London: Great for Every Budget!

When the majority of people think of the city of London, they think of expensive hotels, restaurants and days out. Whilst it is true that you could indeed spend a good deal of money whilst in the city, it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. The great thing about London is that it is a city which works for all budgets, whether extremely limited or with cash to splash.

If you are looking to treat yourselves and want to have a luxurious weekend break in London then you will not be disappointed. Choose to stay in one of the top hotels, many of which also offer spa experiences and dine out at one of the many famous restaurants; you will absolutely be spoiled for choice. Your only difficulty will be in deciding exactly where to choose!

Perhaps you have a middling-sized amount of money to spend on your trip away to London. If this is the case then it would be worth considering what you really want to get for your money. You might want to put the majority of your money into the accommodation and limit what you spend whilst touring the city. Alternatively, you might not fancy spending much time in your hotel and instead would rather be able to visit the various attractions around the city. London can easily be achieved on a moderate budget but it is worth working out exactly what you hope to get from your trip.

Unbelievably perhaps, it is entirely possible to have a great experience in London on a budget. If you are looking for overnight accommodation check out London last minute hotel deals; you can save a great deal of money and get a lovely hotel in the bargain too. London also offers places to eat for all budgets as well as having a number of attractions which are completely free to enter.

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Why Choose London?

If you are looking to book a city break, you will no doubt have lots of options to consider. Europe has some of the most cultural and diverse cities to offer and picking just one can be quite a tough decision. London might seem like a boring and unexciting choice, but actually in recent years it has been compared to many of the biggest cities in the world and has held it’s own as a fantastic place to visit.

You might be wondering why! Well, one of the best reasons to visit London is the sheer amount of history you can experience in one place. Visiting London is like taking a walk through hundreds of years worth of history, without giving up any of the contemporary facilities you would expect from such an important city. From the buildings right through to places such as the Tower of London, history is everywhere you look in the capital city.

Of course, if history isn’t your thing then there is still lots to see in London. The London Eye, one of the more modern installations in the city, offers you the most amazing panoramic view across the city and is something which everyone should experience in their lifetime. London has one of the world’s most iconic skylines and the London Eye offers a unique and interesting way to view the city.

Another great thing London has to offer is the diversity of the restaurants. Having such a unique cultural mix means that restaurants of all varieties have sprung up in the city and you can get just about any culinary delight imaginable. Just a quick search on the internet will reveal the sheer number of restaurants and eating establishments London offers.

Finally, no break to London would be complete without somewhere to stay overnight. The capital city has a great selection of choices from some of the best London hotels such as the Four Seasons right through to those which are a little friendlier on the bank account!

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London… with Children

London is a really great place to visit, for people of all ages. Just because you have children doesn’t mean you should discount yourself from the opportunity of experiencing all that the city has to offer. We have put together some tips to help anyone who might be considering a trip to the big smoke.

Depending on the age of your children, travelling on the tube can be a nightmare. There is certainly not enough room to navigate the tube at busy periods with a pushchair, and it can also be a frightening experience for younger children as the trains can be quite loud. Due to this, finding a central location to stay can make all the difference. There are a number of well-priced hotels in areas such as London Piccadilly which will mean you are walking distance from some of the more popular London attractions and can avoid using the tube altogether.

Although mention is often made of the fantastic restaurants London has to offer, children can be a little bit fussier than your average adult, and so it will probably reassure you to know that London does also offer a range of familiar and suitable eating establishments which are family friendly too.

When it comes to sightseeing with children in tow, it is worth being realistic. You will need to factor in more time than you would if you were on your own, both in walking around the attraction and in getting from place to place. Don’t choose too many things to squeeze into one day, otherwise you are likely to end up harassed and miss out on enjoying the experience of being in London with your children! In terms of navigating the city, the open tour buses are a great way to get around and many of them also have specific activities to engage children.

London is an amazing place to visit when you have young children, you just need to remember to put a extra preparations in place beforehand!

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Top London Attractions for Families

London is a great place to take children, as well as the experience of being able to visit the capital city, which they will no doubt have heard much about at school, there is also a great deal for them to see and do.

Here are three of our favourite options:

ZSL London Zoo
In Regents Park, this zoo offers over 700 different species for you to explore and appreciate. There are daily live animal shows and the zoo houses some of the world’s most amazing animals as well. Ideal for children of all ages, this is a great day out.

Sea Life London Aquarium
This aquarium is the ideal place to visit on a rainy day. Home to one of Europe’s largest collection of marine life, there is lots here to see and do. The glass tunnel is a particularly exciting feature, and if you are feeling brave you can even feed the rays.

