ready to be served with the aroma of Havana wafting through the air and a garnish of dehydrated pineapple.

Chef’s Negroni
Inspired by the multitalented chefs at The Dome, this culinary mixology masterpiece calls for Plymouth Gin brewed with Spanish saffron, Campari with macerated sage, and cold-infused sweet vermouth with cloves served in three separate mini bottles and a glass with frozen yin yang pebbles on a mini-wooden tea tray with orange incense burning underneath to arouse all senses.

The aristocratic Crabbies Scottish Ginger Beer has been brewed since the early 1800’s and enjoyed worldwide! Simple and refreshing, this cocktail can be premade in a pitcher and enjoyed during the warm days to come.

Apart from these, the sunny-bright cocktail, Weissen Sour, is quite popular. It has lemon juice, a white ale and bourbon orange marmalade. In fact, basically it is a whisky sour with beer.

El Matador, Black and Tan, Summer Hoedown, Honeydew Hefeweizen Smoothie, Hangman’s Blood, Beer’s Knees and Side walker are some other cocktails which make people go gag a over the taste.

The ingrained bubbles and array of flavours offered by beer, arrange the refreshment and versatility you always crave for.

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Choose Your Destination to Visit This Fall

Going on a trip to explore the place this fall is a wonderful idea. We are really lucky to dwell in a planet like earth which has so many attractions. With plenty of places that are known for their scenic beauty and historical values, we are spoilt for choices. During fall, the weather becomes extremely favourable and one san set on trip to make the vacation one of the most beautiful memories of one’s life. Let us discuss some of the places which are simply perfect to visit this fall.

1. San Francisco- San Francisco is a collage of beautiful and colourful neighbourhoods. The city is proud to show off its jaw-dropping sights, world-class cuisine, cosy cafes and plenty of booming nightlife venues. Often described as Los Angeles’ more refined northern cousin, cool and compact San Francisco takes the big-city buzz exuded by its southern counterpart and melds it with a sense of small-town charm. Head along the bay to the Presidio for a glimpse of the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Save time for the Mission district, The Haight and The Castro for exposure to all of the different varieties of the San Francisco lifestyle.

2. New York- New York is the city that is constantly evolving. Iconic landmarks and sky kissing skyscrapers define the cool, crowded and cosmopolitan city. It is the most populous city in the United States. The city never sleeps and you will have plenty of things to keep yourself busy with. Innovative cocktail bars and Times Square’s neon lights flickering at all hours will temp you every time. So it should come as no surprise that it’s also one of the most diverse. The city is known for its ethnic neighbourhoods, as well as its status as the country’s trendsetter, making it difficult to define one specific “culture” of the Big Apple.

3. Paris- Paris, also popular as the ‘City of Light,’ draws millions of visitors every year. The heavenly cuisine and the varied and rich art collections add to the magic of the city. It is the home to world-class museums, fashion, cuisine, and an atmosphere all its own, Paris is also a city of “many splendours”. The benign River Seine flows through the amazing city, bordered by stately museums, churches which are several centuries old, and blocks of architecture with Rococo- and Neoclassic-design.

Paris City of Light

4. London- One of the most vibrant cities of the world, London is a collage of several features. Its history and rich culture and ultra-modern features make it special and unique. The city of Her Majesty, London attracts millions of tourists from all over the world and throughout the year. Places like that of Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Hyde Park, the Serpentine lake, the Madame Tussauds museum, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, the Westminster Abbey and the London Eye are some of the popular attractions of the city. From luxury hotels to cheap hotels in London, one will get suitable accommodation according to one’s preference and budget. Boutique hotel like the Shaftesbury Hotels offer luxurious services but at affordable prices.

5. Melbourne- Vibrant neighbourhoods and prize-winning cuisine define the big small town of Melbourne. More than three million people call this big small town home. The nightlife is epic, with diverse venues ranging from bumping clubs to hole-in-the-wall concerts stages. Melbourne is known for its roaring nightlife, especially in neighbourhoods like St Kilda, and South Yarra-Prahan. It is also a powerhouse for sports. The natural landscape of Melbourne is captivating.

6. Salem, Massachusetts- During the month of October, Salem becomes the spookiest city in the U.S., as it celebrates Halloween the entire month of October. Jack-o-lantern parades, ghostly storytelling, authentic séances, trick-or-treating, plenty of fireworks, haunted street fairs, carnival characterise the city during this period.

