Sun, Sea, Sand and a Rental Car

More and more people are hiring rental cars when they venture away on their holidays. It allows them the freedom to explore in their own time and in their own way; there is no need to be trapped in a bus with no air-conditioning or rush around seeing everything you want to see in the set time you have been given. Even though there are endless pros to hiring a rental car while you’re abroad, it also comes with its cons if you aren’t aware of the pitfalls, so here is a helpful guide to ensure that you are aware of every aspect of the car rental process.

If renting a car is on your holiday to-do list, don’t leave it until the last minute. Booking in advance allows you to research the terms and conditions of the rental companies and compare optional or fixed extras and total costs, this will allow you to get the best deal that suits your needs at the best price. It will also allow you to enquire and find the relevant documents needed to acquire your rental; this includes a credit card with sufficient funds available and a drivers licence that has been valid for at least a year.

This simple checklist highlights the essential points to follow when hiring a car; checking these will ensure that the hiring process is easy and stress free:-

Contract: Check every aspect of the contract before signing it. Look for hidden charges and age restrictions, scrutinise the terms and conditions and ask as many questions as possible, especially if there is something that you don’t understand. Ask for written copies and for the contract to be in your native language.

Insurance: Check the insurance and what it really covers; you may find that there are certain things that will only be covered for an extra charge. Make sure that your insurance covers theft, if it doesn’t it is most definitely worth the small charge to make sure you are covered.

Before and After pictures: Even though this will take time, it could also save you money. If there are defects on the car that aren’t accounted for then you will face the charge. Make sure all marks and damage is noted and signed off by the company, take your own photographs before you drive away and after you have taken it back. Being scrupulous will stop you paying unnecessary costs.

Safety: The first thing to do when considering the safety equipment in a car is to familiarise yourself with the local rules. Checking the safety equipment in the car is essential when hiring a rental because if the equipment doesn’t comply with the law, you will be held liable, whether that means paying a hefty fine or going to court. Items such as a reflective jacket or first aid kit may be compulsory so a simple check while you are at the rental company can get the items replaced if missing.

Fuel: The fuel could potentially be the most expensive part of hiring a car because different rental companies have different requirements. Some companies prefer to use the “drive away full, return it full” method which works out to be a cheaper option for you. Ask where the nearest petrol station is so you can fill the tank before you return the car. Another method that is used by rental companies is taking a rental car and buying a full tank and returning it empty. This may seem like a good option but it will cost you more as you won’t get any money back for any unused fuel and you will pay more than if you went to a petrol station. Before signing a contract, enquire what the company’s regulations are in regards to topping up the fuel tank.

The ECRCS has got you covered
The European Car Rental Conciliation Service has been set up to assist with any unresolved complaints in regards to cross border rentals; this means that they specifically deal with issues that arise from rentals that have been used in a different country to the booking within Europe. If you have booked direct with the company and they are a member of ECRCS, they will be able to help with refunds for erroneous charges. So keep a note of original charges, extra fees, any receipts and credit card bills in the event that they are needed as evidence.

With these tips, renting a car in a foreign country should be a simple process. Always be aware of the company and the conditions it has and by following the checklist, it will ensure that you receive no hidden charges. So plan, book, check, sign, explore and, finally, enjoy your holiday.

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Traveling Long-term Without Depending on Savings

No-one can deny this fact that for travelling you need money especially for long term travelling. Going for a big trip requires lot of planning and sometimes you feel daunting of planning such a trip. There are chances that if you really want to plan for a big travel then other than relying on your savings, there are lot of other ways by which you can do the same. Even if today you talk to someone about your travel for an extended period then your loved ones will advise you to do lot of savings so that you can use the same in future for your travel. But, the whole idea here is about travelling for a long term without actually being dependant on your savings.

In this age of internet it’s quite easy for you to create a group of roaming nomads of both kinds of part-time and full-time workers. All you need to do is highlight your skills in the best possible way you can. I know quite a lot of telecommuters, freelancers and entrepreneurs those who have kind of moved their offices on the road and are moved to the place where they are earning good or even better. It is rightly said that you don’t have to be filthy rich to travel the world. Your smartness and willingness to do the same shall drive you places.

According to me, freelancing on the side is the best way that I know with which you could earn some extra money. This is the most appropriate way by which you don’t need to actually rely on your savings. You can offer your services on the side. No matter whether you are a designer, assistant or a writer, you can offer your services to those who actually need it. The only thing that matters in this case is that you need to be realistic about the work you can handle. Even if you can handle work for not more than 15 hours per week, it is at least better than nothing.

The best way to plan a long term travel without relying on your savings is to get out of your comfort zone and travel to learn and earn more.

Travel for Long term without Quitting Your Job:

Today, connectivity has made things quite easy and thus, entrepreneurs and mobile workers are ruling the world. People today prefer to take their laptop jobs on the road and they like to work, travel and live wherever they want to in this world. However, the best example people give of a mobile worker is a travel blogger or writer. Their job is to travel the world constantly and they keep on posting stories, videos and photos from the new lands. They even share their experiences with other nomadic travelers. But as per my experience this is quite a tough way to get some real money. This way it will take years for you to reach upto a certain level and until you have satisfied your goal of reaching somewhere you have been spending lot of time on what you called your hobby.

