Everything you wanted to know about ALS Ice Bucket Challenge

People will often argue that stunts, most of them stupid, will go viral as long as there is Internet. Icing and planking are two such examples of stupid stunts. But the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is something very different from the other stunts.

What is ALS?
ALS (Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis) is a Neurodegenerative disease where the patient soon becomes paralyzed, finally becoming incapable of breathing. It results in a hundred per cent mortality rate. In the United States the disease is commonly referred to as “Lou Gehrig’s disease”.

The Ice Bucket Challenge had its inception in July. But it was not in its present incarnation till August when the ALS Association put out its first press release about the phenomenon. Within two weeks, the charity tallied $ 5.7 million in donations.

It became famous in such a way as if it were invented in some viral factory. Everywhere in the Internet you can see people from celebrity to big corporate houses participating in the challenge. In fact, the celebrity and built-in virality, which came of course with “tagging” friends, really has some random good cause attached with it. A big effect of the ice bucket challenge is “awareness”.

It is the unanimous opinion that the Ice Bucket Challenge was the coolest hot trend this summer. It was the hottest trend not only among the non-profit world but also among celebrities and just among anyone who has a camera and an Internet connection.

It is reported that prior to the craze of the Ice Bucket Challenge craze, only half of the American population knew about ALS. But the craze identified itself as the grassroots level and spread like forest fire. With this, anyone you meet today can tell you at least something about the disease.

What is the deal like?
If you happen to be challenged by someone during their Ice Bucket Challenge you’re expected to take the challenge as well. Grab a bucket fill it up with Ice Cold Water. , After dumping the Ice cold slurry of Ice and water on your head then posting your video or images for the world to see you are now entitled to challenge others to go through the same experience, the minimum seems to be challenging 3 other people to the ALS ice bucket challenge.

If you don’t want to dump the freezing water on your head, what will you have to do?
In case if you don’t want to dump freezing water on your head you’re supposed to donate to the ALS charity of your choice. This is all in good fun for promoting awareness of a horrible disease, and it’s making a real difference for the charities quadrupling the donations they were seeing last year around this time.

Several reasons contributed to the success of the Challenge. To attract attention of the young generation, it is extremely important that not only to tell a compelling story but also to make that story have a personal feeling. The Challenge has done that exactly. Social media played the biggest role in making it famous. Facebook posts, Twitter videos and Instagram photos often carry a sense of self-congratulatory: “Look at what I did to give back. Look at how I dumped water on my head. Everyone look at me doing something good.” But the truth is that, this very thing is a large part which made the campaign this much successful.

To raise awareness for ALS, Bill Gates, Justin Timberlake, Ron White, William Shatner, Robert Downy Jr and Jimmy Fallon are few of the several names of celebrities such who have dumped buckets of ice of themselves. Don’t be surprised to know that the viral Challenge has raised more than $53 million in donations. To fight the deadly, Lou Gehrig’s Disease, the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge has raised more than tens of millions of dollars.

In August, Facebook FB +0.47% feeds were filled with people dumping buckets of ice water over their heads, and challenging others to do the same, or else donate to an ALS charity. Many people did both.

Barbara Newhouse, the president and chief executive of the ALS Association, told about the flood of financing “It just became craziness. Good craziness, but craziness.” She also said “The challenge is managing the public’s expectations that we are moving with urgency, yet spending the dollars wisely.”

The goal of the ALS Association is to spend the money received as donation, carefully, not just quickly. The chief communications and marketing officer of the ALS Association said, “The possibility of spending $100 million by end of January [the firm's end of fiscal year] is slim to none”

Barbara Newhouse also mentioned “Encouraging three million ice-bucket donors to keep on giving, without the threat of ice being poured over their heads. Even the huge increase in donations pales next to the $1 billion it can take to bring a new drug to market.”

The ALS association funds almost one hundred research projects which are selected through a peer review process involving top ALS scientists.

The ALS Ice Bucket Challenge is a perfect example of how technology has changed and still changing for a great number of significant causes. Such kinds of online and social media campaigns are sure to change the manner we think about causes. It will also help us in raising global colossal awareness as well as money in the innovative ways which we have ever thought of. Portraying this particular cause through social media worked well since it has got an element of fun. The challenge emboldens people to take part and engage their friends in this challenge too.

As the ALS Ice Bucket challenge has taken Facebook – and the world – by storm, social media is abuzz with a new term: “”. With the ALS Ice Bucket challenge making its mark in Facebook, a new term “Slacktivism” is strongly buzzing the social media. The Oxford Dictionary defines Slacktivism as an action “performed via the Internet in support of a political or social cause but regarded as requiring little time or involvement”.

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Explore more of London with London Pass

If you are wondering how to spend your next vacation or what to do with the children for the yearly half-terms, London is the ultimate answer. With numerous landmarks, venues, galleries and museums, it is guaranteed that you will find something that will make you awestruck and also something that your children will simply love.

