Popular winter holiday spots across the globe

With the arrival of winter, most of us look for warmer climes and sun drenched beaches to holiday at. When it comes to destinations, there are plenty of places known for their sunshine and sandy beaches. If you are planning to escape to a warmer place this holiday season, better make your bookings fast. Most of the top holiday destinations are packed with tourists at this part of the year!

If you want a cheaper price like those offered by London hotel discounts, it is essential to search online and well in advance. Most resorts all over the world offer great package deals and promo offers and if you are lucky, you might strike a deal. Similar to London hotels discount deals which also offer London holiday points programs you could sign up for a hotel program where you are staying. This will ensure that on your next holiday there or at any affiliate member you could redeem the points you have earned.

Some of the top sun baked holiday destinations to enjoy a sun filled Christmas are:

Tenerife, Canary Islands
A spot particularly popular with Britons is Tenerife on the Canary Islands, which is known for its balmy temperatures even in the winter months. The temperature hovers in the mid 20s all through winter which makes it a lovely place to holiday at. They have a wonderful variety of activities that include water sports, terrific diving areas and plenty of boardwalk things to do. What makes it really attractive is its proximity to Morocco, which offers sunshine all the year round at places like Tangier, Casablanca and Marrakesh.

Muscat, Oman
A spot known for its all year round sunshine is Muscat which is the capital of the Sultanate of Oman. In fact it got top honours in 2012, when it won the prestigious best destination award given by the Arab Tourism Capital board. Muscat derives its unique character by being a mix of modern architecture with Middle East charm, especially due to its geographic location, which has it nestled between the Gulf of Oman and rugged mountains. Two must-sees are its Grand Mosque and the Royal Opera House which are strikingly beautiful. There are ample public beaches as well to laze around in the glorious sunshine.

Cape Town, South Africa
South Africa is one of the most naturally beautiful countries in the world. Besides its spectacular wildlife it offers stunning landscapes ranging from Table Mountain to its pristine beaches. You could dine atop the any of the fabulous restaurants on Table Mountain or relax at any of the spectacular beaches in Cape Town. With sun kissed beaches, amazing surf, balmy weather and warm waters, you will have a truly memorable Christmas holiday in this stunning location.

Goa, India
If you plan to travel to the Northern Hemisphere this Christmas, then Goa is probably out of the best winter destinations in the region. It offers a comfortable environment, where you will find tourists from all corners of the globe enjoying its beautiful beaches and revelling in its bohemian atmosphere.

It is pleasantly warm and fascinatingly colourfulformer Portuguese Colony that was liberated in the early 60s. It still bears hallmarks of their social and cultural influence in its breathtaking architecture, churches, food and lives of its natives. The month of December is renowned for the feast of St. Francis Xavier, the co-founder of the Jesuit Order, followed by the Feast of Immaculate Conception. These two are the most prominent events in the month along with Christmas, followed by its famous New Year celebrations. The Capital is Panaji, which is also home to the Old Portuguese Quarter and is a great place for sightseeing. To truly understand the art and culture of this colourful and vibrant city, drop in at the Kala Academy. Then of course there are the countless beaches that are spread across for many miles in different areas. If you want a more peaceful and relaxed beach atmosphere move away from Central Goa.

Dead Sea, Jordan or Israel
In the Middle East one of the top spots for sun-worshippers is The Dead Sea, the only sea on the planet which is devoid of any marine life. In terms of buoyancy it is the most buoyant water surface on the planet because of its chemical composition and you should not be surprised to find lazy floaters on its surface. Its waters are pleasantly warm and soothing with a unique combination of natural salts and minerals, which have lead to the development of many natural spas and health resorts in the area.  This combined with its unique atmospheric conditions lessens the impact of harmful UV radiation in the area. This has lead to it becoming extremely popular with sun bathers basking in the warm sunlight for hours at a stretch. Because of the therapeutic properties of its sand and mud, combined with high levels of mineral content you will find a variety of new age therapies being practised here.

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November Travels

Just because it is the beginning of Winter doesn’t mean that the sun isn’t shining anywhere else in the world. In November, some Britons crave a slice of summer with the warm sunshine and the prospect of a tan, whereas others feel that November isn’t quite enough Winter for them with a severe lack of snow. Here are a list of places to travel in November that caters for the sun worshippers and the snow lovers.