If we talk about different people, then yes, some travelers are doing quite well this way however not everyone can grow up to that desired level. The best approach to go about it is figure out your skill set and start doing things distantly. Make sure that the things can be done easily and if this is possible than half of the battle is already won. Furthermore providing quality work is extremely important. If this is what you can do then there will be no dearth of clients for you and they will come automatically by referral.

You must have heard about various websites including elance and odesk etc. from where you can get clients by bidding on their projects.

Special Secret for Long-term Travelling:

There is one big secret to long term travelling which is…nothing. Nomadic travelers and long term travelers are no special people. I used to wonder that these people are born with some special skills or are unique; however, this is actually not the case. They don’t have any secret bank or savings accounts. There was a time when I realized that anyone can do this and it is nothing out of this world that these people are doing. It is absolutely normal for anyone to live for a year or two and work in some other country across the globe.

I could found that traveling to some other country or place for work doesn’t take too much of bank accounts and not much savings is required. All you need is zeal and desire to do it.  Those who are able to do it successfully simply say that they want to travel and they could do it.

If you talk about from a layman’s point of view, he must feel that those who do so actually worry about your retirement or your bills etc. The answer to this question lies in the fact that as and when you start travelling, these things doesn’t matter anymore. Such people are of the notion that they don’t want to spend their entire lives working in an enclosed office space and keep on saving money for their age of retirement. Such long term travelers don’t worry or take any stress about their future and they take life and situations as they come without worrying about what’s going to happen in future.

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The New Apple Watch – Your Best Travel Friend Ever

Apple watch is the newly designed accurate and an incredible timepiece. Unlike other watches and Apple watch is more than a mere wrist watch. This is a compact device that makes you head towards the right direction and help you to stay scheduled at all times. Though, shelling quite an amount for an Apple watch means a lot but, this product is of great importance for travelers especially. This product has changed the way people used to plan their travel before and is known today as the best friend, especially to those who are frequent travelers. It is just not a simple timepiece but has quite a lot real propositions for travelers at least for those who can actually figure out how these can be used.

Today, all whether traveling for a holiday or for work, look out for options that can indeed make their travel simple yet exciting. This yet another brilliant Apple product has gained immense appreciation and the rising sheer level of interest has made it actually popular among smart travelers.

This wrist watch streamlines your tour practices to a great extent thus; it reduces the hassles associated with travelling. It tries and makes your vacation even more practical. Mentioned below are some of the classy features that make this watch an amazing device from travelling point of view:

Hotel Room Entry without Key:

You must be thinking that how is this possible? I mean entering your hotel room without using any key? Yes, the new Apple watch has made it possible as it facilitates keyless entry to your hotel room. With the help of Starwood hotels app on the Apple watch, you can simply wave your wrist in front of the door to unlock it. Though, this feature at present is restricted to Starwood hotels only including Westin and Sheraton etc, but soon it will be out at the company’s W hotels.

Other than this, it also provides instant check-in options as soon as you enter the hotel. Now you don’t need any front desk for that matter to confirm your check-in. You can even get push notifications about transportation from the airport.

Boarding Pass:

Some airlines have recently introduced the concept of smart watch boarding passes. These can be used by those who have Samsung Gear 2, Pebble Steel and Sony Smartwatch 2 devices etc. This latest version of smart watch boarding passes is quite safe and secure to use. According to a latest survey almost 66% of travelers said that they will prefer to use a mobile boarding pass if given a choice by the airline. Today, people look out for options to make their journey as simple as possible. Travelers are ready to opt any alternative that can make their travel as convenient as it can be.


Though, map of any destination or country you visit will surely help you to get your way right. It allows you to easily search any address, however it is not always convenient to carry those big maps along with you. Just imagine you are standing in the middle of the road at night and starring down at your phone or a map trying to figure out your way back to the hotel. In such a case you can take the help of this new apple watch. It sends vibrations to your wrist and will guide you to the way back to your destination. It is a great handy tool that can guide you through the unfamiliar city you are wandering as a traveler.

Automatic Adjustment of Time Zone:

No matter in which country you are in, the automatic time zone adjustment in the Apple watch will automatically switches to the time zone you are currently in. There is no need for you to fiddle with the crown of your wrist watch anymore. This smart watch gets it all done on its own without you to bother about it. As far as the Daylight Savings time is concerned, this watch performs a similar task.

Fitness Tracker:

When you are travelling especially for a holiday then your fitness regime can take a backseat for some time. However, this will not be the case if you have an Apple watch with you at all times. All you need to do is activate the watch’s Activity app. It includes an accelerometer that helps you to track your body’s movements. There is also an in-built sensor that measures the strength via the heart rate. The GPS and Wi-Fi functions when combined in the apple watch even record the distance that you have trekked in a day. It acts like your personal gym where it even shows the number of calories you have burned. This way you can get in shape all the time even if when you are on a holiday.

The Apple watch is not only a new look to the time keeping but it allows you to see time in the most meaningful ways you can. It is one of the most precise watches ever designed which you will never have to set it yourself. It continues to work with the global time standard with the same technology that is implied in GPS satellites. Unlike other watches, this smart watch comes with varieties of watch faces. You can get connected to your friends well by several new ways. Apple watch makes it all possible and can be termed as your best friend for travel forever.

