Getting The Best Out of Your Trip in London

We all want to make sure that our travels are safe and that we know where we’re going and what precautions we may need to take. Being informed as possible is an important part of making sure our trip is fun and that enjoy ourselves! Looking for suitable accommodation which is comfortable and centrally located is a big part of the planning which is why the Shaftesbury Suites London Marble Arch and the Park Grand Paddington Court London Hotel are both great choices.   These two brilliantly located hotels are the definition of English class and offer spacious elegant rooms and fantastic room amenities.

The London Underground

If you plan on taking a trip to London you will probably have to navigate the London Underground at some point. The train schedule is useful to know when you’re travelling around London such as when stations open and close ad when trains stop running. Although the tube generally operates from 05:30am to just after midnight and on Sundays it opens slightly earlier from 07:00am to 11:30pm. In 2015 the network started running trains 24 hours a day on weekends, which has been an incredibly important update for the London Underground service. On the weekends the 24 hour lines that are open are the Piccadilly, Victoria, Central, Jubilee and the Charing Cross branch of the Northern Line. However, this doesn’t mean you should check schedules beforehand if you plan on travelling after midnight.

Can you Stay Here?

Making sure you have the right documentation when you come to England is very important. Things like Passports, Visas and other identification should be readily at hand when you arrive at the airport. Citizens that want to enter the UK from the U.S, Canada Australia, New Zealand and South Africa, must have a full valid passport for the length of their stay. Your passport will allow you to stay in the UK for up to six months after which time you’ll be approached by an immigration officer who may want to see proof of your intention to return to your home country. Visas are not require for short stays in the UK but are very necessary if you plan to work or study.

Information You Can’t Do Without

Knowing where to go when you need help or want to find out vital information is very important. It will save you a lot of time if you note down some of the critical websites and addresses you’ll need. There are three official information units which are set up specifically for tourists in the UK. Visit Britain is probably the most memorable tourist guide. It offers information on potential travel destinations in England as well as a comprehensive list of things to do whilst you’re here. You can purchase sightseeing passes and tickets for top attractions on their website, and there’s even help on accommodation and health and safety available. The Visit London website is another official guide and has the biggest database of information out of all three tourist guides. It is an immensely enlightening website with a huge amount of helpful information for anyone interested in visiting London.

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