London is not only popular for being global city offering the ultimate luxury and splendour, it is also worldwide famous for its rich history accompanied by pomp and pageantry. There are numerous buildings and houses displaying the engaging Victorian era architecture. The colossal skyline and the world class infrastructure of the city boasts of the development it has undergone in the last century. One of the biggest attractions for tourists is the Tube, which is the oldest underground railway system that started in 1863. The vibrant city is also the largest centre of the financial hub in the whole of Europe with its array in the politics, business, education, fashion, media and arts making it as one of the most flourishing and dynamic cities. This ebullience and versatility is the reason which attracts millions of tourists from all over the world either to have a rendezvous with its emblematic landmarks or for their business efforts.

At the same time, London, the capital city of the United Kingdom, is also one of the most expensive cities of the world. For example, transport cost is pretty high. A journey in the tube is not at all a very affordable affair, especially for the low budget tourists. Even travelling by bus demands a considerable share if the travel budget. Besides these, majority of the tourist attractions are quite highly priced, thus making it tough for tourists who are on low budget, to experience them. Also, London being a buzzing city, something or the other keeps on happening round the year. It may be celebrity events, rock concerts, exhibitions trade shows and conferences. These are really extremely desirable and also even more money demanding. Due to all these factors, it is necessary to find accommodation in cheap hotels in London. This will save money which can, in turn, be used for leisure and entertainment. Besides cheap hotels in London, there are also several luxury hotels in London which discounts.

In fact, London Pass package will help you save huge on both money as well as time.
The London Pass package is the perfect option for those people who have plans to visit the buzzing city with their family. It has the option of a two or four night package. The package includes accommodation at a range of our The Shaftesbury Hotels, as well as a two or four day London pass so that you can explore the vibrant city.

What is The London Pass? The London Pass is the saviour of a sightseer’s saviour as it offers the visitors to the London city free entry to more than sixty of London’s top attractions, landmarks, monuments and museums. It also offers free entry benefits. The London Pass also includes a free detailed guidebook with more than one hundred and sixty pages. To put in simple words, it makes sightseeing simple.

The London Pass package is the key to unlock London’s most popular attractions. It means that you won’t even have to an extra penny to teach your children about the city’s history and rich culture and you will also enjoy to the fullest. The pass acts as your all-inclusive ticket, with skip-the-line benefits at certain busy attractions. It also has additional special offers of discounted shopping and dining experiences in the city helping you save even more.

What is in it for the kids? There is plethora of things to do in London that are great for keeping the kids entertained. The Tower of London is a must-see to teach them about London’s past, including tales of past kings and queens, the crown jewels and some of the notorious prisoners. With a Yeoman’s Tour they can explore this historic fort and learn about one of London’s most popular attractions first-hand and come away with a real sense of London’s rich past. What’s more, it’s all included in the price of your London Pass package.

If the weather is pleasant, London Zoo is a splendid place that children will love. There are more than seventeen hundred animals. Children will love to see the wild and exotic animals, along with the children; you will also love the experience and revisit your childhood days. Of the several latest enclosures of the zoo, Tiger Territory is one. Rainforest Life is the city’s sole rainforest where children can have an experience of impenetrable greenery of the Amazon along with all of its inhabitants such as marmosets and sloths.

There are several other attractions which are included for free with The London Pass. The package has been designed in such a way that the children love it and enjoy to the fullest. Pollock’s Toy Museum is a family favourite and with a variety of football stadium tours to choose from. The London Pass also offers a wide range of food and leisure options to make the most of.

Sports & Recreation
The London Pass is, indeed, a great way of seeing much more of London for less – and not sacrificing on any of the fun. Including free entry to over 60 attractions, it will save a good amount of your money. Not only this, you need not have to wait in long queue to purchase tickets.

Top ten attractions
You can visit for free with The London Pass-
1. Thames River Cruise- You can save 18 pounds
2. Tower of London- You can save 20 pounds
3. Westminster Abbey- You can save 18 pounds
4. London Bridge Experience- You can save 24 pounds
5. Windsor Castle- You can save 18.50 pounds
6. Kensington Palace- You can save 15 pounds
7. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre- You can save 13.50 pounds
8. Tower Bridge Exhibition- You can save 9 pounds
9. Hampton Court Palace- You can save 16.50 pounds
10. Churchill War Rooms- You can save 15.90 pounds

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Six best places for your next September Vacation

As autumn approaches and the leaves begin to turn, it is a great time to travel to enjoy decent weather, especially when the heat of summer has gone. It is still reliably sunny and it is romantic to walk under the magnificent display of colour of oaks, beeches, and chestnuts.

Six great places to travel in September are:

Istanbul is the largest city in Turkey. Situated at the shortest distance of sea-crossing between Europe and Asia, the city forms the largest urban agglomeration in Europe. In September, it is an exciting place to see hundreds of thousands of raptors and storks flying south towards Africa for the season of winter. The Camlic Hills and the waterfront of the city are good bird-spotting locations. The night scene of Istanbul is noted as animated and unparalleled.