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Passports Problem Solved: Lost passports

Travelers must be aware of the fact that how important a passport is while travelling abroad. It is a prime and officially recognized government documents that are a proof of one’s identity and his or her citizenship of that particular country. Passport is the only document that permits a citizen to travel out of his country. It is usually required by most of the countries for you to enter as it proves to be your identity.

People these days face a lot of problem of identity theft. It is immensely important today to protect your identity in terms of combating any possible fraud and even as a matter of international security. Identity theft is basically when a person claims to be another person. This provides criminals with the opportunity to hide their true identity by assuming someone else’s individuality. Thus, it is very important to shield your passport from being stolen or from any other damage that may occur.

Even if you are the most cautious traveler, you will never be completely safe from the possibility of losing your passport and other essential documents while travelling abroad. The problems of stolen passports have been solved now. In case you have lost your passport, the first and the foremost thing you should do is report the loss to the nearest consulate or embassy. By immediately informing about the lost it will render your passport being unusable. After that you should apply for a new one.

In case if you are an American and lost your passport, there are certain things that you need while applying for a new one:

  • A passport photo
  • Travel itinerary
  • A police report
  • An ID that could prove their U.S. citizenship

After providing all the necessary details to the passport authorities, you need to wait. It usually takes 2 days for authorities to issue your emergency passport which is then valid for only a year.

Preventing Misuse:

You are the only person responsible for safekeeping of your own passport. A passport is quite an essential document thus; it should always be kept safe whether you are at your home or traveling. If you are to send your passport in the mail to an embassy or consulate for some reason you should be using an equivalent mail service and it must require a signature of the recipient. By law you must report the loss of your passport as soon as possible.

Recovered Passports:

It may be possible that you recover your lost passport after reporting its loss to the nearest embassy. In such a case you should not keep your passport with you and must immediately return it to the nearest passport office. If you are travelling abroad then you must return the same to the Australian diplomatic consulate. That recovered passport will be physically cancelled and they might return you the same if requested. Furthermore you won’t be able to use this cancelled document for travel purposes.

Additional Fee in Case of Passport Lost:

For obtaining a new one in case of lost passport, you will have to go through the entire procedure again. A complete application form is to be filled and you will have to fulfill all normal requirements. Section 10 of the application form is to be filled most importantly as it contains all the details about the loss of your previous passport. An additional fee will be charged in case of issuing a fresh passport. Moreover, the amount of the fee entirely depends on the number of passports you have lost in previous five years.

The application won’t precede further till the time the entire fee or amount has been paid.

Preventive Measures to be taken:

It may take few days to solve the lost passport related issues including London hotels bookings and all but at the end the problem can be solved. At that time when you are struggling to get it all right you may feel that you are into a big mess but after things are resolved you could even get a learning experience. Here are some preventive measures that a traveler must take into account as and when his passport is involved:

  • Before you leave for your destination abroad, take as many photocopies as possible of your passport and visas. You can even make photocopies of your credit cards, travel insurance and other useful documents. You must even mail these documents including passports to your id so that you can access them whenever you want with the help of an internet connection.
  • If it isn’t necessary avoid taking your passport along. It is better to leave it in the lockers available in your hotel room. Rather than keeping the original document with you, it’s better to keep a photocopy of your passport and visa.
  • If you are in any other country and applying for a visa from there then your passport should not be retained for much time. If you don’t get it back within a reasonable time then you must report the same to the police to avoid further problems associated with it.
  • Try and get back the lost visas from the respective embassies. You can even check with your local consulate and you can find the next steps so that you can return back to your country.

If you have lost your passport, you should not worry as you are not the first person who has to face this kind of problem. The police and the consulate will provide the necessary guidance to get you out of this mess.

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Madame Tussauds London – A Must Visit Attraction

Madame Tussauds is one of the most well known and famous attractions in London and is visited by millions of tourists every year. It is ideally located in Central London and is popularly known for recreating life size wax models of celebrities from all across the globe. It has got over 300 was statues and combines all the glitz and glamour at one place. They first opened over 200 years back and since then millions of people have stepped into this attraction to explore the rich enigma of sports personalities, celebrities, the Royals and films etc.

The best possible reason for its success is the old-fashioned curiosity that lies in the heart of people for their favorite personalities. The priority entrance at this incredible wax museum of Madame Tussauds will make you enter the world of glamour and you can get close to your favorite star for a picture and a chit chat however, they won’t be able to answer you back as these are mere statues.

Priority Entrance at Madame Tussauds:

A visit to Madame Tussauds London is a must for every traveler coming to the city for a holiday. No matter he is staying at any London accommodation, he will have to surely come to visit this fabulous museum. They can experience the rich persona and great craftsmanship of people working for this attraction. Most of the times you will find long waiting lines to get the entry ticket to the museum. However, with the help of priority entrance you can get a direct entry by skipping the line. It is a complete skip-the-line entry ticket into the museum and you can avoid those long queues so that you can meet your favorite stars.