Sunshine is best
If you are summer loving and want to experience a dash of culture at the same time, then Marrakech in Morocco is for you. An under 4 hour flight time from the UK allows you to set off at lunchtime and be in Morocco sipping cocktails by tea. With temperatures still in their 20’s, you can enjoy the sun and a spot of shopping in the world-famous market, adorned with authentic handcrafted items, spices, handmade clothing and quintessential Moroccan cuisine. It really allows you to become enveloped in their culture and to fall in love with Morocco.

Full to the brim with historical monuments, artifacts and tales, Egypt is one of the most popular holiday destinations this time of year. It still boasts temperatures in the high 20’s, making it warm enough to laze on the beach and catch a tan but cool enough to allow you to explore the vast history of Egypt with visits to the Cairo museum, Luxor, the Pyramids of Giza and a cruise up the River Nile. Most trips can be included in a holiday package so shop around for the best deal for you.

If you want adventure and sunshine and are keen to explore further afield, then Africa is the only place to go. This exquisite country has everything for the explorer in you; from safaris in Kenya to Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania to the awe-inspiring scenery of Ethiopia. The culture is astounding due to its traditional art works such as masks, sculptures and jewellery as well as its unique need for storytelling to retain the folklores that have been passed down for generations. If you want to embrace another world, open your mind and your heart to Africa.

Sri Lanka is a destination that has it all but at a very reasonable price. There is so much to experience here including a tour of the Uda Walawe National Park that houses elephants, buffalo, leopards and over 210 species of bird, it really is an uplifting experience. If you are after a culture trip, Sri Lanka offers some incredible religious houses, including the Temple of the Sacred Tooth Relic in Kandy which is said to house Buddha’s tooth. With so much to do and flights at out of season prices, there has never been a better time to experience the delights of Sri Lanka

Snow lovers
Even though November is considered Winter, sometimes the lack of snow leaves people wanting more. Ski resorts are usually the first choice when thinking of snow, with places like Val Thorens in France or Saas-Fee Switzerland guaranteeing snow from early November.

Iceland is another exceptional place to visit for Winter lovers. Even though snow is unlikely at this time of year, dropping temperatures will have you wrapping your scarves tighter or dipping into one of the 170 geothermal pools scattered around the country. If you like to hike, then the Laugavegar hiking trail is one of the best and most beautiful in the world but if that isn’t your thing, how about a spot of whale watching or the incredible views of the Northern lights? This is just a minute selection of what is to offer in this glorious country.

Not considered a holiday destination but for Winter lovers, this is the ultimate destination. Cruises to the Antarctica are fast becoming a popular tourist favourite with visits to penguin colonies during mating season and experiencing the sheer beauty of the great glaciars. Tours range from 13-20 days and you are guaranteed to have the trip of a lifetime.

A mini trip is all you need
If you just need a long weekend away from it all, then use the London hotels discount and travel to the capital city of the UK. In November, the Christmas decorations are already gracing the shop windows, with department stores such as Liberty and Selfridges turning their windows into works of art. The famous shopping Mecca, Oxford Street, has its lights turned on in November by famous celebrities after a glorious concert. To top off this experience, there is a chance to ice skate in Winter Wonderland in Hyde Park, one of London’s most famous parks or even outside the magnificent Natural History museum. Get your London hotels discount at the ready for a truly festive experience.

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Budget Prices, Shocking Destinations

As the cost of living goes up, the extra finances that are saved for holidays goes down; this usually means that the destination choice is greatly reduced. However, this is no longer the case with incredible trips available at a fraction of the price but don’t start packing yet, first you need to decide where to go.

Each year, more people are deciding to take their holidays in the UK, so why not enjoy your time away in our glorious capital city. Even though it can be considered one of the most expensive cities in the world, London can also be experienced on a budget, you just need to know where to go and where to stay. London Premier Notting Hill is in the heart of the action, it is a few minutes walk away from Hyde Park, where they are currently hosting Winter Wonderland, and a stone’s throw from Portobello Road Market, considered one of the best markets in London. Continuing from the London Premier Notting Hill hotel lies the Natural History museum which is not only one of the best museums in the world, but it is free admission as most of London’s museums are. One of the most glorious city’s in the world and it can be done on a shoestring budget.

Steeped in history and breathtaking nature, Bulgaria is becoming one of the most popular tourist destinations for people on a tight budget. If you enjoy exploring history, then the Aleksander Neviski church in the capital city of Sofia and Tsarevets Fortress in Veliko Tarnovo are sites to behold with amazing architecture and incredible stories. If you wanted to experience the cultural cuisine of Bulgaria, then venture into the Manastirska Magernitsa in Sofia, where the menu is composed of recipes from the vast amount of monasteries in the country. All of this, together with a two or three star hotel, will give you a holiday of a lifetime without breaking the bank.

