Wimbledon; London biggest annual event.

Many thousands of people each year head to London between June and July to see the tournament take place, it is one of the most celebrated sports, not only with the public, but celebrities and the royal family. It was first established as Wimbledon is 1868, it is a sports … Continue reading

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Don’t forget the fish ‘n’chips during your holiday in London!

Of all the most popular holiday locations in the world, Britain occupies a key position. This is due to its rich and charming history that blends perfectly with its modern and cosmopolitan society. For those who love history, Britain is the place to visit. And there is no better time … Continue reading

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A few great translation apps for overseas travellers

For those who love to travel overseas for their holidays, there are some very useful gadgets and software available to assist you. After all, the biggest concern for all those international travellers who travel extensively for business or holiday, is to be able to communicate effectively with the locals in … Continue reading

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New Year parties in and around London and the UK

Well Christmas is just around the corner and most of us have planned to enjoy the holidays with friends and family. And, if you are visiting the UK for Christmas, you will be overwhelmed with options when it comes to Christmas and New Year celebrations. There are terrific parties scheduled … Continue reading

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Top European cities for a holiday

Gone are the days when travellers and tourists were limited to just a few options. Now they have an array of options, destinations and locations to choose from. An added advantage is that there are a variety of travel options available with discount packages, promotional offers and special deals. So … Continue reading

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London – the perfect holiday destination?

The City of London is vibrant and dynamic all year around. It is said that New York never sleeps, and the same can be said confidently for London. It is as fast paced and hectic as its American counterpart and it can confidently be said that you will never have … Continue reading

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Popular winter holiday spots across the globe

With the arrival of winter, most of us look for warmer climes and sun drenched beaches to holiday at. When it comes to destinations, there are plenty of places known for their sunshine and sandy beaches. If you are planning to escape to a warmer place this holiday season, better … Continue reading

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November Travels

Just because it is the beginning of Winter doesn’t mean that the sun isn’t shining anywhere else in the world. In November, some Britons crave a slice of summer with the warm sunshine and the prospect of a tan, whereas others feel that November isn’t quite enough Winter for them … Continue reading

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Budget Prices, Shocking Destinations

As the cost of living goes up, the extra finances that are saved for holidays goes down; this usually means that the destination choice is greatly reduced. However, this is no longer the case with incredible trips available at a fraction of the price but don’t start packing yet, first … Continue reading

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You’re getting married in the morning, Oh yes the Sun is going to shine!

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. The dress, the cake, the guests, the entertainment all has to be perfect, but the main decision to be made is the destination, where are you going to get married? Destination weddings are on the increase with … Continue reading

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