Nearest station to Shaftesbury Hyde Park International

The Shaftesbury Hyde Park International Hotel, fortunately, is a hotel that is found close to many of the city’s top attractions. Located in Bayswater, a place with a more tranquil atmosphere, it’s at the perfect distance from the hustle and bustle of inner city London.

Residents and visitors to this part of the city are spoilt for choice when it comes to making the most out of their trip. From Kensington Palace, and the fabulous ice rinks open nearby during the winter season, you won’t run out of things to do.

One of the reasons why travellers often opt to stay here instead of close to Marble Arch, Baker Street, or even Paddington – is because it’s a little quieter. It’s essentially right on the edge of one of the most accessible parts to the city.

Bayswater is a place that features many of the London last minute hotels and Shaftesbury Hotels. With that said, it’s also popular because of its proximity to Hyde Park. This cosmopolitan part of the city is filled with numerous restaurants and garden squares. Visitors who decide to stay in this part of the city will also be delighted by the strong sense of community here.

Unlike the bustling parts of inner city London, it’s a little more tranquil here, on this side of the town. Historically, it’s famous for having London’s first department store – known as Whiteleys and having the highest concentration of hotels in the city.

If you’ve stayed in Paddington, Marble Arch, and Piccadilly before, and want to try out a new area in central London – then we wholeheartedly recommend Bayswater. Book your stay in advance, and be sure to consider one of the many packages deals available during this time of the season.

Bayswater stretches across the town of Westminster and the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. It beautifully fuses luxury with London’s political heartland. Bayswater, compared to other popular districts in the city has a far more affordable property market. Luckily, here guests will find an ample range of hotels. Whether you’re planning on visiting London this season or the next, we highly recommend you take the time to consider this area for your stay.

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