Dominican Republic
Yes, you have read this right, the Dominican Republic can be a budget holiday. By shopping around and comparing prices, there are a variety of offers available which include beautiful hotels with an all-inclusive label, meaning you can sleep in comfort while gorging yourself on the food and drinks. The Dominican holds a very rich culture such as colonial towns for the historian in you or wildlife exploration which will bring out your inner naturalist but, if this isn’t for you, there are miles of white sandy beaches that will allow you to bask in the sunshine on this tropical paradise island.

Canary Islands
Tenerife, Lanzarote, Fuerteventura and Gran Canaria are the popular holiday destinations of the Canary Islands. They are popular amongst British tourists with the Playa las Americas nightlife in Tenerife and the Playa del Ingles nightlife in Gran Canaria being particularly attractive to the younger generation. They boast some of the most exceptional natural sites in the world, with Lanzarote’s landscape mainly consisting of solid lava and Gran Canaria’s beautiful hillsides. On top of this, not only is it summer throughout the year, the holiday packages to these islands are incredibly cheap.

Goa, India
Travelling in the off peak season can open doors to destinations that would normally cost the earth, Goa in India is a classic example of this. The budget costs in the low season allows you to experience its sheer delights such as its ancient temples, beautiful beaches, colonial buildings, astonishing scenery and its reasonably priced markets for a fraction of what it would be in the summer months. Experience an elephant ride, getting close to crocodiles and take a dive on one of their many day trips. This will be a holiday you will never forget.

Thailand is a traveller’s dream with its astonishing views, eclectic lifestyles ranging from the crazy nightlife of Bangkok to the mellow surroundings of Ko Samui and its exquisite temples and beaches; it really does have everything. The residents of Thailand are known for being incredibly friendly and helpful and the cuisine is to die for, it is a cultural experience that you must try. Comparing flights will be sure to find you the best deal and, once you have touched down on the island, you can eat, drink and be merry for next to nothing. Now that is a holiday.

There are many more destinations out there to explore but these range from the regular holiday destinations to the sublime and all for a reasonable price. By shopping around, you are guaranteed to find the best deals and the more money you save on your booking, the more you will have to treat yourself while you are soaking up the sunshine.

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You’re getting married in the morning, Oh yes the Sun is going to shine!

Your wedding day is one of the most important days of your life. The dress, the cake, the guests, the entertainment all has to be perfect, but the main decision to be made is the destination, where are you going to get married? Destination weddings are on the increase with couples choosing to hold their wedding in hotel conference rooms or on white sandy beaches rather than a church, and with this option comes a whole host of other issues to take care off on top of the cake and the dress. This guide aims to take the stress out of your planning and to make sure your day is perfect.

First thing’s first
The first thing to do is to produce a check list; this should be done months before the wedding to allow you time to add items that spring to mind. Cater your checklist to your destination; if you’re wedding is being held on a hot, sandy beach then you will need your passports, travel insurance, wedding licence etc but if you are hosting your day in the hotel conference rooms, you will need your wedding licence. Your list should also go into incredible detail, at the end of the day, you are only planning to do this once, so everything should be exactly how you want it.

THE dress
The dress that every little girl dreams of, her wedding dress. The delicate beading, the intricate lace, the fishtail, the princess cut, we all have our very own dream dress, but what we do have in common is that this dress is of the highest priority. It needs to be well looked after, almost protected, to make sure that it is ready for the big day, so transporting it will require the same precision as a military operation.

The dress needs to be carried in a garment bag to avoid any stains or tears. If your wedding is being held abroad, then have a private chat with the flight attendants and ask if their is room to hang your dress, if not, store it lying flat in the overhead compartments where you can guard it. If the hotel conference room is your choice, talk to the wedding planner who is overseeing your day, there is usually one that is included in your wedding package with the hotel. They will help to escort the dress to a safe location away from prying eyes and dirt until the time is right.

Too much baggage
This mainly applies to weddings that are being hosted abroad. Baggage allowances need to be take into consideration if you are jetting off for your day. Not only do you need to take your dress, shoes, make up, accessories etc to make yourself look exquisite, but you also need your standard summer wear, presents for the wedding party, swim wear…the list really is endless. All of this needs to fit into a suitcase that will have a maximum weight of 20kg so pack your suitcase weeks in advance, constantly weigh your case and amend accordingly. Don’t forget that the weight restrictions applies for your return as well.