How to Get There:

Those staying at a London accommodation close to Baker Street tube station will find it extremely convenient to get there as the museum is located within walking distance from this station.

By Train – As far as a train journey is concerned, Madame Tussauds is located a short stroll away from Marylebone station. Paddington, Vistoria, St. Pancras and Euston are all located within five stops on the underground.

By Bus – If you are a first time traveler to the capital city of London, it is always better for you to use a public transport for exploring the attractions within the city. This will not only be a convenient and economical option but will also be able to make you aware of the city in a much better way. If you would want to reach the museum via a bus, then here are some bus numbers that travel to Madame Tussauds. These are 13, 30, 18, 113, 27, 205, 453, 274, 189 and 139 respectively.

What’s Inside Madame Tussauds:

There is a lot more at the Madame Tussauds than you can expect. You can start your tour to Madame Tussauds by striking a pose with Kate Moss. After you have attended a photo shoot with Kate Moss, it’s time for you to mingle with all the A list stars including Michael Jackson, Brad, Angelina Jolie and Leonardo DiCaprio etc. The entire museum is jam packed with 14 exciting and breathtaking interactive zones along with the magic of the Marvel Super Heroes 4D movie experience. Your best loved super heroes are all bring to life with the help of a mix of 4D animation and you get to witness the magic they spread.

The red carpet is waiting for you to smack a pose with Kate Winslet. You can even meet and greet the members of the Royal family at this museum including Her Majesty The Queen. Don’t miss out the opportunity to get a photo clicked with The Duchess of Cambridge, the newest member of the Royal Family.

Good to Known Information:

This wax museum is not operational 24 hours but there are specific timings for it. For anyone to visit the museum, one must adhere to the timings in order to avoid any hassle and inconvenience.

Weekdays – The timings are 09:30 – 17:30. Last admission to the museum is allowed at 17:30.

Weekends – The timings are 09:00 – 18:00.

These are the regular weekdays and weekend timings however, the timings get changed during any festivities and any special events. If we talk about Christmas Eve the timings are 09:00 – 14:30.

Boxing Day – Timings are from 10:00 till 18:00.

New Year’s Eve: 09:00 – 18:00
New Year’s Day: 10:30 – 18:00

You can expect long waiting queues during busy periods; however the priority entrance shall relieve you from the pain of standing in queues for hours and hours. Moreover, all the tickets now include the very famous Marvel Super Heroes 4D Exhibition.

The confirmation will be received at the time of booking. The attraction also provides disabled access   and wheelchair is accessible for the entre museum except for the “Spirit of London” which is a themed ride inside the museum. Majorly all entertainment and facilities are designed so that they could be fully accessible to disabled travelers as well. The staff at the museum makes sure that the disabled people are transported quite safely from one floor to another. There are special lifts designed for the similar purpose.

A visit to the Madame Tussauds will be the most enthralling and famous day out ever for any traveler. So, get your holiday shoes out and take a stroll at the fascinating Madame Tussauds museum and get the pictures clicked and show it your loved ones back home.

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A Perfect Day in London

Vibrant, vast and vivacious city of London can be visited again and again as there is a lot to discover. It could be just not enough to spend a day or two, but still if you have restricted hours to spend in the city a well planned itinerary is what you need. You can splurge a perfect day in London by starting as close as possible by choosing a perfect London accommodation. After you have freshened up in your room, it’s time to plan out your one day trip so that you don’t miss out on the best sights and attractions.

If you have only one day to explore the city, it’s ideal to start your day from the waterloo station. The London Eye is the most ideal place to start as it offers the most charming views of the city. Though, it’s a bit costly but still worth spending money for any traveler. One must focus on the areas around South Bank near waterloo and Buckingham Palace. South Kensington is yet another place to wander around. Here are the activities that can’t be missed out by you:

  • Exploring the fantastic galore of institutions like the Royal Academy and the Tate.
  • Shopping at the very famous Selfridges as it allows you to shop till you drop. You can shop everything from clothes to footwear to accessories and food all under one roof and there is no dearth of options lying here.

Things to Explore in South Kensington Area:

While you have chosen to explore the area around South Kensington, make sure that you first explore the free museums in the neighbourhood. The celebrated Victoria & Albert Museum and the Natural History Museum are the shining stars of the area. Spend just a couple of hours here at these places otherwise you won’t be able to do justice to your one day itinerary planned.

These museums are also good for you to explore especially if you are travelling along with your kids as there is a lot here that can fascinate them. There are different activities planned for children of all age groups. Victoria & Albert museum is a façade for those interested in art and fashion. Tired a bit? Unwind for a while in the lush green space at the central courtyard. Moreover, one can even sip in a cup of coffee at the V&A café and can even satisfy your hunger with a wide range of cakes and hot meals.

Shopaholics can now turn their heads to the Knightsbridge where you will feel all the more happy picking some fabulous brands. The well known Harrows lies in Knightsbridge and is a must watch for every traveller coming to London. Serpentine Lake is yet another thing that should not be missed. A tour to London is incomplete if you haven’t taken a stroll at the Hyde Park. The very famous Diana Memorial water fountains and playground and a stroll at the Kensington Gardens could not just be enough for your kids. If you feel little hungry by that time, The Orangery is perfectly located where you can have an extravagant lunch. Those who have not tried English Afternoon tea yet while staying in the capital city; this is the best place to taste that.