Combining the massive crowds of August with the muggy days, a visit to Istanbul during the peak months might not be wise, but during September things get quite a bit better. Days are warm but rarely too hot, and there’s still not much rain to worry about.

Putting up in Istanbul hotels may be expensive, but there are several hotels which offer discounts. There are websites such as Trip Advisor which offer a listing of several hotels in the city. These hotels are guaranteed to fit your budget and that too without sacrificing any comfort.

Eastern Canada
To experience the spectacle of changing leaves, make your trip in the second half of the month of September. Several cruise lines are available such as Holland America, Crystal, Princess, Norwegian and Carnival. Taking a four to ten days cruise will be a life enriching experience for you. Bus tour of Eastern Canada is also quite popular. If are like driving, simply drive up to Niagara Falls. Iceberg Alley will definitely fascinate you. Get to know how it feels to see the world’s highest tides, which reach as high as 50 feet, in the Bay of Fundy in New Brunswick.

Canadian hotels are identified as comfy as well as high standard. The highest cleanliness can be expected from coast-to-coast hotels given that the travel and leisure market is definitely an essential part of Canada’s economic climate. The hotels here are required to meet quality specifications simply because of the strict wellness restrictions in Canada.

Europe is also popular in the fall, again because there are fewer crowds. If you are visiting an area in the Mediterranean, the water is usually still warm enough for swimming or snorkelling. London, Paris, Venice, Edinburgh, Dublin, Barcelona, Rome and the Greek Isles are some of the most famous places in Europe. Tours, Cruises or train packages between each city is the best to opt to visit the different cities. Europe in particular really opens up with some great deals in cities that actually have their best weather of the year at the end of summer. Airfares get lower and hotels and hostels get cheaper and easier to find, so this is really perfect if you’ve got the time off.

In London, which is the most famous of the European places, have several hotels in different parts of the city. There are super luxury hotels as well as affordable and hotels. Among the several types of London accommodations, the Shaftesbury hotels are the premier kinds which also offer services at quite affordable rates. Since it is a very expensive city, you are advised to go for London accommodation which provide the ultimate comfortable services but at reasonable rates.

Prague, Czech Republic
Another city where “great weather” might be a stretch during September is Prague. The first half of September is actually quite nice, with very little rainfall, so it’s the perfect time of year to visit unless you like to bundle up during the day.
Prague is the City of a Hundred Spires, a UNESCO monument. It is also one of the most fascinating cities in this planet. Prague Castle is the most prominent tourist attraction. Set on a hill, it affords visitors fine views over the whole city. With immensely beautiful locations, it is quite cheap compared to other European cities that aren’t half as lovely or charming. Hotels in particular can be expensive so it’s best to book early to lock in something in a good neighbourhood if you can.

Lisbon, Portugal
If you want to visit the beautiful city of Lisbon, September is the best month. It has warm days and really very pleasant evenings and almost nil rainfall. As the temperature starts cooling off as well after the summer, sightseeing becomes a very pleasurable experience. Perhaps, Lisbon has the finest year-round climate in entire Europe, so there’s really no bad time to go. There is a unique hostel culture in the city. This hostel culture has grown to be extremely popular and thus a favourite for that kind of tourists who are basically backpackers.

Madrid, Spain
Madrid of Spain witnesses a huge number of tourists in September. After the extreme hot summer, September is the best time to visit Madrid. It can be said that the weather of September is almost perfect having warm days and nights which are very pleasant. Rainfall is not at all a thing to be concerned of. It must be noted here that in Madrid hotel rates actually fall in the months of July and August, and start rising again in September, so booking early is recommended if you want a good bargain at a well located place. Hostels here can be great value, though some can be a bit shabby so it’s best to research before booking.

Visiting Madrid does not come cheaply and it would be great if you can find a hotel that can accommodate your budget. Check Trip Advisor and browse the listings for hotels in Madrid.

Choose the venue for your next September vacation and plan it accordingly. Don’t forget your camera and hadycam to capture some of the best moments of your life.

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Longitude and other Dublin sites call for a nice Vacation

All across the Ireland, in big cities and small towns, more and more festivals are making their presence every year. One can see food stands, Big Tops, little yurts and great bands. Each of the small fiestas has its own exclusive charm. It also has its own exclusive gathering of enthusiastic festival goers.

But I liked Longitude the most. It is the younger sister of Latitude Festival. It is held for three days in Marlay Park. It has four stages and an awesome collection of the most happening bands. Away from the music, you can definitely expect circus tents, stages in thicket clearings, discos and bars, and zones for relaxing along with an extensive selection of delicious food and amazing drink to keep you satiated over the weekend.

I simply love the festival. I cannot even think of missing any of the programs. When Longitude is around the corner, I start counting the days. The sights, the smell, the sound, everything about Longitude are simply mind blowing. The jovial and lively atmosphere takes everything else. If you are at Longitude and you miss out a band here and there, that actually does not matter.