Love the cake
It doesn’t matter where your wedding is being held, transporting the wedding cake is always incredibly stressful. In a split second, the entire cake could be ruined so it is important to plan, not only whether to have the fruit or the sponge filling, but also how it is going to get to the venue. Whether you are home or away, the hotels that you will be staying at are the best places to start; if they do not offer a service to produce your ideal cake, ask them for local bakers and cake decorators who can. By collaborating with locals, you can enlist the help of your wedding planner to go and collect the cake or pay a little extra for it to be delivered, removing the stress that comes with cake transportation.

This is an emergency!
An emergency kit differs in meaning according to your destination; if you are abroad, your kit would include insect repellant, plasters, antiseptic wipes or cream, after sun and medicines that can help with mild ailments as well as bobby pins, baby powder for wedding dress stains, lip balm, camera, spare batteries, clear nail polish to deal with fallen sequins. If you are in a hotel, the first part of the emergency kit list won’t apply but don’t forget the baby powder or your camera to snap those intimate, memorable moments.

This guide is to help you become stress free in the lead up to your wedding. By following each step months in advance, you can be sure you have everything you need to enjoy your perfect day.

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Travel Know-How

Travelling is one of the most exciting things you could do in your lifetime; the different cultures, the exploration, iconic landmarks all collaborate together to make it an incredible experience. Before all of that can take place, you need to pack but don’t panic, these tips will help you along the way so you don’t forget any of the essentials. Also, take a look at the trip tips to make sure that you get the very best out of your travels.

Pack the essentials…but what are they?
Passport and Tickets: As obvious as packing your tickets and passport sounds, it can be the easiest thing to forget. Keep them together with your wallet or purse, something that you always leave the house with, so you know for sure that your won’t leave the house without them. Also, make copies of all of your important documents; take paper copies with you and also send them to yourself via email, this way you can always access them.

Clothes: This seems very general but with travelling you have to pack light; don’t forget you will be carting your backpack or suitcase everywhere so there needs to be enough clothes to see you through but without packing three outfits for every day. Basics such as underwear, t shirts, shorts, flip flops, swimwear, a jumper and a jacket because it will get chilly. Take less than what you think you will need because you don’t want to be carrying clothes that you won’t wear but do remember a towel, this will be vital for you whether you need to dry off from a dip in the sea or a lie on the beach.

First Aid Kit: This is a high priority item because anything can happen while you are abroad and by taking your own plasters, ointments for bites, scrapes and cuts, bandages and antibacterial cream, you are prepared for anything.

Travel Know-How
Buy new shoes: Your feet are going to be the best form of transport while you are away so treat them to a good, comfortable pair of walking shoes and they will reward you with beauty and adventure.

Travel Insurance: Most people will chance it and not buy travel insurance because nothing has landed them in hospital here so why would anything happen abroad? Don’t take the chance, it is much more likely that you will be injured abroad, due to an increase in alcohol intake and visiting new areas. There are many good insurance deals around so peruse the sites and pick the best one for you; it is better to pay a small amount for cover than have to pay thousands in medical fees. Also, don’t forget your vaccinations, better to be safe than sorry.

Carry cash but also take extra plastic: Most travellers feel unsafe carrying cash around with them but it is important to carry some. There maybe times where cash is needed, for example, if you lose your cards, carrying those few notes will be a life saver. Also, take a credit card with you, there can be a set limit and it can be used only in emergencies. It is better to be prepared than be stuck in a foreign country with no funds.

Trip Tips
Book into the airport hotel: If you are travelling from the UK, booking into one of the Heathrow airport hotels is a must because it will allow you to be on site ready for your flight and to cut out any possible travel problems which can happen at the flip of a switch. This will ensure that you are well rested and that you will arrive in plenty of time as the Heathrow airports hotels are just a stone’s throw away from the terminals.

Hostels: When travelling, book into hostels rather than hotels. Not only is it cheaper but it will also allow you to make friends with others who are travelling around the country. They say those you meet on your travels become life long friends, so staying in a hostel could not only save you money, it will give you friends for life too.

Local Cuisine: Part of the travelling experience is taking in the new culture that surrounds you, this includes trying new foods. It is a once in a lifetime experience and trying new delicacies could open your taste buds to a whole new world. The rule is if you don’t ask, they don’t tell, just give it a go and see what you think. Street food is a great way to sample the flavours of the country, don’t pass the opportunity by!

Go with the flow: Planning your trip is a good way to get the most out of each country you visit, but planning every hour of every day will become stressful which is not the experience or memories you want to have. Plan a few activities here and just let yourself go with the flow, it really is the best way to travel.

