Get Familiar with European Traditions by Following Their Festival Calendar 2014 – 2015

Each country or region of the world has its own traditions that have flourished through the ages and are displayed through their festivals. Some of these festivals involve activities that are full of fun and enjoyment. European traditions are also exhibited through their traditional festivals that take place throughout the year and are packed with local music, food, fun and some unique activities. If you wish to get familiar with and enjoy the uniqueness of these festivals, the only way is to experience the same. The main festivals according to the European Traditional n Festival Calendar 2014-2015 are the following.

La Batalla Del Vino, also known as the Wine Fight, is held from 27th to 29th June 2014 at Haro, Spain. It dates back to the sixth century and is held on St Peter’s Feast Day. The whole town is out on the streets, bars and squares having a grand party and then they go up a mountain and cover each other in wine with water pistols and buckets.

An interesting La Tomatina Festival is held at Valencia, Spain on the last Wednesday of August every year in which nearly one hundred metric tons of over-ripe tomatoes are thrown on the streets where all the people are participating. It is a fun festival.

About six million people participate in the Oktoberfest from 20th September to 5th October at Munich, Germany in which beer is consumed in large quantities. Between October 29th to 4th November, Halloween is celebrated all over the world, although in Transylvania it is celebrated in authentic Romanian castle which is haunted and people can spend the spookiest week of the year exploring the birthplace of Dracula, hanging out at his castle, and being very impressed with Romania’s Gothic architecture, enchanting forests and friendly people.

New Year’s Eve is celebrated everywhere on this planet but nowhere like it is done in Hogmanay, Scotland where street parties take place regardless of rain, snow or sunshine, with lots of entertainment, rides, bands, haggis and good times. An annual Viking fire festival to mark the end of the Yule season is celebrated on the last Tuesday of January. About 1000 guizers dress up like Vikings and march through the town with torches. A replica Viking longship or galley is burnt at the end of the day.

Las Fallas on 15th March 2015 at Valencia, Spain is held in honour of St Joseph’s Day and is full of big bangs, bright lights and giant sculptures. The highlight of the four day festival is the burning of the fallas on the final day.
St Patrick’s Day on 17th March 2015 is celebrated like nowhere else at the The Emerald Isle in Ireland in which locals dress up in green to drink, eat and be merry Irish style. There are many more traditional festivals like King’s Day on 24th April at Netherlands.

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