If you want to know about the line up, I shall describe the line up of this year as simply unique. On Friday, on the main stage, the very much one and only Ben Howard headlines. George Ezra and Hudson Taylor are his predecessors. They will be followed by headline makers such as Bombay Bicycle Club and Bastille. The smaller stages also need to be checked out as they are no less than the others. They have their own charisma. Being in Longitude is like having the playlist of my favourite music played one of the other.

If you want to locate me on Saturday, you will find me perched right in front of the main gate from 3 pm till midnight. And that too still at the same place! The Saturday line up is nothing less than outrageous. This is the reason why it was sold out several weeks ago. The 1975, Churches and Haim, Hozier, Sam Smith do the warming up of the stage. It is the amazingly perfect combination of soul, indie, and electro pop. This means that there is something for everyone on the main stage on Saturday.

There is, however, one problem with all best festivals. You have to make difficult choices. The Heineken stage on Saturday evening, Cyril Hahn and Haim appears at the same time on the Main Stage. The awesome and the favourites of many, Le Galaxie will be giving his performance, while on the main stage, brother duo Disclosure will mix it.

Sunday has the most impressive line up. The main stage sees We Cut Corners open the show, succeeded later in the evening by Rudimental, James Vincent McMorrow and Massive Attack which will be closing the show. It is worth buying a weekend ticket just to hear them perform Teardrop.

The food and drinks are just going to be awesome. Wondering why? This is because Wok N Roll, Gourmet Burger King, Mak Slim, Hans Frankenfurter and Saba will all have their stands.

It is always suggested to plan your trip to Longitude well in advance. Whether you are planning to avail a bus, a walk, a car or by walking, plan everything beforehand so that you don’t face any problem. But make sure that upside if Marley Park, there will be no camping. Since it is set in a residential area, everyone has to vacate the area immediately after the last performance.

Longitude is definitely one of the top festivals of the summer. If you have few more days of vacation, you should definitely check out some of the major attractions of Dublin in Ireland.

There are several cheap hotel deals exclusively meant for the Longitude festival. To provide accommodation to the huge number of audience, the hotels have several deals which are really very affordable. You can book your accommodation beforehand. In fact, it is very much advised to do so as it gets you cheap hotel deals. You have to choose hotels from where transportation to Marlay Park is convenient.

The Christ Church Cathedral- The Christ Church Cathedral is formally known as The Cathedral of the Holy Trinity. It is the elder of two medieval cathedrals of Dublin. T is the seat of the Roman Catholic archbishops of Dublin and Church of Ireland. One of its interesting attractions is the crypt, which is even older than the cathedral.

The Dublin Castle- Until 1922, the Dublin castle was the seat of British rule in Ireland. The castle dates back to the 18th century. Free tours run every 30 minutes on Sundays and Holidays.

The Dublin Writers Museum- the Dublin Writers Museum is dedicated to Irish literature and the lives of Ireland’s finest writers, such as George Bernard Shaw, James Joyce, Patrick Pearse and William Butler Yeats.

Going to Dublin certainly won’t be cheap, which is why it would be nice if you could find cheap hotels deals Dublin that are budget-friendly and affordable. If you’re looking for Cheap Hotels in Dublin, simply log on to otel.com. Here you can browse the extensive listings on Dublin Hotels. The deals not only include comfortable stay but also complimentary breakfast. There is also vacation rentals which make your expenses cut down further. Sharing your room is a great idea as it saves a ton of money.

Longitude along with visiting some of the best places of Dublin definitely makes really interesting refreshment. If you are a music lover and also looking forward an interesting vacation, plan your trip and look for accommodation as soon as possible. Don’t forget to check out the cheap hotel deals. Save your money on your stay and use it while exploring the rest of the places. You can either visit alone or with a group of friends. If you are travelling in group, it will be beneficial as you can share all the expenses among yourselves.

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London’s Best Urban Running Trails

Trail running is a significant option for those who have deep interest in running but don’t have interest for spending time on a treadmill. There are several benefits of trail running. The irregular and unexpected surfaces often.

The uneven and unexpected surfaces which are often come across during trail run make the runner’s stalk much more effective. If you are road running, you may get from Point A to Point B faster but the lack of difference in the surface makes it easier for the stride to be normalised. While in road running, runners often become stuck into a speed, in trail running, the body has to continuously adjust with the different terrain. After many miles on the trials, the running becomes more frenzied and gets elongated. The core muscle group of the runner strengthens.

A trail run means less chance of injury. Road running, which is generally associated with continuous pounding to the feet, may cause axial stress and stress fractures. On the other hand, trail running terrain provides much more of a cushion to the body and the feet, thus minimising the shock to the body.

The first time when you initiate trail running, you will have to work harder. It is better that you run shorter distance for the initial few weeks. Your body needs to accommodate to the varying terrain and sudden hills.


