Michael Werner Gallery

The Michael Werner Gallery has added a new gallery on Upper Brook Street in Mayfair, London to its existing galleries at New York and Berlin. The financial Times had described its New York gallery as having a “small but stellar roster of serious painters”. The new gallery in Mayfair is its first permanent London home and it occupies only 2,500 square feet on the first and second floors of a Georgian townhouse, which is located just a few houses away from Claridges Hotel.

The first gallery, Werner & Katz, was opened by Michael Werner in Berlin in 1963 and he opened his second German gallery in Koln in 1969 whereas the third gallery was opened by him in New York in 1990. The gallery in Mayfair, London opened on 27 September 2012 with an exhibition of new works by Scottish born artist Peter Doig. Adrian Searle, while reviewing Doig’s 2008 Tate retrospective had remarked that Doig is “incapable of making a boring painting” in The Guardian. Michael Werner’s London gallery is being overseen by Kadee Robbins.

An exhibition of the recent paintings by Danish artist Per Kirkeby is being presented by Michael Werner gallery. The artist’s new works since his 2009 retrospective exhibition at Tate Modern are being exhibited for the first time in London.

Per Kirkeby has always been fascinated by the indeterminate space between nature and abstraction and this is what has been explored by him in the eight paintings that are being exhibited. Moving away from the typical landscape motifs, a range of associations have been encouraged by filling the works with seemingly figurative forms of trees, planks, human figures or the mouths of caves. His recent paintings have dealt with a complicated play of scale and spatial depth, as against the conventional norms of pictorial space, Moreover, the disorienting atmosphere of the paintings that are being exhibited has been further enhanced and this is what will immediately catch the attention of viewers who are familiar with the artist’s often somber pictures.

Per Kirkeby’s career spans five decades and during this period he has developed a unique approach to painting with a vocabulary of images that have been derived mainly from his observations of the natural world. ‘Per Kirkeby: Recent Paintings’ is on view from 5 June through 27 July.

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