Have fun: Yes you do need to be aware of your surroundings and belongings but remember why you are doing it – for the experience. Take many photographs, savour every moment, every sight, sound and smell and return home with a multitude of memories.

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This is Halloween, Everybody Scream!

It’s that time of the year where pumpkins are carved, costumes are adorned and trick or treaters grace our streets. Halloween or All Hallows’ Eve is considered a time to remember the dead, with jack-o’-lanterns representing the deceased, and the centuries old tradition of dressing up is thought to ridicule death’s power. It is fast becoming an incredibly popular holiday, so what better way to spend it than on some of the most spookiest tours on earth.

The London Dungeons is a favourite with anyone who loves gore and to be scared out of their wits. It is a unique experience that uses all of your senses to convey 1000 years of London’s most gruesome history from Jack the Ripper to Sweeney Todd. Halloween is the holiday of the year for the dungeon and all the stops are pulled out, so if you want the ultimate fear experience on the 31st October, then the London dungeon is the place to be.


Fright Night is the ultimate in fear factor. With nearly 15 years experience, this company conducts ghost hunts in over 300 destinations around the UK where paranormal activity has been reported. 400,000 people have undergone this tour with chilling results being documented at Forge Mill in Worcestershire, Armley Mill in Leeds and Mary Kings Close in Edinburgh, which is famous for its poltergeist activity. There are hunts that take place in haunted houses, workhouses, castles, abbeys and even jail and prisons around the country, so pick your destination and be prepared to be scared out of your wits.

Zombies, zombies everywhere! The Zombie Mall in Reading is the perfect Walking Dead experience with weapons, training and a huge cast of zombie actors. Enter the abandoned mall and try to find out what happened to the previous police tactical team without getting eaten and infected yourself. The beauty of this attraction is that it can be played in small groups, which means that you and your friends can fight and work together to survive. What a perfect way to spend your Halloween, running for your life from flesh-eating zombies.

The Americans really do know how to celebrate Halloween. Full make up, costumes and copious amounts of candy; it is regarded as one of the best holidays, especially for children. However, these following tours are not for children or for the faint-hearted, so if you get scared by a ghost ride at the fun fair, look away now!

The 13th Gate in Baton Rogue in LA.
What are your worst fears? Spiders? Clowns? The dark? Possessed children? Welcome to The 13th Gate where all of your deepest darkest nightmares come to life. This expansive 40,000 square foot house includes feeling your way through the dark underground tunnels while being surrounded by live actors which have been made up by Hollywood trained make up and special effects artists. Are you brave enough to face your fears?

Blackout in New York, LA and soon to be in Chicago
Blackout really takes you to your fear limits, so much so that you have to be 18 and over and you have to sign a waiver before you enter! This is the ultimate horror show where it has been reported that you will be encased in tight spaces, crawling through darkness, fog, water and there will even be physical contact with the actors. People who have previously witnessed the horrors of Blackout have said that they were forced to put things in their mouthes, had someone urinating on them (all synthetic of course) and they even went through a fake water-boarding. This attraction is designed to push you to the very edge of your fear and if it all gets too much for you, simply use the safe word, after all, you will be doing all of these things completely alone…

McKamey Manor in San Diego
Extreme physical contact, copious amounts of fake blood, locked in a freezer, bundled in to a coffin, duct taped, caged…these are just a fraction of the things that will be done to you during the 4 to 7 hours that you will spend at the McKamey Manor. Needless to say, there is an age restriction, you need to be 21 and over and a waiver most definitely needs to be signed before anything can take place. Most people cannot survive the whole experience without crying out the safe word, could you be the first? Be warned, this is mentally and physically testing and is only for those who want to have a recurring nightmare of this place for the rest of their lives.

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Sun, Sea, Sand and a Rental Car

More and more people are hiring rental cars when they venture away on their holidays. It allows them the freedom to explore in their own time and in their own way; there is no need to be trapped in a bus with no air-conditioning or rush around seeing everything you want to see in the set time you have been given. Even though there are endless pros to hiring a rental car while you’re abroad, it also comes with its cons if you aren’t aware of the pitfalls, so here is a helpful guide to ensure that you are aware of every aspect of the car rental process.

If renting a car is on your holiday to-do list, don’t leave it until the last minute. Booking in advance allows you to research the terms and conditions of the rental companies and compare optional or fixed extras and total costs, this will allow you to get the best deal that suits your needs at the best price. It will also allow you to enquire and find the relevant documents needed to acquire your rental; this includes a credit card with sufficient funds available and a drivers licence that has been valid for at least a year.