Since you need to adjust to trail, you have to ensure that you are running slow until and unless you get habituated to it. One of the benefits of trail running is that it keeps you from getting bored with the changing scenery.

Always be sure you choose the right kind of running shoe for the terrain you’re running on!

Hyde Park
Hyde Park is Central London’s biggest green space with running tracks. The longest is the outer circuit, a long oblong loop taking in the entire park and adjacent Kensington Gardens and passing Kensington Palace and the Princess Diana Memorial. It has a distance of four-and-a-quarter miles. You can reach the Park via the following subway stations – Hyde Park Corner, Notting Hill or Bayswater and Lancaster Gate.

Hyde Park, London is one of the best accommodations near Hyde Park. One of the branches of Shaftesbury Hotels, Hotel Hyde Park London offers the best luxury services to its guests and that too at affordable rates.

The Thames Path
This pedestrian path or sidewalk is on both banks of the river Thames for about 180 miles. Since it cuts through the heart of it offers one of Europe’s most scenic jogs. Beginning your run at Tower Bridge and jog to Westminster Bridge finishing up at the Houses of Parliament, which is a run of five-and-a-half miles.
On one side is the Thames, the other is trees and greenery.It’s such a pretty route, nice and flat, and not tarmac, so a little bit easier on the joints.

Hampstead Heath
This route of Hampstead Heath is challenging but also quite rewarding. You may start your trail run by entering the Heath either from Hampstead Heath or Gospel Oak. The several paths up and also paths down will show you ytour way of running. Hampstead Heath has everything- heath, track, woodland and grass

Regent’s Canal
Richmond Park is one of the largest green spaces of the European continent. Located in the extreme south of London, it is one of the best places to jog. It is interesting to note that it is the home to several wild deer.

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Know more about Brewed Cocktails

The world is going abuzz with the terms “cocktail brewing”. Mixologists are coming up with several types of brewing to offer one-better-than the other taste of cocktails. Several ingredients of the best quality are used in this process.

What is brewing? It is the process by which beer is made. A brewery is the building where beer is produced dedicatedly by a brewing company. When it is brewed home domestic use in home, it is called home brewing.

Beer is made when a starch is turned into a sugary substance called wort. The starch usually comes from malted barley. The actual beer is made from the fermentation of the wort as affected by yeast.

When starch is made into a sugary type of substance known as wort, beer is made. Affected by the yeast, the wort is fermented and then the actual beer is made. A process called mashing produces wort. Here the starch is mixed with hot water in a device known as a mash tun. The process of mashing requires around one- two hours. It is during this time that the starch gets converted to sugar. The sweet part of the wort is then drained off of the grains, and the grains themselves are washed in a process called sparging.

The next step which is followed is called wort separation. In this step, the spent grain is separated from the wort and sparge water. This can be separated through lautering, where the grain bed is used for the filter. There are several breweries which prefer to use filter frames, in order to get a more finely ground grist.

A device known as kettle or copper is used to keep the sweet wort that has been collected from the process. To evaporate away the water, the wort is boiled for around an hour. This leaves behind the sugars and other wort component materials. By this process, hygiene is also maintained by killing bacteria.

While boiling, hops can be added to the beer to draw out bitterness, aroma, and flavor. These hops can be added at any point during the boiling process, and can actually be added multiple times, depending on the recipe. The earlier that the hops are put into the boil, the more bitterness they will exude, but they will also become less distinct in taste.
The hopped wart is now ready to be made into beer. Before that however some brewers do like to put the substance through a small vac filled with hops, in order to add more hops flavor to the beverage, as well as to filter it.

Yeast is added to cause the wort to ferment, turning it into beer. The fermentation process can take anywhere from one week to years to complete depending on the process. As the beverage ferments, the yeast, as well as all stray particles in the beverage fall to the bottom, leaving the alcohol clear of impurities. In some cases the beer is taken through a second fermentation process when it requires a longer fermentation, or greater clarity.

The final product is packaged in either casks or barrels, or individual bottles or cans, and made ready for delivery through various distribution channels.

How about knowing about some brewing cocktail now?
Brewing Distil’s own spirits with spices, herbs and dehydrated fruits is an amazing way of preparing something heavenly. It is a process which adds incredible flavour but is a tedious one. It can take as long as four hours, which is very few mixologists do it.

Distil – Brewed Cocktail
The brewing begins with the spirits and other additives have to be brewed together in a copper distiller. After this, they become the base for the gently flavoured cocktails, each of which is presented with The Shaftesbury presentations.
The Shaftesbury mixologist says that the process is extremely complex and involved and he brew all the ingredients himself to assure that the quality is maintained. The integrity of the brand is important when you are pouring Absolut 100, Havana Club Selección de Maestros, Plymouth Gin, Olmeca Tequila and Chivas 18.

