New Year parties in and around London and the UK

Well Christmas is just around the corner and most of us have planned to enjoy the holidays with friends and family. And, if you are visiting the UK for Christmas, you will be overwhelmed with options when it comes to Christmas and New Year celebrations. There are terrific parties scheduled to ring in the New Year and you can have a ball with friends or family on New Year’s Eve.

Just ensure that you book your accommodation well before your arrival! There are millions of tourists who troop in from all over the world to bring in the New Year in London and its nearby cities. If London is your choice of destination then a good place to stay would be the London Premier Notting Hill Hotel or The Shaftsbury Hotel. Both offer great packages and amenities with outstanding customer service.  Another benefit of staying at the London Premier Notting Hill Hotel is that you would be close to all the action in the festive season.

Some of the places in and around London where you can have a terrific New Year party are as follows:

Party at London’s South Bank
When it comes to having one of a type New Year party, London’s South Bank shines like the brightest star. In fact, even the Christmas celebrations do not match up to the festivities like at New Year’s Eve. You will find all the restaurants and pubs in the area are full to their capacity, as people begin the night long celebrations. Approaching midnight you will find the crowd all of a sudden making their way towards the area where Big Ben stands tall and impressive. Everyone waits with bated breath as the countdown to 12am begins and when midnight arrives, you will see the most stunning display of fireworks light up the dark sky. You will love the warm and cheerful atmosphere and it is the perfect way to usher in the New Year.

Enjoy a cruise party on the Thames
If you have seen most of the attractions of the City of London on land, you need to get a different perspective of the city by taking a cruise ride on the Thames. You could do it aboard any of the lavish river cruisers, which are more like floating mansions on water and offers partygoers an unforgettable experience of the city. You can see all the beautiful tourist attractions brightly lit up with lights and it gives you an awesome display of the fireworks, which welcome in the New Year. With fine drinks, snacks and the best of cuisine it is one stylish way to party and see the beautiful sights of London.

Hogmanay, Edinburgh
If there is anybody who knows how to enjoy the festive season it is the Scots, and no better way to enjoy the occasion then by being in Edinburgh for Hogmanay! The city of Edinburgh itself is an architectural masterpiece with its stunning Gothic structures taking on a life of their own, when they are brightly lit up. The people are warm, cheerful and amiable and it is these positive vibes that make it a favourite with tourists from all the UK and even abroad. The Hogmanay of Edinburgh is a three day street festival that has earned recognition its musical performances that this year feature Twin Atlantic, Breabach, Twilight Sad and others.  A fantastic way to enjoy the festive season and welcome the New Year!

Fancy Dress, Newquay
Hop over to Newquay which is renowned for its festive nightlife, and come New Year’s Eve it is the perfect time to see how the place earned this reputation. The locals are known to get all decked up and pour on to the streets to have a sizzling night out in town. All the restaurants and pubs are loaded for the big occasion with the best of food, wine and spirits for the public that keeps pouring in droves. A great spot in Newquay to be at midnight is Bar Help that offers a lovely view of Central Square and the teeming crowds that gather there for the fireworks. Later be prepared to be hosed down with snow as is customary here with the crowd loving it.

Allendale Tar Bar’l Ceremony, Northumberland
If you want to welcome the New Year in a quaint little town straight out of a fairy tale, Allendale is the perfect location with a well known fire festival that lights up the sky at midnight. The locals put on quite a show with the townsmen, also known as “guisers” who wear bizarre pagan outfits and carry large barrels with burning tar, to join a ceremonial bonfire. It becomes quite a spectacle when they toss the tar filled barrels into the blazing bonfire, with both the cheers and the crackling of the flames getting wilder and louder. A unique and incredible way to spend New Year’s Eve!

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