Are there any must do things in London?

Before we visit any destination, we often have an idea of the must-do things in the city. But believe it or not, there is no generalised agreed standard to fit into when you visit a city – it's all just based on hearsay and reviews. What matters, in the end, … Continue reading

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Why you should visit museums and art galleries

With over one hundred free museums and galleries, guests can experience the finest historical insights into London and the rest of the world – for free. Considering that the city is often spoken about in the context of being one of the most expensive cities in the world, this might … Continue reading

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What to do in London in the Winter

With such a plethora of attractions, how does London compare between the summer and the winter? For one, various ice rinks open during the winter season. Also, attractions like Winter Wonderland open up, enticing tourists and citizens alike with a range of cute little activities and attractions. Festivity spreads in … Continue reading

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Experiencing the Water attractions in London


Often, visitors to London don’t necessarily think about water attractions. After all, it’s not a city that’s famous for its beach life – by any stretch of the imagination. Hampstead Heath, Parliament Hill, Hyde Park Serpentine Lido, and Tooting Bec Lido, and Regent's canal, however, offer some of the small … Continue reading

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Travelling on the London Underground with Luggage

"tube train station"

Travelling to any city is never easy when you're lugging tonnes of luggage with you. That's why the best thing you can do when you travel abroad (especially if you're only planning to stay for seven nights or less) is to travel light. Meaning, no extra casual shoewear, no extra … Continue reading

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Top 5 Indoor attractions in London

The London Eye This attraction is a major feature of London's skyline and boasts some of the best views. From the 32 capsules (each holding up to 25 people), you can experience some of the best vantage point views. The fact that you slowly circle also adds another layer of … Continue reading

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London is a city that’s fun for everyone

london pubs

The reason why London draws so many people to its shores is that it's a universal destination. Just about anyone who mulls the decision to visit here has something they want to see, do, or find. In essence, London is a place of discovery. It's a place where travellers can … Continue reading

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Take an East London Street Art Walk

Art is so prevalent in the city of London, and that's what makes it endearing to many creatives. Especially considering that many of the art galleries in the city are free to visit. Not to mention, places like Brick Lane have a bountiful range of street art. What makes East … Continue reading

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How festivals and nature go hand in hand in London

Festivals are abundant in the main cities, but none more so than in London – the capital is known for its diverse party scene and its ability to bring the biggest stars from around the glove to its shores. If you decide to visit in the late summer or early … Continue reading

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London’s best Sunday Markets

London market

Markets over time have slowly grown out of fashion, being replaced by larger supermarket stores and the like. Nonetheless, they very much offer a unique, distinctive experience – one that perhaps is more romantic and natural at heart. Seeing your favourite merchant selling fruits and vegetables at discounted rates just … Continue reading

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