This simple checklist highlights the essential points to follow when hiring a car; checking these will ensure that the hiring process is easy and stress free:-

Contract: Check every aspect of the contract before signing it. Look for hidden charges and age restrictions, scrutinise the terms and conditions and ask as many questions as possible, especially if there is something that you don’t understand. Ask for written copies and for the contract to be in your native language.

Insurance: Check the insurance and what it really covers; you may find that there are certain things that will only be covered for an extra charge. Make sure that your insurance covers theft, if it doesn’t it is most definitely worth the small charge to make sure you are covered.

Before and After pictures: Even though this will take time, it could also save you money. If there are defects on the car that aren’t accounted for then you will face the charge. Make sure all marks and damage is noted and signed off by the company, take your own photographs before you drive away and after you have taken it back. Being scrupulous will stop you paying unnecessary costs.

Safety: The first thing to do when considering the safety equipment in a car is to familiarise yourself with the local rules. Checking the safety equipment in the car is essential when hiring a rental because if the equipment doesn’t comply with the law, you will be held liable, whether that means paying a hefty fine or going to court. Items such as a reflective jacket or first aid kit may be compulsory so a simple check while you are at the rental company can get the items replaced if missing.

Fuel: The fuel could potentially be the most expensive part of hiring a car because different rental companies have different requirements. Some companies prefer to use the “drive away full, return it full” method which works out to be a cheaper option for you. Ask where the nearest petrol station is so you can fill the tank before you return the car. Another method that is used by rental companies is taking a rental car and buying a full tank and returning it empty. This may seem like a good option but it will cost you more as you won’t get any money back for any unused fuel and you will pay more than if you went to a petrol station. Before signing a contract, enquire what the company’s regulations are in regards to topping up the fuel tank.

The ECRCS has got you covered
The European Car Rental Conciliation Service has been set up to assist with any unresolved complaints in regards to cross border rentals; this means that they specifically deal with issues that arise from rentals that have been used in a different country to the booking within Europe. If you have booked direct with the company and they are a member of ECRCS, they will be able to help with refunds for erroneous charges. So keep a note of original charges, extra fees, any receipts and credit card bills in the event that they are needed as evidence.

With these tips, renting a car in a foreign country should be a simple process. Always be aware of the company and the conditions it has and by following the checklist, it will ensure that you receive no hidden charges. So plan, book, check, sign, explore and, finally, enjoy your holiday.

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Traveling Long-term Without Depending on Savings

No-one can deny this fact that for travelling you need money especially for long term travelling. Going for a big trip requires lot of planning and sometimes you feel daunting of planning such a trip. There are chances that if you really want to plan for a big travel then other than relying on your savings, there are lot of other ways by which you can do the same. Even if today you talk to someone about your travel for an extended period then your loved ones will advise you to do lot of savings so that you can use the same in future for your travel. But, the whole idea here is about travelling for a long term without actually being dependant on your savings.

In this age of internet it’s quite easy for you to create a group of roaming nomads of both kinds of part-time and full-time workers. All you need to do is highlight your skills in the best possible way you can. I know quite a lot of telecommuters, freelancers and entrepreneurs those who have kind of moved their offices on the road and are moved to the place where they are earning good or even better. It is rightly said that you don’t have to be filthy rich to travel the world. Your smartness and willingness to do the same shall drive you places.

According to me, freelancing on the side is the best way that I know with which you could earn some extra money. This is the most appropriate way by which you don’t need to actually rely on your savings. You can offer your services on the side. No matter whether you are a designer, assistant or a writer, you can offer your services to those who actually need it. The only thing that matters in this case is that you need to be realistic about the work you can handle. Even if you can handle work for not more than 15 hours per week, it is at least better than nothing.

The best way to plan a long term travel without relying on your savings is to get out of your comfort zone and travel to learn and earn more.

Travel for Long term without Quitting Your Job:

Today, connectivity has made things quite easy and thus, entrepreneurs and mobile workers are ruling the world. People today prefer to take their laptop jobs on the road and they like to work, travel and live wherever they want to in this world. However, the best example people give of a mobile worker is a travel blogger or writer. Their job is to travel the world constantly and they keep on posting stories, videos and photos from the new lands. They even share their experiences with other nomadic travelers. But as per my experience this is quite a tough way to get some real money. This way it will take years for you to reach upto a certain level and until you have satisfied your goal of reaching somewhere you have been spending lot of time on what you called your hobby.

