Places to spot celebrities in London

London is described as the epicenter of music, arts and the theater and is also home to the largest concentration of celebrities, with the exception of Los Angeles. What makes London unique is that unlike LA the city does not have certain areas exclusively devoted to celebrities. While the more … Continue reading

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Places to Visit at the Whitechapel Destination in London

You have nine of the most wondrous places you can discover in the area of Whitechapel. Originally the place of Whitechapel is not known to have the most impressive history. It has the darkest past and the place has been terrorised by the attacks of the Jack the Riper and … Continue reading

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The Famous and the Fabulous Covent Garden in London

Covent Garden in London is an extremely famous destination. You would prefer to be in this part of the city with the hoard of allurements and specialties. This is the attractive city area for the visitors and even the Londoners would prefer to be here on and off. You can … Continue reading

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The Probable Event at the Zoo

This is the best place to visit during the mid summer months. You can taste the sweet ciders at the night and socializing is the best thing you can do at the place. The businesses have the perfect option to capitalize in London city and this happens at the end … Continue reading

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The Top American Attractions for You to Adore

The Americans love to spend a part of their time in Great Britain. They have the ancestral preference for the place and the government has given the complete freedom to spend time with all liberty and the best of thoughts. There is a relation between the Britishers and the London … Continue reading

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West End wonder: a guide to London’s Shaftesbury Theatre

The curtain’s definitely up to welcome you to the Shaftesbury Theatre. This venue, located at 210 Shaftesbury Avenue, is the largest independent theatre in London’s West End and has presented award-winning musicals, comedy acts, opera, and dance performances to resounding applause and aplomb for 105 years. Recent productions it’s hosted … Continue reading

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The Quaint and Quintessential Life in London


London is definitely the quaint city. The city is the embodiment of all shocks and surprises and the pre-historic set up of the place is just fabulous. In fact, London is a revelation from the dark ages and it is considered to be the medieval masterpiece and you would love … Continue reading

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London area of West End guide

The lights; the crowds; the buzz; the city – walking around the West End can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to go. Not only is there infinite choice to keep you entertained throughout the day and into the night, you’ll be amazed at how quickly the time flies. … Continue reading

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Hyde Park life: how to spend the perfect day in London’s greatest park

You don’t have to travel far to find somewhere that’s green in the city. Once belonging to the monks of Westminster Abbey and later seized by King Henry VIII, Hyde Park then became an historical site for hunting the wild boar and deer that stalked its grounds. Nowadays, visitors flock … Continue reading

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Behind the blue door: a guide to Notting Hill’s delights

Just like in that box-office blockbuster romcom that shares this area’s name, on a visit to London you might fancy looking for your own magic moment in the heart of Notting Hill. But instead of aimlessly wandering around Portobello Market with an open cup of orange juice and romanticised intentions … Continue reading

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