7. Phobjikha Valley, Bhutan- Gangtey Drubchen and Tsechu, one of the most colourful festivals of Asia falls on the first day of October. Bhutan celebrates the migration of hundreds of black-necked cranes during the annual Black-Necked Crane Festival which is between November 7 to November 15. Themed around the birds there are days and nights of folkloric song and dancing. The cranes are the most wonderful sight to watch.

8. Puno, Peru- The historic town of Puno, which is flanked by the Lake Titicaca, proclaims its authorising with one week complete with variety of events, which include fireworks, traditional dance, music, military parades and recreations of Incan myths. It begins on 4th November. Known as Peru’s “folkloric” town, the surrounding area also offers plenty of sightseeing, including the island of Taquile, situated in the middle of the lake, revered for its textile arts.

9. Jaipur, India- During Diwali which falls in the month of October end or November, Jaipur, “the pink city” is the centre of all for the occasion, drawing visitors far and wide for its stunning festival of lights, in which homes, buildings, shops, and markets go all-out in illumination decoration. It’s the time of year when the night sky is illuminated with fireworks.

10. Buenos Aires- Buenos Aires lures visitors with its blend of European charm and South American flair. Comprised of wide boulevards, neoclassical architecture, and a cache of avant-garde museums, this sophisticated city has earned its title as “the Paris of South America.” Join dancers, artists and enthusiastic soccer fans. Don’t miss the evening zest of the city.

Buenos Aires

With ten amazingly beautiful places to choose from to make your trip in this fall, you must be wondering which place to visit. Choose the one where you feel like rushing into right now. All the places have their unique charm and attraction. You may also choose according to your taste. For example, if you prefer history, choose some place which has rich historical records. If you are beach person, book your tickets for an amazing beach city. On the other hand, if you want to get a taste of English literature, London will be the perfect choice for you. Wish you all the best in your trip, Enjoy!

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London- The Perfect Anti-Depressant

Of all the major illness, whether it is mental or physical, depression has been one of the toughest to subdue. Depression has tragically claimed lives of many. Be it common people or celebrity, depression has swallowed maximum people.
According to the age old Greeks, spleen was the origin of depression. With the passage of time, some started blaming it devilish possession for an individual’s continuing melancholy. But today the actual reason is known to the doctors.

Depression begins and ends in your brain.
Noted doctors have observed that depression is a syndrome that possibly emerges from many different brain processes which differ among patients. If it is put simply, no two brains are exactly the ilk. The hidden reasons of depression differ from one person to another.

Mental health researchers have begun their journey of uncovering some of the most common brain traits and conditions shared by depression sufferers

The Emotion Connection
A noted doctor observed that patients suffering from depression often have escalations in activity in significant emotion-processing regions, when compared with people who are mentally healthy. Brain structures such as the amygdala light up more actively among depression sufferers. Other studies have connected an uptick in amygdala activity to states of sadness, anger and fear.

There are also researches which connect depression with the thalamus. It may be mentioned here that the thalamus is a part of your brain that helps manage your responses to sensory information. According to the research, the thalamus of the people suffering with certain kinds of depression might trigger their brains to produce unpleasant feelings in response to normal or benign external data.

Beyond the Blues
People mainly target on emotions when they are speaking about the blues. But, one’s ability to think, learn, and memorize also suffer as a result of depression. There are several researches going on all over the world. One such research has connected depression symptoms to a drop-off in a person’s ability to store new information. No surprise since mental health experts have known for a while that depression can boost your brain’s levels of stress hormones like cortisol, and studies have found that cortisol can damage or even shrink certain areas of your brain by stalling the production of new neurons and nerve connections.

It is interesting to note that Hippocampus, an area of the brain, which plays a significant role in learning and long-term memory, was found to be 9 to 13 percent smaller among women with a history of depression. Another research has found that brain “plasticity,” takes a backstage as a result of long-term depression. All of this could hurt your ability to learn and process new information.

The Long Term
Several research efforts have shown that people suffering from persisting depression evolve problems with setting priorities, planning and decision-making as well as enduring issues connected to memory and learning. Long-term depression has been linked to crippling brain conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Different research attempts have been showed to aid depression patients stop or overcome the negative effects of their condition. New advancements in tracking the brain activity of sufferers could eventually help doctors better identify the best treatment programs for individual depression patients. But because of the syndrome’s complexity, depression is—at least for now—something that can be treated, not cured.

