How to Manage the Credit Card Loss while Travelling

Safety has become, not only a concern, but a big question mark, too. Nothing is assured safety, these days, from a pen to a gun, everything is at stake. However, all that matters to you is the extent of safety of tour valuables. You probably are travelling by bus or train, immersed in deep thoughts or a song by your favourite artist, and, Alas! You find your credit card to be missing. More than stressing upon what is to be done next, people will only tend to blame you for being careless, or might suggest precautionary measures to avoid such accidents, thereafter.

Of course, losing your card unexpectedly, would make your heart skip a beat, but being left speechless is not the right action to be done. Once you become aware of the loss of your credit card, immediately, take your mobile phone, and ring up the card issuer, no matter where you are, and acknowledge them of the loss, and ask them to block your card. To do this, you might have to remember a few details, such as your card number, pass code, etc. In addition, it would be advisable to follow-up with a letter, stating the incident of loss of card, with every necessary detail, requesting them to block or cancel your card.

Once you have reported to the issuing company, wait until the month end, or request them for a bill statement, in order to review the transactions that have taken place, to find out if transactions have taken place, without your knowledge.
The next instant step to be taken is to file a complaint in any of the local police stations, in case, along with your card, your wallet or other valuables are being stolen, too. Sometimes, this may not help you in retrieving your card back, but it will, in most cases, make you get to know as to whose hands it has gone to, and if they have attempted any fraudulent practices, using your card.

Get in touch with TransUnion or Equifax, to report the theft. Letting them know about it would enable you to increase protection for your credit card profile, by placing a fraud alert. This would ensure the security and safety of your further transactions, in the future. Especially when you are abroad, or outside on a holiday, you need to rush to the respective embassy, and report to them, so that they can assist you, on the event of any such mis-happening. They would connect you to someone you know, who would be able to send you some cash, for emergency purpose.

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