Mesmerizing London Hotels to Live and Feel Good about

Like the city itself, which is one of the oldest cities in the world, hotels too come with a package and power to mesmerize you and your family urging to come back time and again and taste its’ ecstasies.

There’s saying, life doesn’t give you a second chance. So my friend what are you waiting for? Go to London and have a feeling of it.

How to decide on a hotel?

A hotel is a building that provides lodging, meals and other services to travelers on payment. Without getting into the jargons you and I as a common man ought to address this issue from a common man’s perspective. Let’s begin pinpointing an agenda as the basis for selecting a hotel or two.

Agenda for selecting a hotel:

  • How far the hotel would be from the place of our office or destination?
  • Does it have the proximity to bus stops, rail stations or the airport?
  • Affordability or cost rationalization
  • Benchmarking the customers’ feedback

Choosing the right hotel in London is not an easy task as there are as many as 1500 hotels vying for your attention. In other words you just get lost in between under peer pressure and / or floods of suggestions that may have been pouring in through your travel agents or family friends. You would therefore invariably be inclined to fall in line with the rule of prevailing practices. Suggest not lending ears to everybody, do your homework in advance for not repenting at leisure.

Top 03 Points to go with The Shaftesbury Hotel Collection:

  1. Guaranteed Best Price: You are out on a tour; you would therefore love to spend your hard earned money to all those pockets where you think investing would bring you the desired value of it. The Shaftesbury Hotel Collection promises to offer you the best price given the location of your stay.
  2. Connectivity: Touring outside your known horizon challenges you with a host of unforeseen circumstances such as transport options, safety and cost effectivity. The convenient locations of the properties of The Shaftesbury Hotel Collection come with an easy access warranty too. All the properties of this hotel chain are in the heart of central London and well scatted covering all the most happening places of London such as Hyde Park, Regents Park, Paddington and Oxford Street shopping area to name a few which are well connected by bus route and metro train with several stops in the vicinity.
  3. Excellent Freebees: This unique and much sought after perquisite come handy that begins a complimentary breakfast, broadband as well as WIFI connectivity in all public areas and rooms. This is no cheap as it works fine in sync with your personal as well as business needs.

Learning by experiences always stays by your side. I can only recommend you to check with The Shaftesbury Hotel Collection before closure on your plan / options.


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