Some of the popular brewed cocktails are:
Cold-infused Pu-erh 2006 vintage aged tea shaken with Absolut 100 brewed with vanilla tea, defused dehydrated lemon and wild honey, placed in a tea press with crushed dry ice, making the alcohol sparkle, the drink colder, and pulling the liquid up to the top chamber; shaken and served in a frosted martini glass garnished with dehydrated lemon peel.

Genie in a Bottle
What do you do with a genie in a bottle? You rub it! First we brew Havana Club Selección rum with cinnamon and cloves, then shake it three times counter-clockwise with spice liqueur and house-made apple pie syrup, add a touch of Cohiba cigar smoke, rub the cork out, and Presto! It is ready to be served with the aroma of Havana wafting through the air and a garnish of dehydrated pineapple.

Chef’s Negroni
Inspired by the multitalented chefs at The Dome, this culinary mixology masterpiece calls for Plymouth Gin brewed with Spanish saffron, Campari with macerated sage, and cold-infused sweet vermouth with cloves served in three separate mini bottles and a glass with frozen yin yang pebbles on a mini-wooden tea tray with orange incense burning underneath to arouse all senses.

The aristocratic Crabbies Scottish Ginger Beer has been brewed since the early 1800’s and enjoyed worldwide! Simple and refreshing, this cocktail can be premade in a pitcher and enjoyed during the warm days to come.

Apart from these, the sunny-bright cocktail, Weissen Sour, is quite popular. It has lemon juice, a white ale and bourbon orange marmalade. In fact, basically it is a whisky sour with beer.

El Matador, Black and Tan, Summer Hoedown, Honeydew Hefeweizen Smoothie, Hangman’s Blood, Beer’s Knees and Side walker are some other cocktails which make people go gag a over the taste.

The ingrained bubbles and array of flavours offered by beer, arrange the refreshment and versatility you always crave for.

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Choose Your Destination to Visit This Fall

Going on a trip to explore the place this fall is a wonderful idea. We are really lucky to dwell in a planet like earth which has so many attractions. With plenty of places that are known for their scenic beauty and historical values, we are spoilt for choices. During fall, the weather becomes extremely favourable and one san set on trip to make the vacation one of the most beautiful memories of one’s life. Let us discuss some of the places which are simply perfect to visit this fall.

1. San Francisco- San Francisco is a collage of beautiful and colourful neighbourhoods. The city is proud to show off its jaw-dropping sights, world-class cuisine, cosy cafes and plenty of booming nightlife venues. Often described as Los Angeles’ more refined northern cousin, cool and compact San Francisco takes the big-city buzz exuded by its southern counterpart and melds it with a sense of small-town charm. Head along the bay to the Presidio for a glimpse of the famous Golden Gate Bridge. Save time for the Mission district, The Haight and The Castro for exposure to all of the different varieties of the San Francisco lifestyle.


2. New York- New York is the city that is constantly evolving. Iconic landmarks and sky kissing skyscrapers define the cool, crowded and cosmopolitan city. It is the most populous city in the United States. The city never sleeps and you will have plenty of things to keep yourself busy with. Innovative cocktail bars and Times Square’s neon lights flickering at all hours will temp you every time. So it should come as no surprise that it’s also one of the most diverse. The city is known for its ethnic neighbourhoods, as well as its status as the country’s trendsetter, making it difficult to define one specific “culture” of the Big Apple.

3. Paris- Paris, also popular as the ‘City of Light,’ draws millions of visitors every year. The heavenly cuisine and the varied and rich art collections add to the magic of the city. It is the home to world-class museums, fashion, cuisine, and an atmosphere all its own, Paris is also a city of “many splendours”. The benign River Seine flows through the amazing city, bordered by stately museums, churches which are several centuries old, and blocks of architecture with Rococo- and Neoclassic-design.

Paris City of Light

4. London- One of the most vibrant cities of the world, London is a collage of several features. Its history and rich culture and ultra-modern features make it special and unique. The city of Her Majesty, London attracts millions of tourists from all over the world and throughout the year. Places like that of Buckingham Palace, St. Paul’s Cathedral, the Hyde Park, the Serpentine lake, the Madame Tussauds museum, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square, the Westminster Abbey and the London Eye are some of the popular attractions of the city. From luxury hotels to cheap hotels in London, one will get suitable accommodation according to one’s preference and budget. Boutique hotel like the Shaftesbury Hotels offer luxurious services but at affordable prices.

5. Melbourne- Vibrant neighbourhoods and prize-winning cuisine define the big small town of Melbourne. More than three million people call this big small town home. The nightlife is epic, with diverse venues ranging from bumping clubs to hole-in-the-wall concerts stages. Melbourne is known for its roaring nightlife, especially in neighbourhoods like St Kilda, and South Yarra-Prahan. It is also a powerhouse for sports. The natural landscape of Melbourne is captivating.


