Go Antique Hunting in London

Shopping for antiques can be a wonderful way to pass the time, whether you are looking for a specific item to furnish your home or you simply enjoy the atmosphere of the markets and find browsing an enjoyable way to spend the day.  There’s nothing better than discovering a beautiful … Continue reading

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Shaftesbury Suites and Easter Events

Shaftesbury Suites are ideally located to a number of events taking place throughout the year in London. Tourists swarming in from different countries, in particular, tend to gravitate towards the range of festivities due to the holiday mood they’re in. During April, visitors to the capital will be ecstatic to … Continue reading

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London last minute hotels and road trips work together

Booking London last minute hotels are sometimes something that have to happen. Sure it would be best to book your accommodation far in advance to get a cheaper rate. But life can give you its toss and turns, and suddenly you can find yourself needing to visit the city of … Continue reading

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Hotels in Kensington London promise you 10 ways to save money

Hotels in Kensington London epitomise the principal location from which you should begin your adventure in London. Within the capital, you’ll find an overflow of destinations worth visiting. In this post, we’ll explore which particular spots are ideal for first time visitors on a budget. The city is so huge, … Continue reading

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Cheap Hotels in London are ideal for Mother’s day

Cheap hotels in London are rare, especially during days marked by celebration. Nevertheless, there are a few accommodations that do provide affordable rates-along with the benefits you deserve. On the 15th March,Mother’s day, guests visiting the Shaftesbury hotel will be glad to know that the accommodation will be offering special … Continue reading

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St Patricks near the best London hotels in 2015

The best London hotels are usually found in the middle of the capital. That’s because they’re surrounded by a profusion of attractions as well as close reach to a number of exciting festivities. It makes sense that those visiting the capital would want to be where all the action takes … Continue reading

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Independence at its best, a weekend in London alone.

When many of us think of booking a vacation in London we never really think of going to one of the world’s biggest cities on our own, this article is going to look at the pros and cons to going traveling alone, and also some facts of London that no … Continue reading

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An area with everything, Kensington has it all.

Kensington has it all, gardens, parks, palaces, museums, galleries, restaurants, hotels and so much more. It is one of the most desired areas of the capital city and welcomes millions of tourist, visitors and residents each year. This article is going to discuss and explain what it is about Kensington … Continue reading

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Feel alive in Notting Hill.

Notting Hill is one of the best areas of London if one is looking for fun and entertainment for the weekend. London as a whole is a very social place, dining, heading to a bar, going for a dance, at the weekend, after a day in the office or with … Continue reading

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Spend a day with the real animals of London.

London zoo is one of the top attractions in the capital city. It attracts thousands of visitors each year, some residents of London and the surrounding areas and others tourist from way out of town. Listed are some tips of accommodation, visits to the zoo, the best times to go … Continue reading

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