Doctors and medical researchers say that one of the most effective ways to deter depression is going on vacation. And when the question of vacation arises, what place can be better than the historically rich and at the same time ultra-modern vibrant city of London. A collage in itself of various characteristics, the capital city of London has lots to offer to its tourists. The Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Madame Tussauds and Westminster Abbey are some of the several attractions which captivates the hearts and refreshes the mind.

A visit to these places not only gives a break from the daily routine but also refreshes the mind. Especially for people suffering from depression, refreshment is extremely important. Pampering oneself is also another significant way of overcoming temptation. Pampering oneself with luxury in the plush city of London will surely help someone suffering from depression. There are several luxury hotels in London offering varied services. But finding the one suitable for your requirement is important. It should also be borne in mind that London is one of the most expensive cities of the world. Thus finding the right kind of accommodation without paying like a king but enjoying like a king is a smart move.

The Shaftesbury Hotels in Central London is one of the best accommodations in London. Here, one can stay like a king without having a hole in his pocket. The hotel chain has several hotels under it, all located at strategic positions. Because of the convenient location, all the major attractions of the city are within close proximity of the hotels. The hotels are very well connected to the major airports, railways and bus terminals of the city. Thus travelling is not at all an issue.

The guest rooms are very comfortable and are well equipped with latest facilities and technologies. Meant for the ultimate comfort, each of these hotels are the perfect examples of lavishness and warmth. The hotel staff are very cordial. They are multi-lingual and thus one will have absolutely no problem in communicating with them.

From delectable and mouth watering food to amazing drinks, the restaurants of the hotels have it all. The breakfast is complimentary. Nothing can be better than the fresh and awesome tasty breakfast. One can have the best of assorted wine and tipple and spirit in the trendy and sleek bars of the hotels.

With such good accommodation and facilities, a trip to London is always advised to everyone, especially to those who are suffering from depression and need to overcome it as soon as possible. Since London is gifted with natural beauty, it acts as a perfect stress buster and anti-depressant.

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Tips to Save Money while Travelling Europe

Travelling Europe is every traveller’s top most priority. But very few of us actually plan to visit the exotic destinations of Europe, since most of the places which are worth exploring there are among the most expensive destinations we have on this planet. So what can be done? Are there any secret tips or tactics that we can employ in order to save money while travelling Europe? Yes, there are, read on –

Avoid Travelling During Summers – Prices are at their peak during the summers, plus you’ll not find a moment of peace since all the places become overtly crowded. Also, getting a good hotel deal is really difficult during this season. Travel off-season and you might be able to grab discounts of up to 40 percent on your accommodations.

Pay Visits to Tourist Information Points – Every city has a tourist information centre where you can get all the information regarding cheap hotel accommodations, best restaurants and cafes of the area and information about the local attractions and events which are worth exploring.

Use Public Transportation – Some cities like London and Paris can be best explored on foot and when you get tired, take a public transportation instead of a cab (which are really expensive, by the way). Travelling in a bus can be really fun when you are in London or in Paris, but the most preferred medium of transportation is the underground tube system.

Apply for Travel Passes and Tourist Cards – You can save a lot of money by using a particular city’s exclusive tourist cards such as Berlin’s Berlin Welcome Card, London’s London Pass and Oslo’s Oslo Welcome Card. You get amazing discounts when you visit the local attractions of these places, plus you can use these passes while travelling in order to get additional discounts.

Follow What Locals Say – Be friendly with the locals while being in Europe and they’ll tell you the best places you can visit in order to enjoy great meals at discounted prices. European cities host a large number of local festivals and fairs which you can enjoy for free.

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Great Books for Long-term Travelers

According to me, there are two ways of finding more about the world around. These two ways can prove to be the best and the most elaborate perspective about things we see and feel around us, no matter which part of the world we live in. These two ways are often the most interesting chapters of our learning process. These two ways are called reading and travelling.

For a long time now, reading and travelling have been coexisting. First we learn about something when we read it in a book, develop an interest in it and then pack our bags and head to that place. Or we may come across something interesting on our travels and want to learn more about it so we read a good book about it. For travelers, it is very important as well as interesting to keep updating their information on the favorite and upcoming destinations around the world, travel trends, best ways to travel and more such information which may assist them in their journey across the globe. Here is a list of some of the best books you should keep in handy if you share the same zest of finding more about world of travel.