6. Salem, Massachusetts- During the month of October, Salem becomes the spookiest city in the U.S., as it celebrates Halloween the entire month of October. Jack-o-lantern parades, ghostly storytelling, authentic séances, trick-or-treating, plenty of fireworks, haunted street fairs, carnival characterise the city during this period.

7. Phobjikha Valley, Bhutan- Gangtey Drubchen and Tsechu, one of the most colourful festivals of Asia falls on the first day of October. Bhutan celebrates the migration of hundreds of black-necked cranes during the annual Black-Necked Crane Festival which is between November 7 to November 15. Themed around the birds there are days and nights of folkloric song and dancing. The cranes are the most wonderful sight to watch.

8. Puno, Peru- The historic town of Puno, which is flanked by the Lake Titicaca, proclaims its authorising with one week complete with variety of events, which include fireworks, traditional dance, music, military parades and recreations of Incan myths. It begins on 4th November. Known as Peru’s “folkloric” town, the surrounding area also offers plenty of sightseeing, including the island of Taquile, situated in the middle of the lake, revered for its textile arts.

9. Jaipur, India- During Diwali which falls in the month of October end or November, Jaipur, “the pink city” is the centre of all for the occasion, drawing visitors far and wide for its stunning festival of lights, in which homes, buildings, shops, and markets go all-out in illumination decoration. It’s the time of year when the night sky is illuminated with fireworks.

10. Buenos Aires- Buenos Aires lures visitors with its blend of European charm and South American flair. Comprised of wide boulevards, neoclassical architecture, and a cache of avant-garde museums, this sophisticated city has earned its title as “the Paris of South America.” Join dancers, artists and enthusiastic soccer fans. Don’t miss the evening zest of the city.

Buenos Aires

With ten amazingly beautiful places to choose from to make your trip in this fall, you must be wondering which place to visit. Choose the one where you feel like rushing into right now. All the places have their unique charm and attraction. You may also choose according to your taste. For example, if you prefer history, choose some place which has rich historical records. If you are beach person, book your tickets for an amazing beach city. On the other hand, if you want to get a taste of English literature, London will be the perfect choice for you. Wish you all the best in your trip, Enjoy!

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London- The Perfect Anti-Depressant

Of all the major illness, whether it is mental or physical, depression has been one of the toughest to subdue. Depression has tragically claimed lives of many. Be it common people or celebrity, depression has swallowed maximum people.
According to the age old Greeks, spleen was the origin of depression. With the passage of time, some started blaming it devilish possession for an individual’s continuing melancholy. But today the actual reason is known to the doctors.

Depression begins and ends in your brain.
Noted doctors have observed that depression is a syndrome that possibly emerges from many different brain processes which differ among patients. If it is put simply, no two brains are exactly the ilk. The hidden reasons of depression differ from one person to another.

Mental health researchers have begun their journey of uncovering some of the most common brain traits and conditions shared by depression sufferers

The Emotion Connection
A noted doctor observed that patients suffering from depression often have escalations in activity in significant emotion-processing regions, when compared with people who are mentally healthy. Brain structures such as the amygdala light up more actively among depression sufferers. Other studies have connected an uptick in amygdala activity to states of sadness, anger and fear.

There are also researches which connect depression with the thalamus. It may be mentioned here that the thalamus is a part of your brain that helps manage your responses to sensory information. According to the research, the thalamus of the people suffering with certain kinds of depression might trigger their brains to produce unpleasant feelings in response to normal or benign external data.

Beyond the Blues
People mainly target on emotions when they are speaking about the blues. But, one’s ability to think, learn, and memorize also suffer as a result of depression. There are several researches going on all over the world. One such research has connected depression symptoms to a drop-off in a person’s ability to store new information. No surprise since mental health experts have known for a while that depression can boost your brain’s levels of stress hormones like cortisol, and studies have found that cortisol can damage or even shrink certain areas of your brain by stalling the production of new neurons and nerve connections.

It is interesting to note that Hippocampus, an area of the brain, which plays a significant role in learning and long-term memory, was found to be 9 to 13 percent smaller among women with a history of depression. Another research has found that brain “plasticity,” takes a backstage as a result of long-term depression. All of this could hurt your ability to learn and process new information.

The Long Term
Several research efforts have shown that people suffering from persisting depression evolve problems with setting priorities, planning and decision-making as well as enduring issues connected to memory and learning. Long-term depression has been linked to crippling brain conditions such as dementia and Alzheimer’s.

Different research attempts have been showed to aid depression patients stop or overcome the negative effects of their condition. New advancements in tracking the brain activity of sufferers could eventually help doctors better identify the best treatment programs for individual depression patients. But because of the syndrome’s complexity, depression is—at least for now—something that can be treated, not cured.

Doctors and medical researchers say that one of the most effective ways to deter depression is going on vacation. And when the question of vacation arises, what place can be better than the historically rich and at the same time ultra-modern vibrant city of London. A collage in itself of various characteristics, the capital city of London has lots to offer to its tourists. The Big Ben, London Eye, Buckingham Palace, Hyde Park, Madame Tussauds and Westminster Abbey are some of the several attractions which captivates the hearts and refreshes the mind.