If we talk about different people, then yes, some travelers are doing quite well this way however not everyone can grow up to that desired level. The best approach to go about it is figure out your skill set and start doing things distantly. Make sure that the things can be done easily and if this is possible than half of the battle is already won. Furthermore providing quality work is extremely important. If this is what you can do then there will be no dearth of clients for you and they will come automatically by referral.

You must have heard about various websites including elance and odesk etc. from where you can get clients by bidding on their projects.

Special Secret for Long-term Travelling:

There is one big secret to long term travelling which is…nothing. Nomadic travelers and long term travelers are no special people. I used to wonder that these people are born with some special skills or are unique; however, this is actually not the case. They don’t have any secret bank or savings accounts. There was a time when I realized that anyone can do this and it is nothing out of this world that these people are doing. It is absolutely normal for anyone to live for a year or two and work in some other country across the globe.

I could found that traveling to some other country or place for work doesn’t take too much of bank accounts and not much savings is required. All you need is zeal and desire to do it.  Those who are able to do it successfully simply say that they want to travel and they could do it.

If you talk about from a layman’s point of view, he must feel that those who do so actually worry about your retirement or your bills etc. The answer to this question lies in the fact that as and when you start travelling, these things doesn’t matter anymore. Such people are of the notion that they don’t want to spend their entire lives working in an enclosed office space and keep on saving money for their age of retirement. Such long term travelers don’t worry or take any stress about their future and they take life and situations as they come without worrying about what’s going to happen in future.

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The New Apple Watch – Your Best Travel Friend Ever

Apple watch is the newly designed accurate and an incredible timepiece. Unlike other watches and Apple watch is more than a mere wrist watch. This is a compact device that makes you head towards the right direction and help you to stay scheduled at all times. Though, shelling quite an amount for an Apple watch means a lot but, this product is of great importance for travelers especially. This product has changed the way people used to plan their travel before and is known today as the best friend, especially to those who are frequent travelers. It is just not a simple timepiece but has quite a lot real propositions for travelers at least for those who can actually figure out how these can be used.

Today, all whether traveling for a holiday or for work, look out for options that can indeed make their travel simple yet exciting. This yet another brilliant Apple product has gained immense appreciation and the rising sheer level of interest has made it actually popular among smart travelers.

This wrist watch streamlines your tour practices to a great extent thus; it reduces the hassles associated with travelling. It tries and makes your vacation even more practical. Mentioned below are some of the classy features that make this watch an amazing device from travelling point of view:

Hotel Room Entry without Key:

You must be thinking that how is this possible? I mean entering your hotel room without using any key? Yes, the new Apple watch has made it possible as it facilitates keyless entry to your hotel room. With the help of Starwood hotels app on the Apple watch, you can simply wave your wrist in front of the door to unlock it. Though, this feature at present is restricted to Starwood hotels only including Westin and Sheraton etc, but soon it will be out at the company’s W hotels.

Other than this, it also provides instant check-in options as soon as you enter the hotel. Now you don’t need any front desk for that matter to confirm your check-in. You can even get push notifications about transportation from the airport.

Boarding Pass:

Some airlines have recently introduced the concept of smart watch boarding passes. These can be used by those who have Samsung Gear 2, Pebble Steel and Sony Smartwatch 2 devices etc. This latest version of smart watch boarding passes is quite safe and secure to use. According to a latest survey almost 66% of travelers said that they will prefer to use a mobile boarding pass if given a choice by the airline. Today, people look out for options to make their journey as simple as possible. Travelers are ready to opt any alternative that can make their travel as convenient as it can be.


Though, map of any destination or country you visit will surely help you to get your way right. It allows you to easily search any address, however it is not always convenient to carry those big maps along with you. Just imagine you are standing in the middle of the road at night and starring down at your phone or a map trying to figure out your way back to the hotel. In such a case you can take the help of this new apple watch. It sends vibrations to your wrist and will guide you to the way back to your destination. It is a great handy tool that can guide you through the unfamiliar city you are wandering as a traveler.

Automatic Adjustment of Time Zone:

No matter in which country you are in, the automatic time zone adjustment in the Apple watch will automatically switches to the time zone you are currently in. There is no need for you to fiddle with the crown of your wrist watch anymore. This smart watch gets it all done on its own without you to bother about it. As far as the Daylight Savings time is concerned, this watch performs a similar task.