Vagabonding – This book is a legend amongst solo-travelers and has inspired innumerable people to hit the unknown roads. This book won’t give you tips on how to save money here and there, but it will be your guide during your traveler, just like an old experienced traveler friend, who knows how to spin a yarn.

The Practical Nomad – Apart from philosophy, you will need the kind of knowledge this book offers, to live the life of a globetrotter. Here you will learn how to plan your travels, where to go, what to expect and how it’s done, in detail.

Work Your Way Around The World: The Globetrotter’s Bible – Those bitten by wanderlust will need this book to simply survive when they have nothing left, but the will to travel more. This book will prepare you for the world way better than many real life lessons.

Take Me With You- This is something many things will cry out to you when you are leaving a city or a town. This is a story you can easily relate to and something you would want to read again and again.

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10 Free Things to Enjoy in London

London is an amazing cultural pot of a city where anyone can have a great time. Yes, it is pretty expensive if you are planning to stay in one of the best luxury hotels or eating at the best fine dining restaurants, but if you are happy to pick a cheap London accommodation and do not mind exploring the city via the underground, you too can have a superb time in this iconic city. Here are a few things you can do in London for absolutely nothing –

Piccadilly Circus – This traffic junction is the main road junction of London, located in its very heart. What’s great about it? Well, everything! The place is full of glowing neon signs and there are a number of historical architectures and structures in its vicinity. Visit Piccadilly Circus and understand why London is called a fast paced city.

Natural History Museum – One of the best museums in the world, Natural History Museum London houses more than 80 million items including rare dinosaur fossils, preserved specimens collected by Charles Darwin and a life-size model of a blue whale.

Kensington Gardens and Hyde Park – The best thing about London is its parks. There are so many of them and all of them are free! These two in particular are definitely worth exploring.

Changing of the Guards Ceremony – Irrespective of the fact that whether you are a budget traveler or not, you have got to see this iconic royal tradition. Reach the Buckingham Palace sharp 11:30 in the morning and witness this fabulous tradition along with other spectators.

Street Performers of London – If you can’t afford to enjoy those classy theatrical plays or dance performances inside the royal theatres of London, enjoy the talent our street performers are displaying in the streets. You’ll find them around the Covent Garden Market or along the South Bank.

Westminster Abbey – If you are staying in a cheap London accommodation near the Parliament Square, you are at a walking distance from this historical attraction. The abbey serves as the Coronation Church of the country and it is also the burial site for many historical figures.

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Budget Bus Companies For Your Next Trip to Europe

Have you packed your bags and are ready for a trip across the most beautiful part of the world, the European continent? There are a zillion reasons to visit this beautiful continent over and over again. And there is just one reason why you may not want to go there again, it’s the money. Of course a place as exciting as this would charge a little extra from its tourists, who come here in huge numbers every year. To be fair, one luxurious trip to Europe is good enough. Instead of repeating the routine of staying in the best of hotels and travelling by air or Interrail, you should take a bus trip this time and save a lot of money. Once you find out good bus companies to take you across the continent, you will not miss the comfort of trains too much. Here is a list of bus companies which you should definitely check out for your trip –

National Express – Travelling across UK can be as cheap as £1 if you find the perfect deal. It is quite similar to finding cheap London hotel deals, once find a perfect one you will end up saving a lot, but you have to make advance bookings to save heavy.

Berlinlinienbus – With facilities like stewardesses on long routes, luggage service and comfortable coaches available at about €9, the Berlinlinienbus is definitely worth checking out.

Megabus – This is the best carrier if you want to travel from London to Paris or Amsterdam. There are many more destinations which Megabus can connect you to, that too at a price of around £1 upon pre-booking, so it is doubly good for budget travelers who have been saving by going after cheap London hotel deals and cheap ways to travel across the land, in order to make the most of the trip.

ALSA – This Spanish company operates on major country routes as well as connects tourists to international routes leading to France and Portugal. They offer some pretty awesome pre-booking deals which can get you upto 50% discount on the lovely France to Spain route.

PolskiBus – Travelling around Poland is best done with the help of PolskiBus which has a strong network across 20 Polish cities. Their service is luxurious and cheap, what else could we ask for?

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Best Time to Book Thanksgiving or Christmas Flights

You might be thinking why you are seeing such an article during this time of the year? Thanksgiving and Christmas are several months away right now and most of us haven’t even planned our summer vacations yet, but since Christmas time is the most chaotic time of the year for the travelers, you need to start looking for your options as early as possible. June and July are the best months to book flight tickets for the month of December. First week of June are the least expensive days of the year (on an average) to book flight tickets for Thanksgiving and Christmas.