South Bank near Waterloo:

If you haven’t experienced the South Bank in the city then you have done half of it. It is a must to do in any London itinerary especially if you just have a day with you. It is a creative area featuring the best of attractions and shopping. London Eye, OXO building, Tate Modern and Shakespeare’s Globe Theater are few places that will leave you spoiled for options. If you have time left then a tour to the theatre can be done. Next is the Southwark Cathedral where you might want to spend few minutes. Add on something extra to your itinerary by taking a stroll at the Borough Market that specializes to have best food producers.

Buckingham Palace the Next Destination:

Everyone who arrives in London knows about Buckingham Palace however, the persona of this palace can only be realized after you visit this. This is known as the official residence of the Queen. Changing the Guards ceremony is quite an event to watch. Buy a ticket to the Buckingham Palace that comes with an audio guide which makes the entire experience even more wonderful.

Though, spending a perfect day in the city could be tiring if you just 24 hours with you but there are several parks for you to relax and catch up a breath. Sit down at the St. James Park and relax a bit. Far end from the Buckingham Palace, arrive at the Horse guard’s parade.

The city has been a blend of cultures since years now thus; it’s easy for the city to serve all kinds of travelers coming from all across the globe. You can end your perfect day at any live music event; you can do so by stepping in at any bar and nightclubs. There is no dearth of options as England is quite well known for its pubs. You can experience evening entertainment at any of these.

Reaching Hotel:

Make use of any public transport for reaching down to your hotel at night. London’s public transport runs all night long and there are night buses running to various routes. A night bus trip in London city is something that you must experience. With this you can end your perfect day by making a promise to yourself that you will surely visit the city again.

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30 Most Beautiful Cities in Europe

If planning a trip to Europe there is no dearth of fabulous cities to explore. If you are a wanderer then one or two cities are just not enough to satisfy your wanderer appetite. The cities are well known for their beauty, restaurants, nightlife, shopping and recreation.

Here are 30 most beautiful cities to visit in Europe:

Paris, France:

Paris has got that romantic feel. In whilst of romance, the city has got several vibrant monuments and churches. The city is filled up to the brim with several historic associations.

Dublin, Ireland:

Dublin is the capital city of Republic of Ireland and has relatively small city centre. The pub culture of the city can’t be compared to any other place. Travelers can take a stroll and can relax a bit at the lush green landscapes of Stephen’s Green and the very well known Phoenix Park.


It is one of the capital cities. Amsterdam is the most populous. As far as tourism is concerned, it is one of the popular tourist destinations in Europe. It can make you spoil for choices with great bicycle rides and rich coffee shop culture.


Prague is all created as a beautiful and enigmatic set of a fairy tale. It is the capital city of the Czech Republic and offers a great mix of marvelous walled courtyards, cathedrals and delightful churches. It is a place that spells bound visitors of all ages.


Best known as the capital city of England, this vibrant city can leave you spoiled for choices as far as iconic attractions and sightseeing is concerned. It is Europe’s biggest city. As far as luxury shopping goes, London offers the best of all featuring all luxury brands and some of the top notch supermarkets.


If you want to grab the taste of real Italy, Florence is the place to step in. It boasts of vivacious and glamorous architecture and famous museums. Mouth-watering cuisines are enough for any traveler to fall in love with the city.


The place is quite budget-friendly from hotel accommodation to shopping and sightseeing etc. Travelers can experience the rich local culture and feel the sense of this European city.

Barcelona, Spain:

Barcelona is the second largest city of Spain. You get to witness lot of medieval architecture. From a tourist’s point of view, there are several points of interest and can fascinate people of all age groups.

Vienna, Austria:

It is by far one of the most populated cities of Austria and is jam packed with imperial history. Vivacious and colorful nightlife scenes and best of eating make this place an apple of the eye for many travelers.

Rome, Italy:

Rome is a place where you can take a glimpse of both old and contemporary, past and present. You can either spend your time by exploring the truly enigmatic attractions or can lie down at the best cafes watching the world go by.

Istanbul, Turkey:

Istanbul is the financial and cultural centre of Turkey and at the same time the most populous city. Half of the city is there is Europe and the other half rests in Asia. The lively culture of the city makes you feel the evidence of the two converging worlds.


It is a city in the northeastern Italy and one of the most interesting places in the world to visit. Feel the glory of Grand Canal palaces by staying here. The romantic gondola rides says it all and you will feel the love in the air.


Edinburgh is the inspiring capital city of Scotland. It possesses immense wealth of attractions. Take a tour of the ancient castles to feel the rich cultural heritage of the city.


It attracts thousands of tourists every year with its captivating castles, gardens and canals. It is well known for its flea markets and this northern city is quite affordable and budget-friendly.


Crete is the largest island of Greece. It is an island featuring the most beautiful sandy beaches along the coastline of stunning blue Mediterranean Sea.


It is a gigantic city featuring the best of nightlife, sightseeing, restaurants and accommodation. Budapest is the Europe’s delightful city where travelers of all age groups can enjoy.


