London… with Children

London is a really great place to visit, for people of all ages. Just because you have children doesn’t mean you should discount yourself from the opportunity of experiencing all that the city has to offer. We have put together some tips to help anyone who might be considering a trip to the big smoke.

Depending on the age of your children, travelling on the tube can be a nightmare. There is certainly not enough room to navigate the tube at busy periods with a pushchair, and it can also be a frightening experience for younger children as the trains can be quite loud. Due to this, finding a central location to stay can make all the difference. There are a number of well-priced hotels in areas such as London Piccadilly which will mean you are walking distance from some of the more popular London attractions and can avoid using the tube altogether.

Although mention is often made of the fantastic restaurants London has to offer, children can be a little bit fussier than your average adult, and so it will probably reassure you to know that London does also offer a range of familiar and suitable eating establishments which are family friendly too.

When it comes to sightseeing with children in tow, it is worth being realistic. You will need to factor in more time than you would if you were on your own, both in walking around the attraction and in getting from place to place. Don’t choose too many things to squeeze into one day, otherwise you are likely to end up harassed and miss out on enjoying the experience of being in London with your children! In terms of navigating the city, the open tour buses are a great way to get around and many of them also have specific activities to engage children.

London is an amazing place to visit when you have young children, you just need to remember to put a extra preparations in place beforehand!

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