Exploring some of the romantic destinations in London

Romance doesn’t get any better than in London. With the countless attractions that include anything from a river Thames cruise, the London Eye, and the eclectic art galleries and restaurants – couples will have a wide variety of options to choose from to form their perfect holiday break. Love makes an adventure in London more exciting and with the range of attractions we’ll take a look at, you can find an ideal romantic hotel package.

With the Paddington hotel known as the Shaftesbury Premier London Paddington, you and your loved one can experience an intimate, sensual stay in the heart of the city. Close to Hyde Park, the Paddington train service, and regal restaurants – this area has it all. This accommodation also has various packages and rooms to choose from, as well as indulgent spa facilities and professional masseurs inside.

Romance in London

One of the least romantic things about the city might be taking public transport. But with the hotel’s convenient location, you can easily walk down to many of the city’s most romantic destinations. Otherwise, when you need to use the public transportation services, you’ll get where you need to get in less than half an hour.

Whether you plan on visiting London in the winter, spring, or summer, you’ll find that the city of London has more than its fair share of options. For instance, during the winter, couples can take full advantage of the many ice rinks and ice skate to their full amusement. At Winter Wonderland, couples can enjoy a lovely shared drink of mulled wine as they experience the view from the delightful Ferris wheel.

With the quaint little cafes across Covent Garden and the like, you can enjoy a casual coffee drink as you enjoy the sight of jugglers and performers do their thing in the market area. Whatever it is you’re looking for, London has it. Book your stay in London this season and experience some of the most romantic destinations this city has to offer – you and your loved one will be glad that you made the choice.

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