The best part of this city is its affordability. Here travelers can get quality hotel accommodation at cheap prices. Even attractions and meals here don’t make hole in your pockets.


Those fond of art and fashion, Tuscany is one of the finest repositories of art in the world. It ranges from marvelous architectures to extravagant paintings and sculptures. Spoil yourself in the arms of lavishness by enjoying world class cuisine and wines.

St. Petersburg:

St. Petersburg is not only the second largest city but also one of the most beautiful cities in Russia. It allure travelers by its planned and obscure architecture which is a must witness.


Those who have the notion that Brussels is all business are mistaken. It is the capital city of the European Union but the city calls for great and lively tourism and know how to serve visitors well.


If we talk about the Greenest city of Europe, Hamburg is the place that tops the charts.


Plan your trip to the Munich city and wander around vibrant attractions to suit all tastes and ages.


It is an old town like no other in the entire Europe and is the largest city of Poland. Warsaw boasts of its rich culture in theater and music and is a host to several festivals and events. Every year, various commemorative events take place in the city.


Krakow is one of the oldest cities of Poland and those who are fond of exploring the artistic life of any city; this is the place to visit.


It is not only a city well glorified for its beauty but is also a home to few finest Roman ruins.


Those who like colors to a great extent, Reykjavik is one such city in Europe to visit. The city mesmerizes travelers with its colorful buildings that give a sense of great positivity and vibrancy.


Milan is best known as the fashion capital and is financially the most crucial city in Italy. The city has marked its place for Italian fashion and several grandeur fashion events takes place every year in the city. It is all the more renowned for its modern sights and historical wealth.


Being the capital city of both the Province of Palermo and the autonomous region of Sicily the city is quite well known for its great culture and architecture. The great architectural styles of the city make it one of its kinds in the entire Europe.


Nice is a glamorous old town located on the blue French Riviera. The area has a façade of natural beauty and the mild Mediterranean climate allure travelers at all times of the year.


Beautiful parks and first class food scene across the streets are the kind of benchmark if the city of Birmingham. It is a metropolitan borough ideally situated in the West Midlands of England.

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Heathrow hotel with breakfast starting early 6am?

Heathrow is a prime international airport ideally located in West London. If considered globally, it is the third busiest in the world. This airport is overcrowded at all times with people travelling to and fro from the airport. Late arrivals and early departures is a kind of normal routine for people passing through Heathrow or getting down at the airport. Thus, this airport features world’s best airport hotels. Such airport hotels or cheap hotels near Heathrow are the most convenient options for those who need to catch an early morning flight or want a break from a continued journey.

The hotels surrounding the airport are perfect for all business and leisure voyagers alike. These accommodation options offer you with the best of stay options and those who have an early morning flight to catch will get some good night’s sleep at these hotels. Since it is an international hub, thus it has to please everyone travelling from any part of the globe. For such a gesture, the hotels near the airport are well crafted to suit every travelers needs.

Hotels at Heathrow Airport:

With the rising needs of travelers passing through the Heathrow airport every now and then has led the rise in hotels close to the airport. These hotels have special facilities that cater to such a kind of traveler who is arriving quite late or have an early morning flight. The hotels propose great convenience to the visitors including early morning breakfast services. It could be as early as 6 in the morning. So, if you have an early morning flight to catch then you should not worry about moving out of the hotel empty stomach. You can have a sumptuous breakfast at 6 in the morning and can then check-out of the hotel to the Heathrow airport.

Sheraton Skyline Hotel Heathrow:

This 4 star hotel close to the Heathrow airport in London feature the best of soundproofed rooms ensuring a restful sleep. The hotel well understands the requirements of travelers flying early morning as the hotel serves English breakfast starting as early from 6 am in the morning. They even serve the breakfast in the room itself so if you are in a hurry then simply call up the kitchen and get your breakfast served ready in your room. Though, the hotel might charge some additional money for doing so.

The hotel gives decent menu options starting from few healthy ones including salads to all kinds of burgers and variety of beverages. Overall it serves you a complete English breakfast. Those who prefer a vegetarian menu can even ask for it as vegetarian menu is also available and can be arranged on request.

Arora Hotel Heathrow:

This is one of the cheap hotels near Heathrow that even gives every traveler a comfortable stay. It is great accommodation for all kinds of tourists be it travelling for business or for a vacation. It is an ideal option especially for those visitors who need an overnight stopover in Heathrow. As far as the breakfast is concerned, this Heathrow airport serves breakfast as early as 6 AM. Moreover, as the menu goes, one can satisfy your appetite with a wide variety of freshly prepared British dishes. The international chefs are well versed in cooking all foods by using the best of ingredients and will be of optimum quality.

If we talk about airport hotels, several are located around the terminals 1, 2 and 3. The Holiday Inn at the Heathrow is the closest of all Heathrow hotels. However, as far as terminal specific hotels are concerned, there are little options possible. The hotels that are linked directly to the airport terminals include:

  • Sofitel London Heathrow (Terminal 5)
  • YOTEL (Terminal 4)
  • Hilton London Heathrow Airport (Terminal 4)
  • No. 1 Traveler Lounge – day rooms (Terminal 3)

Other than these if you look around Heathrow airport there will be plenty of options available.