Fitness Tracker:

When you are travelling especially for a holiday then your fitness regime can take a backseat for some time. However, this will not be the case if you have an Apple watch with you at all times. All you need to do is activate the watch’s Activity app. It includes an accelerometer that helps you to track your body’s movements. There is also an in-built sensor that measures the strength via the heart rate. The GPS and Wi-Fi functions when combined in the apple watch even record the distance that you have trekked in a day. It acts like your personal gym where it even shows the number of calories you have burned. This way you can get in shape all the time even if when you are on a holiday.

The Apple watch is not only a new look to the time keeping but it allows you to see time in the most meaningful ways you can. It is one of the most precise watches ever designed which you will never have to set it yourself. It continues to work with the global time standard with the same technology that is implied in GPS satellites. Unlike other watches, this smart watch comes with varieties of watch faces. You can get connected to your friends well by several new ways. Apple watch makes it all possible and can be termed as your best friend for travel forever.

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Passports Problem Solved: Lost passports

Travelers must be aware of the fact that how important a passport is while travelling abroad. It is a prime and officially recognized government documents that are a proof of one’s identity and his or her citizenship of that particular country. Passport is the only document that permits a citizen to travel out of his country. It is usually required by most of the countries for you to enter as it proves to be your identity.

People these days face a lot of problem of identity theft. It is immensely important today to protect your identity in terms of combating any possible fraud and even as a matter of international security. Identity theft is basically when a person claims to be another person. This provides criminals with the opportunity to hide their true identity by assuming someone else’s individuality. Thus, it is very important to shield your passport from being stolen or from any other damage that may occur.

Even if you are the most cautious traveler, you will never be completely safe from the possibility of losing your passport and other essential documents while travelling abroad. The problems of stolen passports have been solved now. In case you have lost your passport, the first and the foremost thing you should do is report the loss to the nearest consulate or embassy. By immediately informing about the lost it will render your passport being unusable. After that you should apply for a new one.

In case if you are an American and lost your passport, there are certain things that you need while applying for a new one:

  • A passport photo
  • Travel itinerary
  • A police report
  • An ID that could prove their U.S. citizenship

After providing all the necessary details to the passport authorities, you need to wait. It usually takes 2 days for authorities to issue your emergency passport which is then valid for only a year.

Preventing Misuse:

You are the only person responsible for safekeeping of your own passport. A passport is quite an essential document thus; it should always be kept safe whether you are at your home or traveling. If you are to send your passport in the mail to an embassy or consulate for some reason you should be using an equivalent mail service and it must require a signature of the recipient. By law you must report the loss of your passport as soon as possible.

Recovered Passports:

It may be possible that you recover your lost passport after reporting its loss to the nearest embassy. In such a case you should not keep your passport with you and must immediately return it to the nearest passport office. If you are travelling abroad then you must return the same to the Australian diplomatic consulate. That recovered passport will be physically cancelled and they might return you the same if requested. Furthermore you won’t be able to use this cancelled document for travel purposes.

Additional Fee in Case of Passport Lost:

For obtaining a new one in case of lost passport, you will have to go through the entire procedure again. A complete application form is to be filled and you will have to fulfill all normal requirements. Section 10 of the application form is to be filled most importantly as it contains all the details about the loss of your previous passport. An additional fee will be charged in case of issuing a fresh passport. Moreover, the amount of the fee entirely depends on the number of passports you have lost in previous five years.

The application won’t precede further till the time the entire fee or amount has been paid.

Preventive Measures to be taken:

It may take few days to solve the lost passport related issues including London hotels bookings and all but at the end the problem can be solved. At that time when you are struggling to get it all right you may feel that you are into a big mess but after things are resolved you could even get a learning experience. Here are some preventive measures that a traveler must take into account as and when his passport is involved:

  • Before you leave for your destination abroad, take as many photocopies as possible of your passport and visas. You can even make photocopies of your credit cards, travel insurance and other useful documents. You must even mail these documents including passports to your id so that you can access them whenever you want with the help of an internet connection.
  • If it isn’t necessary avoid taking your passport along. It is better to leave it in the lockers available in your hotel room. Rather than keeping the original document with you, it’s better to keep a photocopy of your passport and visa.
  • If you are in any other country and applying for a visa from there then your passport should not be retained for much time. If you don’t get it back within a reasonable time then you must report the same to the police to avoid further problems associated with it.
  • Try and get back the lost visas from the respective embassies. You can even check with your local consulate and you can find the next steps so that you can return back to your country.

If you have lost your passport, you should not worry as you are not the first person who has to face this kind of problem. The police and the consulate will provide the necessary guidance to get you out of this mess.

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