Have Wings, Will Fly

A windy evening, it is. The wind blowing with full force, and the trees dancing gracefully, and seated on a bus or car, you are struggling to hold back your hair that is flying because of the wind. You try to look out of the window, with some fresh air, hitting your face. You close your eyes and breathe some air in. What a wonderful feeling it is to travel, to witness the different forms of the beauty of nature. Travelling, more than an activity, is a beautiful feeling. By travelling, you would get to see many new things and learn a lot from them.

Everyone loves travelling. Most people would certainly prefer travelling to staying over at one place. Travelling can be done in several ways. A 7-year-old child, walking from its school, that is two streets away, to its house, is travelling, and a businessman flying from one country to another, is also travelling. Everyone travels, but the mode of transport used, may certainly differ from person to person.

Behind the scene:
There are various purposes, as to why people choose to travel. While some people go from place to place, in order to obtain knowledge or education, such as those who go on field trips, etc, there are the industry people who travel, to get their work done. However, most commonly, since the earlier times, travelling has always meant, going for holidays. It is believed that, people tend to travel the most, only when they are on holiday trips, willing to go on adventures and sight-seeing, from place to place. Several people, who travel are those who go for a pilgrimage tour, or those attempting to improve their health. In addition, then, there are always those people, who are in love with nature, and hence, choose to travel, to admire its beauty.

Travelling, apart from being purposeful, is bliss, to a few. It provides relaxation to one’s mind, taking away all the stress and worries. Those who love exploration and adventure have always been on expeditions, with wheels literally attached to their feet. Travelling, as mentioned before, occurs in many modes. Some choose to travel by a bicycle, some by car or bus or train, and the rest by air. Even by walking, one is said to be travelling. Any movement, from one place to another, could be termed as travelling.

Why travel?
There may be several reasons, as to why you would want to travel, but there are some benefits, offered, too. While travelling to a different place, you may get to know meet new people, learn about the diverse culture that exists, and understand and interact with different minds. Travelling, gives you a different perspective of life, and for some, a new beginning.

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