The Famous and the Fabulous Covent Garden in London

Covent Garden in London is an extremely famous destination. You would prefer to be in this part of the city with the hoard of allurements and specialties. This is the attractive city area for the visitors and even the Londoners would prefer to be here on and off. You can … Continue reading

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The Probable Event at the Zoo

This is the best place to visit during the mid summer months. You can taste the sweet ciders at the night and socializing is the best thing you can do at the place. The businesses have the perfect option to capitalize in London city and this happens at the end … Continue reading

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The Top American Attractions for You to Adore

The Americans love to spend a part of their time in Great Britain. They have the ancestral preference for the place and the government has given the complete freedom to spend time with all liberty and the best of thoughts. There is a relation between the Britishers and the London … Continue reading

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The Quaint and Quintessential Life in London

London is definitely the quaint city. The city is the embodiment of all shocks and surprises and the pre-historic set up of the place is just fabulous. In fact, London is a revelation from the dark ages and it is considered to be the medieval masterpiece and you would love … Continue reading

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Why London Buses Are Red, Here Is The Correct Reason

As a sign of London, the red double decker buses are there in Tower Bridge and big ben. Why the colour red is selected? A theory says that recent prototypes were painted in red colour as a warning to the other people who are driving on the road. The sign … Continue reading

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Get to know more about the London’s Square Mile

London’s Square Mile   is a centre of the powerful financial town. This is really a great place to visit. The public roads haze into private forecourts. Seductive passages become corporate places. Most of the new city architecture has a grooming bravado. These are workplaces constructed to look good in the … Continue reading

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Some Of London’s 10,000 Lions At A Glance Come And Visit Them

It’s time for a comeback of Lions. After a big break, ions are coming back to the London zoo in this month with the opening of a sparkling new land of the lions display. If you are brave enough then you can even spend a night with the brave lions. … Continue reading

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The Hidden Facts About The Old Royal Naval College

During the period when the Christopher Wren was bespoke to construct a rest home for the elderly people of the nation, essentially the navy equivalent of Royal Hospital in Chelsea. The old Greenwich palace which was built from old bricks is renovated now. Charles II wanted to develop it but … Continue reading

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Peculiarities of London’s Borough Borders

If you think that 32 boroughs of London are good and clean then you need to rethink over it. If you know that one royal park is divided between two boroughs and also there are some bridges those are divided. Here we have mentioned a few weird London border facts. … Continue reading

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The top 9 places one can visit on the Disabled Access Day 2016

London takes care of everyone including the disabled people. There are many good places and events just for them and they can make them feel really good. The Disabled Access Day is held in London every year and just like every year it is back on this Saturday for the … Continue reading

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