London – The Haven For Shoppers

Scenic beauty, historical sites, monuments art and culture of a place do make trip exciting and colorful for the visitors but do not complete it. Visitors look for scopes to extract additional fun from some simple activities. While men find their fun tasting mouthwatering dishes and wines at the eateries and pubs, ladies spend great time hopping from market to market and mall to mall. London, the capital of UK and the jewel of Europe is one such city where people of both genders get enormous scope to extract additional fun to enrich their trip. Being one of the major cosmopolitan cities in the continent and a city with a thriving economy, London is a haven for shoppers.

The city houses dazzling outlets of some of the most acclaimed names in the world of fashion and FMCG. Besides there are several luxurious malls and shopping streets that mesmerize the visitors, especially the ladies who are always in search of branded costumes, cosmetics and accessories. The shopping streets and malls in London, especially those in the West End in Central London draw huge crowd throughout the day with their endless collection of world class materials carrying famous logos. The dazzling malls and the glow signs at the shopping streets create an electrifying atmosphere and drag even them who do not have any intention to shop.

Shopping at Oxford Street

West end in Central London is the hub for shopping in the British capital. Some of the major streets go through this part of London and make way to some of the most famous shopping zones. Oxford Street, one of the most well known London Street is the finest example of that. The historic street takes people to a host of departmental stores and flagship stores that fascinate shoppers. Names that will surely attract your eyes here are Marks & Spencer, John Lewis, Selfridges, Niketown and Topshop. Standing on an area of 17,000 square foot at the junction of Orchard Street and Oxford Street, the Marks & Spencer’s departmental store is the largest of the company. Close to it is Selfridges, the second largest departmental store in the country. For people having fascination for stylish footwear, there is Schuh, the biggest shoe store in the area with widest range of items. To bowl out the ladies, there is Topshop, the self proclaimed ‘world’s biggest fashion store’.

To have a great time at this shopping hub, one needs to stay close to Oxford Street so that no time gets wasted in reaching. Situated very close to the Oxford Street is Park Lane which houses some of the best luxurious hotels in London. The Shaftesbury is among the finest accommodation properties at the Park Lane and is the ideal place to stay as it offers easiest access to the Oxford Street.

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