London’s Top Street Markets

London can be defined as one of the busiest places in the world which is full of life and energy. The hustle and bustle of the city looks like a never ending stream of lots of fun activities and events. There are so many places to visit, so many wonderful attractions and many amazing fashion streets and street markets from where one can get some great bargains and discounts on outstanding stuff. Especially in the London’s popular street markets, you can get even the rarest of products and commodities.

The options in front of you in these local markets will surely impress you with their exclusivity and uniqueness. You can create your own individual style which truly narrates your persona. The best part about these markets is the fact that they remain open all round the year. Therefore even if you are visiting the city in sheer winters or any other off season, you can visit these markets and get the things which you want. But one needs to remain a little careful while picking anything from these markets as you can end up paying high prices for cheap and low quality stuff.

You can bargain in most of the shops and make the shop-keepers reduce prices for your purchase but not all shops are open to bargaining. Also you need to be careful about your belongings specially purses and wallets, since in crowded places there is a possibility of them being stolen away. In many markets, you can the best bargains and deals at the time of end of the day. The popular street markets of London, which are highly preferred for their quality stuff and great discounts, include markets like, the Spitalfields Market which is located in the heart of the city and is the best place if you want to get something original and creative.

Then there is Petticoat Lane Market which is the famous Sunday-market of London. You can bag some great deals in the fashion wear clothes from this excellent market. The Portobello Road Market is famous for the antiques. The Greenwich Market is known for the handmade artifacts and antique collections.

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