Business Travelers:

Hotels around the airport are superlative for business visitors coming to the capital city. All hotels comprises of business facilities including speedy internet connection, meetings and well assisted conference rooms. Some hotels even hold devoted business centers with well featured secretarial services.

Above all, the close proximity of the hotels to the Heathrow airport often gives a peace of mind to voyagers that they have to travel a short while from the hotel to the airport next morning.

Being a traveler if you want to reach your Heathrow hotel from the airport or you want to travel back to the airport from your Heathrow airport, the additional Hoppa bus service is for you. This bus service begins from early morning to late at night. It picks you up right from the airport door and drops you at the hotel.

There are times when due to severe weather conditions or strikes, passengers may have to face extended delays and haults at the airport. In such situations, similar hotels play quite an understanding role. In such cases Heathrow hotels provides you with much required escape from all the chaos that happens. By getting a stay booked at the Heathrow hotels in London you can give your family a comfortable and relaxed environment to recollect your energy for further travel. These hotels are a boon for all kinds of visitors arriving or departing from the Heathrow airport. They offer excellent places to stay before or after your vacation or business meeting is over.

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Heathrow Airport Hotels – A Boon for Travelers

As we all know London is a great city to unwind your stress by enjoying a holiday with your family and friends. It is known as one of the best vacation destinations in the world. Breathtaking landmarks, extravagant shopping and rich culture form the cornerstones of the city. However, a travel, be it for leisure or for business is unsuccessful without a plan. Travel planning is considered to be a crucial element of your vacation or for your business trip. Finding a suitable accommodation is yet another major part of it.

As we talk about accommodation in London, the city offers you the best of accommodations at the most incredible convenient locations. Unlike other countries, London offers utmost care to travelers those who have late arrival or departures especially if it is to be done from the Heathrow airport. Heathrow is a prime international airport ideally located in West London. Moreover, it is the busiest airport in the UK and third busiest airport in the world. So, with this you can simply imagine the flow of travelers at this airport. Keeping this rush and flow of travelers in mind, the airport offers fabulous hotel accommodations.

Airport hotels are often a good thought when you have to board late night or early morning flights to some other destination. There are times when you might just need to grab few hours of sleep before continuing your journey. This is time when you actually feel the importance of airport hotels. Heathrow airport hotels act as a boon for travelers so that they can catch up with a good night’s sleep.


If we talk about Heathrow hotels there are a total of 30 mainstream hotels at the airport. Marriot, Travelodge, Sheraton, Premier Inn and Holiday Inn are few high quality brand names. There are two major hotels that have a well connectivity with the airport. These are: Sofitel (terminal 5) and The Hilton (terminal 4)

Sofitel London Heathrow:

This ideal airport accommodation for travelers is directly connected to the terminal 5 of the Heathrow airport. Other than this, the hotel offers great and well connected transport links that include Heathrow Express Rail. Central London is located at a distance of few kilometers that can be reached within 21 minutes from the Heathrow airport. It comprises of four room types including superior, classic, suites and luxury. This hotel is a bit expensive but it will surely give you value for your money spend. Each of the room comprises of all contemporary facilities and amenities.

It boasts of a 400 car parking lot. It is one of the finest places to stay within the airport premises for business travelers even as their 45 meeting rooms are well facilitated to hold all types of business meetings and conferences.

Hilton London Heathrow Airport:

Hilton is ideally located with a direct access to terminal 4. It features a total of 398 rooms for guests to relax. Moreover, the hotel is closely situated to some of the prime corporate headquarters of global companies. It offers flexible and well facilitated meeting rooms thus, suitable for arranging all sorts of business meetings.

Other than business facilities and amenities, guests can unwind their stress by relaxing at the Plunge pool featuring steam and sauna rooms. Pampering can’t be just enough with Hilton London Heathrow airport as the hotel offers beauty salon and a fabulous mock beach terrace.

There is no dearth of options when it comes to hotels near or within Heathrow airport. Along the Bath Road the Travelodge Heathrow Central and Ibis, Premier Travel Inn awaits for visitors to step in. Further along the West of the airport, Thistle, Quality Inn and Sheraton Park are few ideal options to choose from.

The popularity of Heathrow Airport hotels has been immensely rising among travelers because of the convenient options they are able to provide to people travelling from the Heathrow airport. Such airport hotels offer the best of all-inclusive facilities and services. Those who have an early flight to catch is now refrained from an early morning motorway journeys to the airport as now the hotels are located within walking distance from the airport.

There are times when passengers may face long halts at the airports or lengthy flight delays due to some severe weather conditions or some strikes. In these cases, the hotels at the Heathrow airport provide a much relaxing escape from all the airport chaos. Visitors now have the option to grab some relaxing by checking-in at the Heathrow hotels with their families.

Hotel Transfers:

No commercial hotel shuttle bus service is allowed to pick guests from the airport to the hotels. The authorities at the airport have banned all these complimentary hotel bus shuttles. Instead of this there will be a monopoly bus service that will be working by the name of Hoppa Bus. This bus travels to various different routes and each route features 3 to 4 hotels all within close proximity to the Heathrow airport. Moreover, the Hoopa bus service is chargeable.

