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The standard for time all over the world is based on Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) which acts as the main reference point with the standard times of countries being either ahead or behind it. Greenwich is a borough which is very small in size but it is significantly important as the Old Royal Observatory is based here and it is home to the Greenwich Meridian which divides the world in two parts, time-wise. It is located about 8 miles seaward from central London and it also bears witness to Britain’s maritime history as it is home to the National Maritime Museum and Cutty Sark along with Christopher Wren’s Royal Naval College and Inigo Jones’s Queen’s House, which are two of the grandest buildings in English architectural history. Winding your way through the pretty streets of Greenwich Village itself will provide you with one of the most splendid excursions of London.

Being the birthplace of Henry VIII, Elizabeth I, and Mary I, Greenwich was originally home to one of England’s finest Tudor palaces. The first Classical building in England, the Queen’s House was built by Inigo Jones in 1616 but it now houses a collection of fine art. The excellent National Maritime Museum, that details the history of the glorious seafaring past of Britain, is located just next door. The most important exhibit in this museum is the coat worn by Admiral Lord Nelson that still has the bullet hole, in his final battle.

Greenwich is an elegant seaside town that has a plethora of historic sites. The Old Royal Naval Hospital was where veteran sailors used to live and it was designed by Christopher Wren. It is now a popular tourist attraction and it also provides a widely used movie location.

Greenwich Park is London’s oldest royal park and you can still find fallow red deer even after so many years of their being introduced for hunting by Henry VIII. A private art collection is housed in the Ranger’s House, which is adjacent to a beautifully manicured rose garden.

The most important landmark of Greenwich is the Royal Observatory where you will find the Greenwich Meridian Line that divides the world in two hemispheres, time-wise. A high-tech planetarium show is also an attraction that you cannot afford to miss.

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