The Natural History Museum
As one of the best free attractions in London, the Natural History Museum is well worth a visit. You could spend the entire day wandering around the many different exhibits or simply pop in to visit a favourite such as the Dinosaur exhibition. Children will love to explore this fantastic museum.

Of course, this is just a minuscule snapshot of the different attractions available in London. Whatever the interests of your family, you will find somewhere of interest. From the Museum of Transport right through to tours around some of London’s key sports arenas; there is never a shortage of family days out to be had. You could even spend some time simply wandering around London and taking in some of the more traditional sights such as looking out for the open topped red buses, watching the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace or visiting one of the many fantastic royal parks.

If you wanted to turn your trip into an extended break, London also offers some great hotel discounts. There are many comparison websites which can help to ensure that you are getting the best deal for your money, leaving you with plenty more pennies to spend on having a fantastic family time in the capital city.

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Celebrate Your Birthday in London

If you have a special birthday coming up, you might want to consider spending it in the capital city of London. Whatever your chosen style of celebration, whether you fancy an all-night party, a quiet refined affair or a night spent enjoying the latest West End Show, you will find that London can offer you this and so much more.

London is an ideal choice if you are planning to invite family and friends along to enjoy your celebrations. Wherever people are coming from, they will find it easy and simple to travel into London. If you are booking accommodation, consider a hotel near one of the main train stations such as Paddington or St Pancras; this will make it even easier for your guests to join you and won’t run the risk of them getting lost around the city!

Make the most of your weekend by putting some special plans into place. You will no doubt have the main event you wish to enjoy, but if you are stopping for the weekend ensure you make the most of the time you have. Perhaps you are planning to party late into the night? If so, your guests might appreciate some pampering treatments to help them recover the following morning.

Maybe you want to inject some culture into your trip, why not consider afternoon tea at one of the glamorous London hotels or a sightseeing boat trip down the Thames. Your party could even split up if people are undecided on what they want to do; this truly is the greatest thing about London – it has something for everyone!

Of course, the key to any successful birthday celebration in London is preparation. Remember that London is a busy place and so reservations are often necessary. If you are planning to dine out, or attend a show, it will pay to book well in advance so that there is no risk of disappointment on the day itself.

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The Benefits of a Business Base In London

Thanks to the digital age, we live in a world that literally never sleeps, and this is never truer than in the world of business.
London is a major player in the world economy and its trade and tourism provide a major source of income helping to stabilise Britain’s position within the EU.

As a small island in a very large pond, Britain can hold its own in the market and our thriving multicultural capital provides the primary gateway for entrepreneurs looking to bring their business to the UK. London’s international airports receive more arrivals than any other country, which speaks volumes about the strength of our country in the business sector.

London can provide the perfect base for you to conduct your business from, whether you are a small one man operation or a large corporate organisation. Office space within the city centre is not only rare but extraordinarily expensive, so why not hire one of the fabulous hotel conference rooms to host your important board meetings or corporate events? With its dramatic skyline and historic architecture, your guests cannot fail to be impressed by the sights of the city, and creating a presence in the business sector can prove highly lucrative as you get the opportunity to attend networking events. you cannot fail to be impressed by the iconic city skyline and its grand surroundings.

Thanks to its close proximity to the channel tunnel, multiple airports and efficient over ground and underground rail network, London is incredibly well connected and you can easily travel to the city from pretty much anywhere in the world.
The tourist attractions and vast range of night life options will also ensure that any travelling clients will get the opportunity to see the capital at its best as you wine and dine them in style, so you are sure to leave a lasting good impression.

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London… for Free?

London is a great city to visit for anyone who wants to step into a vibrant, diverse and buzzing capital city. There is always something new happening and so much to explore and do it would take weeks, possibly even months to cover absolutely everything that you can discover in London. One of the greatest things about London is that some of the best attractions it has to offer are absolutely free.

When it comes to the free attractions in London, you would be surprised at the diversity of those available. Whilst the majority of them are galleries and museums, each offers something different from the Serpentine Gallery which displays contemporary art including work by Damien Hurst and Jeff Koons through to the National Maritime Museum which is perfect for any fan of the sea, covering Britain’s amazing and interesting seafaring past.

Another great thing about London is that in order to appreciate the city, you don’t need to spend a penny. London has a lot to offer its visitors; simply by walking around you can experience its varied history such as the St Pancras Renaissance Hotel, a stunning piece of architecture and an iconic piece of London’s history. If you have the time, it is well worth visiting just to see the outside of this fantastic building.

Additionally, London has a surprising number of green open spaces, such as the royal parks which are worth visiting but won’t cost a thing to do so. Luscious greenery and stunning gardens are probably not something usually associated with a busy capital city but this really is the case in London and if you can fit time in to visit just one, then it will be worth it.