A visit to these places not only gives a break from the daily routine but also refreshes the mind. Especially for people suffering from depression, refreshment is extremely important. Pampering oneself is also another significant way of overcoming temptation. Pampering oneself with luxury in the plush city of London will surely help someone suffering from depression. There are several luxury hotels in London offering varied services. But finding the one suitable for your requirement is important. It should also be borne in mind that London is one of the most expensive cities of the world. Thus finding the right kind of accommodation without paying like a king but enjoying like a king is a smart move.

The Shaftesbury Hotels in Central London is one of the best accommodations in London. Here, one can stay like a king without having a hole in his pocket. The hotel chain has several hotels under it, all located at strategic positions. Because of the convenient location, all the major attractions of the city are within close proximity of the hotels. The hotels are very well connected to the major airports, railways and bus terminals of the city. Thus travelling is not at all an issue.

The guest rooms are very comfortable and are well equipped with latest facilities and technologies. Meant for the ultimate comfort, each of these hotels are the perfect examples of lavishness and warmth. The hotel staff are very cordial. They are multi-lingual and thus one will have absolutely no problem in communicating with them.

From delectable and mouth watering food to amazing drinks, the restaurants of the hotels have it all. The breakfast is complimentary. Nothing can be better than the fresh and awesome tasty breakfast. One can have the best of assorted wine and tipple and spirit in the trendy and sleek bars of the hotels.

With such good accommodation and facilities, a trip to London is always advised to everyone, especially to those who are suffering from depression and need to overcome it as soon as possible. Since London is gifted with natural beauty, it acts as a perfect stress buster and anti-depressant.

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Tips to Save Money while Travelling Europe

Travelling Europe is every traveller’s top most priority. But very few of us actually plan to visit the exotic destinations of Europe, since most of the places which are worth exploring there are among the most expensive destinations we have on this planet. So what can be done? Are there any secret tips or tactics that we can employ in order to save money while travelling Europe? Yes, there are, read on –

Avoid Travelling During Summers – Prices are at their peak during the summers, plus you’ll not find a moment of peace since all the places become overtly crowded. Also, getting a good hotel deal is really difficult during this season. Travel off-season and you might be able to grab discounts of up to 40 percent on your accommodations.

Pay Visits to Tourist Information Points – Every city has a tourist information centre where you can get all the information regarding cheap hotel accommodations, best restaurants and cafes of the area and information about the local attractions and events which are worth exploring.

Use Public Transportation – Some cities like London and Paris can be best explored on foot and when you get tired, take a public transportation instead of a cab (which are really expensive, by the way). Travelling in a bus can be really fun when you are in London or in Paris, but the most preferred medium of transportation is the underground tube system.

Apply for Travel Passes and Tourist Cards – You can save a lot of money by using a particular city’s exclusive tourist cards such as Berlin’s Berlin Welcome Card, London’s London Pass and Oslo’s Oslo Welcome Card. You get amazing discounts when you visit the local attractions of these places, plus you can use these passes while travelling in order to get additional discounts.

Follow What Locals Say – Be friendly with the locals while being in Europe and they’ll tell you the best places you can visit in order to enjoy great meals at discounted prices. European cities host a large number of local festivals and fairs which you can enjoy for free.

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Great Books for Long-term Travelers

According to me, there are two ways of finding more about the world around. These two ways can prove to be the best and the most elaborate perspective about things we see and feel around us, no matter which part of the world we live in. These two ways are often the most interesting chapters of our learning process. These two ways are called reading and travelling.

For a long time now, reading and travelling have been coexisting. First we learn about something when we read it in a book, develop an interest in it and then pack our bags and head to that place. Or we may come across something interesting on our travels and want to learn more about it so we read a good book about it. For travelers, it is very important as well as interesting to keep updating their information on the favorite and upcoming destinations around the world, travel trends, best ways to travel and more such information which may assist them in their journey across the globe. Here is a list of some of the best books you should keep in handy if you share the same zest of finding more about world of travel.

Vagabonding – This book is a legend amongst solo-travelers and has inspired innumerable people to hit the unknown roads. This book won’t give you tips on how to save money here and there, but it will be your guide during your traveler, just like an old experienced traveler friend, who knows how to spin a yarn.

The Practical Nomad – Apart from philosophy, you will need the kind of knowledge this book offers, to live the life of a globetrotter. Here you will learn how to plan your travels, where to go, what to expect and how it’s done, in detail.

Work Your Way Around The World: The Globetrotter’s Bible – Those bitten by wanderlust will need this book to simply survive when they have nothing left, but the will to travel more. This book will prepare you for the world way better than many real life lessons.

Take Me With You- This is something many things will cry out to you when you are leaving a city or a town. This is a story you can easily relate to and something you would want to read again and again.

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