Business Travelers:

The hotels at the Heathrow airport are all well designed in order to cater leisure and business travelers alike. They are ideally suited to satisfy all business needs and requirements featuring facilitated meeting rooms. Meeting rooms comprises of speedy internet connection and fax machines etc. Moreover, a business traveler will be assigned a dedicated point of contact that will help him plan his conference to an optimum level. It is even important for such a person to grab some peace of mind which he can surely get at these Heathrow hotels. As far as room tariffs are concerned, Heathrow hotels most commonly facilitate business travelers due to which the room rates are available at a much cheaper price that you can think of. It happens usually on a Friday, Saturday and Sunday of course.

So, if travelling to London close to weekend, then grab a chance to stay at the Heathrow hotels.

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Everything you wanted to know about ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

People will often argue that stunts, most of them stupid, will go viral as long as there is Internet. Icing and planking are two such examples of stupid stunts. But the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is something very different from the other stunts.

What is ALS?
ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) is a Neurodegenerative disease where the patient soon becomes paralyzed, finally becoming incapable of breathing. It results in a hundred per cent mortality rate. In the United States the disease is commonly referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s disease”.

The Ice Bucket Challenge had its inception in July. But it was not in its present incarnation till August when the ALS Association put out its first press release about the phenomenon. Within two weeks, the charity tallied $ 5.7 million in donations.

It became famous in such a way as if it were invented in some viral factory. Everywhere in the Internet you can see people from celebrity to big corporate houses participating in the challenge. In fact, the celebrity and built-in virality, which came of course with “tagging” friends, really has some random good cause attached with it. A big effect of the ice bucket challenge is “awareness”.

It is the unanimous opinion that the Ice Bucket Challenge was the coolest hot trend this summer. It was the hottest trend not only among the non-profit world but also among celebrities and just among anyone who has a camera and an Internet connection.

It is reported that prior to the craze of the Ice Bucket Challenge craze, only half of the American population knew about ALS. But the craze identified itself as the grassroots level and spread like forest fire. With this, anyone you meet today can tell you at least something about the disease.

What is the deal like?
If you happen to be challenged by someone during their Ice Bucket Challenge you’re expected to take the challenge as well. Grab a bucket fill it up with Ice Cold Water. , After dumping the Ice cold slurry of Ice and water on your head then posting your video or images for the world to see you are now entitled to challenge others to go through the same experience, the minimum seems to be challenging 3 other people to the ALS ice bucket challenge.

If you don’t want to dump the freezing water on your head, what will you have to do?
In case if you don’t want to dump freezing water on your head you’re supposed to donate to the ALS charity of your choice. This is all in good fun for promoting awareness of a horrible disease, and it’s making a real difference for the charities quadrupling the donations they were seeing last year around this time.

Several reasons contributed to the success of the Challenge. To attract attention of the young generation, it is extremely important that not only to tell a compelling story but also to make that story have a personal feeling. The Challenge has done that exactly. Social media played the biggest role in making it famous. Facebook posts, Twitter videos and Instagram photos often carry a sense of self-congratulatory: “Look at what I did to give back. Look at how I dumped water on my head. Everyone look at me doing something good.” But the truth is that, this very thing is a large part which made the campaign this much successful.

To raise awareness for ALS, Bill Gates, Justin Timberlake, Ron White, William Shatner, Robert Downy Jr and Jimmy Fallon are few of the several names of celebrities such who have dumped buckets of ice of themselves. Don’t be surprised to know that the viral Challenge has raised more than $53 million in donations. To fight the deadly, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has raised more than tens of millions of dollars.

In August, Facebook FB +0.47% feeds were filled with people dumping buckets of ice water over their heads, and challenging others to do the same, or else donate to an ALS charity. Many people did both.

Barbara Newhouse, the president and chief executive of the ALS Association, told about the flood of financing “It just became craziness. Good craziness, but craziness.” She also said “The challenge is managing the public’s expectations that we are moving with urgency, yet spending the dollars wisely.”

The goal of the ALS Association is to spend the money received as donation, carefully, not just quickly. The chief communications and marketing officer of the ALS Association said, “The possibility of spending $100 million by end of January [the firm's end of fiscal year] is slim to none”

Barbara Newhouse also mentioned “Encouraging three million ice-bucket donors to keep on giving, without the threat of ice being poured over their heads. Even the huge increase in donations pales next to the $1 billion it can take to bring a new drug to market.”

The ALS association funds almost one hundred research projects which are selected through a peer review process involving top ALS scientists.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a perfect example of how technology has changed and still changing for a great number of significant causes. Such kinds of online and social media campaigns are sure to change the manner we think about causes. It will also help us in raising global colossal awareness as well as money in the innovative ways which we have ever thought of. Portraying this particular cause through social media worked well since it has got an element of fun. The challenge emboldens people to take part and engage their friends in this challenge too.

As the ALS Ice Bucket challenge has taken Facebook – and the world – by storm, social media is abuzz with a new term: “”. With the ALS Ice Bucket challenge making its mark in Facebook, a new term “Slacktivism” is strongly buzzing the social media. The Oxford Dictionary defines Slacktivism as an action “performed via the Internet in support of a political or social cause but regarded as requiring little time or involvement”.

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