Of course, you may be looking to stay overnight in the city which will mean having to spend some money. London can still be an option for you though; as well as the free attractions there are a good number of London budget hotels which are ideally located for exploring the city.

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Ditch the Daily Commute in 2014

London is not only the capital of our great country, it is also a main player in the world of business. Home to the impressive business development Canary Wharf, amongst many others, London has a large stake in the world’s economy and the city receives many thousands of commuters by road and rail each and every day.

Located on a thriving island, London is the UK’s primary gateway for overseas businesses, and it has no less than 45645 airports. Its largest international airports, Heathrow and Gatwick regularly receive entrepreneurs from the four corners of the globe looking to bring their business to the British and European market.

Business men and women across the UK can spend as much as five hours a day commuting back and forth from their offices, and with the cost of petrol constantly rising, many people are starting to feel the pinch in their travel expenses.
If you regularly visit the capital for business, why not take the headache out of rush hour traffic and endless trips up and down the M25, and choose to stay overnight in London? There are so many London accommodation options available right across the city, from guest houses and family run bed and breakfasts to quality hotels, so where ever you are working that week you are sure to find quality accommodation to suit your needs.

Staying overnight in the city for extended business trips or during project work has many benefits, including avoiding travel delays in and out of London, not to mention the congestion charges if you travel by rail. A city hotel for a night or two allows you to have dedicated time to focus on your work away from other distractions, so that when you do return home you won’t need to bring your work home with you. When your working day is done, you can then choose to travel home at an off peak time to suit you.

Take the stress out of your next commute by opting to stay overnight in the city.

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Love City Breaks? Love London

As one of the most frequently visited cities in the world London is a true tourist hot spot, and it makes the perfect location for a weekend getaway. This lively, vibrant city is brimming with culture, architecture, fashion and history, so whatever your age or interest you are guaranteed to find something you will enjoy during your visit.

As the capital of England, London is home to some of our country’s finest and most well-known attractions that attract millions of visitors from across the globe each and every year, including Big Ben, Buckingham Palace, the Tower of London and the London Eye to name but a few. You can take a riverboat up and down the Thames for the best views of the dramatic city skyline, or take a stroll along the Serpentine lake in the stunning landscaped open spaces of Hyde Park.

If you love history and culture then take in the fabulous exhibitions at the excellent museums and art galleries that London has to offer. Of course a visit to this great city would not be complete without a trip to see Buckingham Palace. This impressive estate is the official residence of Her Majesty The Queen, and it opens its doors to the public offering tours of the decadent state rooms during the summer months followed by the opportunity to enjoy afternoon tea on the palace lawns.

With so much to see and do, savvy visitors should make the most of their London breaks by staying overnight in a quality hotel. No city does night life quite like London, so if you want to sample culinary delights at Michelin starred restaurants or dance the night away at exclusive celebrity haunts you will not be disappointed. For theatre lovers everywhere look no further than the West End for the very best in stage shows. From classic musicals like Les Miserables to the more contemporary Hair Spray, you will find a show you will love, and with matinee performances starting mid-afternoon you can still keep your evenings free for wining and dining with your loved ones.

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City Visit On a Shoe String

After a fabulous festive season, we are now well in to the New Year, and despite 2014 offering potential and opportunity, January can seem a very depressing month. Good old British weather coupled with slightly worse for wear bank accounts does not for a jolly month make, and the first few weeks back in the office after an extended break can seem never ending. January is actually the perfect time to book a city getaway to banish the winter blues and where better to visit than our very own capital.

London has so much to offer tourists including historic architecture, breathtaking city scapes and acres of exquisite parkland, but a visit need not be an expensive affair as’/ sightseers can enjoy this vibrant city on even the most frugal of budgets. By booking your travel arrangements in advance and checking online for the best deals you can save a great deal of money on both your train fare and your accommodation when you opt to stay in one of the chic cheap hotels in London. A city centre location will ensure you can soak up the atmosphere, plus you will only be a short stroll away from London’s biggest attractions such as Big Ben, The London Eye, Tower Bridge, Westminster Abbey and many more.
If history, art and culture is floats your boat then you will be spoilt for choice with the fantastic range of free art galleries and museums that London has to offer.

The Victoria & Albert Museum out top pick where visitors can discover historic ceramics, furniture, fashion, glass, jewellery, photographs, textiles and paintings. If you are looking to enjoy some of the stunning Victorian parks then Greenwich Park is our favourite, where you can wrap up warm, pack a winter picnic with hot chocolate and climb a hill to enjoy unparalleled views of the River Thames and the city skyline. Greenwich is the oldest of the enclosed Royal Park spanning an incredible 74 hectares (183 acres) and even has its own resident deer herd.

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