How festivals and nature go hand in hand in London

Festivals are abundant in the main cities, but none more so than in London – the capital is known for its diverse party scene and its ability to bring the biggest stars from around the glove to its shores. If you decide to visit in the late summer or early spring, you’ll find that some of the biggest names in music headline major festivals.

From Alicia Keys, U2, to Jay-z, somehow London has this uncanny ability to not only draw the best names in music, but also capacity to provide a stage for everyone who’s willing to experience it in the capital.

London’s green spaces are abundant

It makes sense considering that London, believe it or not, is home to the largest amount of green space – more so than any city in Europe. Commonly projected as being nothing more than an urban landscape with myriad attractions, it also pleases inhabitants and travellers like with its pleasant nature dwellings. From beautiful, bountiful parks such as Hyde Park, Regents Park, and the smaller Primrose Hill – which offers an encapsulating view of the city’s skyscrapers – the city seems to have a delightful range of options.

Moreover, dozens of cute little gardens and parks adorn the city, meaning you can not only enjoy the splendid modern attractions the city has to offer. You can also experience the tranquillity that comes with being surrounded by fresh green grass, grand oak trees, and diverse wildlife – from ducks to squirrels and so much more.

The city manages to strike a beautiful balance

So considering that, if you’ve had any reservations about the city of London being too city-like, then in one way you’re mistaken. It hits the delightful sweet spot between towering skyscrapers, abundant attractions and activities, and natural landscape. Unlike New York, for instance, which only a handful of natural landscapes in central Manhattan.

The best UK festivals are V Festival, Latitude Festival, the Secret Garden, and of course, we would be remised if we didn’t mention Glastonbury festival – which usually takes place across over four days in late June. So book your stay at one of the London Shaftesbury Hotels and discover perhaps the Shaftesbury Metropolis London Hyde Park Hotel.

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