London Hotels: Options For You

London is one of the most charming cities in the world with its rich history, colourful culture, shopping streets and world-class infrastructure. Everyone who wants to see the best that the world has to offer must visit London. This financial hub of the world warmly welcomes millions of visitors annually. The hundreds of hotels in this lively city mesmerize visitors with their ultimate hospitality. An interesting feature of the city is that it has several districts all of which are strewn with numerous London hotels offering an exciting variety of accommodation options. Depending upon your budget, you can choose from luxury hotels, discount hotels or bed and breakfast.

London is widely visited by both business and leisure travelers. Every traveler has his or her particular requirements when it comes to choosing an accommodation. Some travelers like to stay near the major attractions of the city while many others prefer to stay in the serene lanes of London. The preference of business travelers is to choose London hotels that are close to the business districts or client locations. With so many hotels all over the city, you can easily find a room at whatever is your preference in terms of location.

Some of the most preferred locations for London hotels are central London, the ‘West End’, Kensington, Paddington, Bayswater, Notting Hill and Earls Court. Central London attracts numerous visitors who want to stay near the London Stock Exchange, the Bank of England, Lloyd’s of London Tower Bridge, Tower of London, the University of London, St. Paul’s Cathedral or the Mansion House. The area also houses many galleries, churches, museums (the British Museum and the Charles Dickens Museum) and parks (Hyde Park and Bedford Square Park).

Those who love shopping must choose to stay at any of the London hotels in the ‘West End’. Some of the major shopping streets in this part of the city are Oxford Street, Regent Street and Bond Street. Oxford Street is the busiest shopping street in the country with over 500 shops and 200 million visitors a year. Some of the major stores on this street are Topshop, Selfridges, and Nike. The ‘West End’ is also preferred by theatre lovers as the place is home to some of the best theatres in the world. Shakespeare’s Globe Theatre is the most famous. Some other attractions in this area are London zoo, Apsley House, Piccadilly Circus, Trafalgar Square and the London Aquarium.

If you choose from London hotels in Bayswater you can take advantage of its excellent underground tube network to easily access other parts of the city. However, if you prefer to stay in the lap of nature, you can choose to stay at a hotel in Kensington that has many parks and gardens. You can also choose from London Hotels chains as you can even upgrade to a sister property of the chain. One of the best hotel chains in London is that has many hotels in aforementioned areas.


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