Llewellyn Alexander Gallery

Located almost adjacent to Waterloo Station in London and opposite the Old Vic, Llewellyn Alexander gallery has been in existence here for more than twenty five years. The gallery specialises in original oils, watercolours and pastels and it presents a new exhibition each month. It presents creations of living British artists and the exhibits cover landscapes, still life and figurative works. The gallery allows people to buy the exhibits although it also has a permanent display of 350 miniatures by Royal Miniature Society members.

Every summer, the Llewellyn Alexander Gallery holds a show entitled ‘Not the Royal Academy’ that features 1,200 of the best paintings that are not accepted by the Royal Academy Summer Exhibition. Thousands of paintings are received by the Royal Academy and other art galleries each year for inclusion in their exhibits but many of them are rejected mainly due to inadequate quality standards and/or space constraints. The Llewellyn Art Gallery accepts many of these paintings that are rejected by The Royal Academy to exhibit them in their own gallery, thereby giving them a new lease of life.

The Llewellyn Alexander Gallery is the ideal and most convenient fine art gallery in London where you can get a touch of artistic inspiration when you view the different exhibits. It features 10 new exhibitions each year which are dedicated to and which feature the finest contemporary and figurative paintings of living British artists. The gallery has already exhibited fine paintings created by artists Peter Graham, John Yardley, Jeremy Barlow and Edna Bizon. When exhibitions are held at the gallery, you can view an exhaustive selection of many other paintings. At the gallery, you will always find an expert staff member who will provide information relating to each of the works of art.

Between 8 June and 22 August 2009, art lovers had the opportunity to visit the Southwark Gallery and buy an original painting for less than £200. The majority of the exhibits were still-life and landscape works although the collection also included many standouts, such as a piece by Lisa Graa Jensen that sold for £840.

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