Get the London Pass with Travelcard

London, the capital of the United Kingdom, features an extremely comprehensive public transport network. With the famous underground tube, buses and trains networked in the whole city, it is quite easy to get around, regardless of where you stay in London. However, the first time visitor is bound to find it intimidating to use the tube and even bus in the city. Moreover, with one side ride on the tube costing about £4.00, you are definitely going to get a hit on your budget. The solution to the problem lies in getting a Travelcard. In fact, if you are planning to buy a London Pass, you can have a Travelcard added to it and make your sightseeing experience more enjoyable and budget friendly too.

A London Travelcard comes with enormous benefits, apart from saving you money of course. With a Travelcard, you can enjoy unlimited journeys in zones 1-6 by not only London underground and bus, but also via National Rail Services, Overground Trains and Docklands Light Rail. Travelling around the English capital becomes completely hassle free and you do not have to stand in the long queues to buy tickets. Travelcard serves your ticket to anywhere at every station within certain zones. It is advised that you buy a 6 day London Pass with travel to get a 7 day Travelcard, which means free travelling for one whole day.

So, why not make your sightseeing experience in London budget friendly and hassle free. Get a London Pass with Travelcard whether you are visiting London alone or with family.

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