Discover London through the lens of Cinema

While London might not be as prodigious for being home/set of some of the highest grossing movies in history, it certainly has a knack for appearing in dozens of movies every year. Whether it be the Harry Potter movies, some of the James Bond classics, or different romantic comedies i.e. … Continue reading

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Plan in advance and experience the best holiday you can in London

Visitors to the city often find London incredibly overwhelming. With the hustle and bustle that pervades the streets, the eclectic mix of shops and galleries, and the thousands of attractions that scatter the city’s centre – being in this city really can make you feel a little small at times. … Continue reading

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Art and culture in London

London’s culture is multicultural, fast-paced, and above all: rich with history and novelty. The capital is one of the few spots in Europe that hosts claim to a profusion of more than 200 galleries and museums; many of which are free. That in itself is a testament to the kind … Continue reading

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Relive The London Olympic Experience

Remember that big, red, looping structure in the Olympic Park during the London 2012 Games? Well, it’s still there, affording visitors spectacular views of the surrounding area and further afield across the London skyline and, this spring, you can enjoy it in a completely new, exhilarating way – you can … Continue reading

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London Design Museum Moves to Kensington in 2016

The Mini motor car. The red telephone box. The London Underground map. And, of course, the extraordinary bridges and engineering feats of Isambard Kingdom Brunel. From the dawn of the Industrial Revolution right through to the dawn of the 21st Century, Britain has been at the forefront of the best … Continue reading

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The Science Museum’s New Maths Gallery Opens This Spring

Science Museum London

Hands up who, when thinking about maths, immediately dismisses it as dry and complex? If that’s you; don’t worry, you’re certainly not the only one. But a new exhibition space at the world-renowned Science Museum in London’s Kensington aims to radically challenge that opinion. ‘Mathematics: The David and Claudia Harding … Continue reading

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How to Prepare for Flight Delays

Flight Delays

If you’re a frequent flyer it’s likely you’ll have faced a delay at some stage and an inevitably impromptu lay-over at an airport. And quite frankly, it’s not surprising; flight delays are something that we’re all going to have to get used to, as it looks like they’ll only increase … Continue reading

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Solo Travel Benefits

Solo Travel Benefits

Let’s be honest, if you’ve always wanted to make a dream getaway, but you’re waiting on other people to go with you, you may end up going nowhere. The question you may have to ask yourself then is are you prepared to travel on your own to get to that … Continue reading

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The Wimbledon Museum and Tour

Wimbledon Tennis

Many visitors to the UK – and London in particular – are equally as charmed, delighted and fascinated by Wimbledon; that is, the All-England Tennis Championships that take place at the Wimbledon tennis complex. And did you know that you don’t need to visit the UK capital in June, when … Continue reading

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Discover Kensington Gardens

Kensington Garden

Long beloved by families throughout the world, Kensington Gardens is a beautiful, charismatic sanctuary of nature and scenery at the western end of the enormous expanse of Hyde Park, right in the centre of London. Jam-packed full of family-friendly flora and fauna, it also boasts a handful of unmissable and … Continue reading

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