Such time frames change with every changing year and it also depends on the destination you have to visit. For example, if you are looking for packages offering cheap flight tickets and London hotel offers during the holidays, the best time is the month September. But on an average you can conclude that the months of June, July and August are the best months to book flight tickets for the holidays. When you are away from your home for almost an entire year, you feel desperate to visit home and relax with your folks for a while. In order to be with our loved ones we often end up paying way more than we have anticipated, especially when it comes to flight tickets. You can change that, by booking your flight tickets as early as possible. The key is – sooner the better!

If you’ll wait for another month or so, not only you’ll be compromising with the fares (by paying a higher price), but also, you’ll get terrible seats and in-flight services since all the best flights will get booked by the time you’ll make reservations for yourself. Start looking for London hotel offers and options of cheap flight tickets as soon as you can.

The fact that you don’t know the exact dates of your holiday also bars you from booking early flight tickets, But what you can do is, calculate an estimate that when you’ll be flying and accordingly book refundable flight tickets. Even if you postpone or cancel your ticket, you’ll not be at total loss.

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Best Road Trip Apps for Your Smartphone

When you are on a road trip, you never know what you might have to face since such type of trips are absolutely unpredictable. So what can you do in order to safeguard your vacation or to make it a little more organized? Use your phone! Yes, you heard it right, use your smart-phone. There are a large number of travel apps online which you can make use of. Here are some of the best road trip applications available on android and iOS which you can download –

Waze Navigation – This app is like a combination of GasBuddy and Trapster. You get crowd-sourced information regarding fuel prices, speed traps and road conditions of the route you’re following. Plus, you can navigate turn-by-turn along with relevant traffic information.

Food Tripping – This restaurant finding application allows you to discover popular food joints. You can find healthy alternatives instead of typical junk food joints or you can search for places where you can enjoy local delicacies or simply find the best coffee shops, whatever you want.

Hotel Tonight – Yes, there are thousands of applications to find hotel accommodations, but don’t you think those applications are all a little too complicated? Try Hotel Tonight, it’s an extremely user-friendly application, which allows you to identify best last-minute deals in more than 12 countries.

TripIt – It is a trip organizing app which allows you to store all the information in one place. It helps you in making hotel reservations, travel plans, itineraries and it stores all the information you’ve collected regarding the attractions and local events you want to visit. It is also capable of organizing your flight schedules as it includes aeronautical travel.

Glympse – This is a very popular trip sharing application. You can share your location with a selected bunch of friends or with all the members of your lists. It can be used to track a friend or a member of your family, in order to make sure that he/she is alright, without actually calling the person.

Sit or Squat – Probably one the most essential road trip apps. This one allows you to find the location of the nearest restroom.

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Affordable Family Holiday Offers in Delightful London

Nothing is better than a family holiday. For me, the best part about travelling with my family is that I will not need to explain to them through pictures and otherwise, whatever adventures underwent on the trip or which places I saw and how it really was being in that place. Of course going on a trip with friends is a different affair altogether and travelling alone teaches you a lot, but when you are on a trip with your family, you build some amazing memories which help strengthen the bond between you even more.

London is one of those few cities which offer a wholesome family holidaying experience. It has a lot to offer when it comes to shopping, which is ideal for my wife. My kids have always loved being to the museums and so have I, which is perfect because London has some of the best museums in the world like the Natural History Museum, British Museum and the entertaining Madam Tussauds’ Wax museum. Whenever I used to come to London on business tours, I used to love hanging out around Central London, where I fell in love with the quality and sheer variety of food.

During my business tours, I always used to stay at London Shaftesbury hotels. Over time I developed a nice relationship with them and so I decided it was the best place to take my family to. Moreover, London Shaftesbury hotels were offering nice family discounts and packages at that time at several of their establishments, so our timing was perfect.

I would suggest that if you are travelling with your family, do not compromise on comfort even one bit. Stick to the hotel which has the highest ratings amongst family hotels but if you are offered a nice discount or deal like an extended stay after 3 or 4 days or you are offered special privileges as a guest and access to lounges and other luxuries, you should consider because not only do these things can make your stay more comfortable, you will save some money and the kids will love the freebies and presents offered to them.

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